Rotten to the Core


Disney “Descendants” premiered on DisneyChannel at the end of July, but it my country it took about 2 weeks until it was released -not bad at all considering we used to get movies after months-

As a long fan of the fantasy genre, books, fairy tales and more or less of the  DisneyChannel, I´m not ashamed to say that I was anxiously waiting for this movie. What was there not to love? I quite enjoy the Disney musicals when they are well executed -I fell victim to Highschool Musical for a long time-, I also like fairy tales, find Dove Cameron entertaining on Liv&Maddie and I have a big personal interest in the portrait of  trouble children by setting; so obviously my expectations were perphaps a little to high for a DisneyChannel movie.

The movie didn´t really dissappointed me. It was enjoyable and I even watched it with my mother ´cause she got curious after watching the tv ad; and I guess there lays the problem; I strongly believe that the film should have been a movie theater release -considering the resent box offices success of the real life fairy tale genre-.

And though I liked some of the songs “Don´t you wanna be evil”, “If only” and “Be our guest”; I think Disney shouldn´t have pushed so much for it to be a musical, ´cause while the musical numbers were good and the choreography was ok, the integration of said numbers into the movie was kind of disjoined -this wasn´t help by the fact that they were very far in between-.

All these things aside, I certainly liked this movie way more than Teen Beach 2, and anyother DisneyChannel movie post Highschool Musical era.

Mal and Evie were by far my favorite character, maybe because they were the only ones that showed some character development and I also liked Ben quite a lot, ´cause he seemed to be really invested on the welfare of the “Descendants”. I also found it charming for him to be the son of Belle and Beast/Adam since there was no better person that could truly have it on himself to trust this “bad seeds” and give them another chance.

That´s one of the thing that I liked the must about this movie, the whole “bad kids” concept of children that aren´t really bad -not that they don´t act badly at moments during the movie- but have been cast under this label without being given a chance to prove otherwise; something that happened to my little brother when he was on kindergarden and believe it or not affected his life in such a way that must of the time his label as a bad boy and he sometimes truly belives.

So maybe I´m biased but in that regard I found the movie pretty good; as for the performances I guess they were ok, I can´t say there´s anyone besides Kristin Chenoweth that stole the show -but in my opinion it´s a given that Kristin will steal any scene of any movie you put her in- and Sofia Carson -whose version of “Rotten to the core” I like more than the movie one-, Dove and Mitchell sold the romance just fine and were cute as the main couple so there´s that.

Finally the end of the movie implied that there might be sequel in the works -no big surprise there, sice nowadays everything seems to be  franchise oriented- which I wouldn´t be against to. I also heard that there´s a animation series that´s about to premiere this month so that could be test of what´s to come, and there appears to be a prequel book somewhere so I might try to check that one out.

So to summarize Disney “Descendants” is a fun, good movie; perphaps to heavy on the musical elements but otherswise good, that´s sure to continue bringing big cash to Disney as long as they explote it correctly.


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