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Late Blooming

snow-snowdrop_2478128cFor must of my childhood, I was considered an early bloomer, and usually, that meant I hardly shared interests with my classmates. However, even if my tastes were classified as mature, I think I´m more of a late bloomer.

During my childhood I wasn´t really interested in dressing myself up, putting on makeup, doing my nails, dressing my hair, boys nor all the other girly stuffs I was supposed to like and is not until now that I´m in my middle 20´s that I have found interest in doing my nails, putting makeup and trying to look more girly -trying beeing the clue word ´cause at heart I´m a tomboy-

Blogging is just another of this late blooming things for me although it isn´t because I was never interested.

During my University years, one of my teachers asked us to make blogs of every subject he taught us -there were 3- and post our homework there. It was and interesting excercise and must of us loved it; thinking about it, may be it was then that the idea or el gusanito -like we say in my country- of wanting to make a blog came.

Unluckly it was also back then when I discovered I´m a potato with technology; at times Twitter can be difficult for me, and let´s not talk about instagram or god forbid tumblr. Facebook is as far as my skills with social media go, so… blogging was out of questions; and yet here I am trying again, all beacause I really want to excercise my professional writting about what I like; something that real life doesn´t alow me to do as means of income.

Therefor here´s my blog, a kind of experiment of how far I can go, how much I can commit and hopefully a means to do what I love.

´Cause I´m a native spanish speaker some of my entries will be in spanish, ´cause even if I like and want to practice my english, I don´t want and I won´t forget that spanish, is my natural language.


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