8 quick Thoughts: September TV premieres ´til the 27th


TV has so much to offer nowadays, great character development, great story telling and better visual effects than ever.

In an ideal world, this would mean that all the TV shows on-air right now are superb; sadly that´s not always the case, or at least that´s what I think after watching all the premieres I wanted to watch this week. But if something I have learned is that in tastes genres are broken so… may be some of this series are just no for me.

Anyway… some spoilers ahead, you have been warned

#1 There was a Vegas wedding!

And it was on youtube!, with comments section and everything!

This was fun, but because it was Leonard and Penny not really surprising; at the begining I thought it strange that Penny wasn´t making a bigger deal of Leornard kissing and other woman, ´cause drama!

But then… everything crashed down, as expected

This time I truly believe that Penny is on the right -´til certain point- but going back each one to their own appartements isn´t the best way to begin married life.

As for Shamy, well… we´ll have to wait and see how Sheldon gets her back -he´s got to, right?-.

#2  amnesia and tattoos don´t make Jaime Alexander less of a  badass, 

While some people might find this show kind of objectifying ´cause of the complete body tattoos, being a woman I didn´t think so, the shots to her body were nicely done without sexualizing her, and it also helped that Jaime´s acting was great!, I knew she could do the action obviously but the fragility, fright, anger and vulnerability she showed while still being a badass where great and added to her character.

Some things are a little far fetched but… I´m expecting this to be more sci-fy than procedural in the end so.. for now I can go along with the mistery future crime predicting tattoos, mistery amnesia and convinient abilities for our lead -I just hope they don´t turn that in a ex machina-

#3 It´s all Pitch Pefect 2´s fault!

As Miss Piggy, I truly believe that it´s all Elizabeth Banks´ fault! Kermit and Piggy being separated really hit me hard, specailly since the tv movie I watched with my brother´s about their wedding was such a big deal for us back then.

That being said, I´m really not surprise since we all know that Piggy ca be… difficult, the pilot was ok I guess, a little 30 rockish in my opinion but since I loved that show that´s good for me. It was fun and entretaining, just no more Fuzzy and what´s-his-girlfriend´s-name drama please, it´s kind of creepy.

#4 Texting with murederes is a bad idea, also Nick Jonas is the best!

What´s better than meta humor? Meta-horror-humor! That´s what is better! An Scream Queens has it on strides.

Once I got over the “isn´t this suppouse to be a horror show?” mentality, it turned out to be ridicously  entretaining and it reminded me a lot of the Scream movies. The murders where straight from the beging and even ludricously fun. I particularly enjoyed Ariana Grande´s -I have never liked her- character death, the whole setting was so absurd!

As for Nick Jonas, I can´t believe I´m writing this but he was my favorite! I´m so glad he didn´t die for real.

I can´t wait to see what´s he up to!

#5 Drugs are bad until… they aren´t?

So… I don´t really now what to say about this series, It seems just like another procedural to me, and between Blindspot and The player, this one falls somewhere in the middle for me; not as good as Blindspot but a little better than The player. I remember that the pill thing that helps you achive the maximum of your brain´s capability was the premise of the origina movie but somehow… it isn´t working for me as a TV series.

At least Jake McDorman as Brian Finch is quiet likeable as a person that has to resort to what he thinks is his only option to be someone in life -there´s a metaphor there somewhere I just know there is-, anyway I might continue giving it a chance at least for the time being.

#6 Are we back in the 90´s? ´cause this feels like a 90´s movie to me

Alex Kane´s lover was sudeenly killed in his house after somebody enter it with the sole purpose of killing him! Now as far as the FBI knows their former agent has gone rogue trying to avenge her.

I know this is not a 90´s movie, but you could have make me believe so, what with Philip Winchester as Alex running around almost naked in the death of the night chasing his lover´s killer and all the action shot´s show during the pilot. Add to that the secret high tech organization with a program somehow able to predict crime and you have the perfect setting for an action movie! The series is kind of generic but at least is action pack entretaining so I might give it a 3 episode trial.

#7 So that´s what happened to Excalibur and… now we´re including Pixar´s pricess?

So… last season we had Elsa and Ana, this Season we have Merida -does she even counts as a Disney property princess-.

Regina is good but still kind of badass -because apparently turning good means beeing less powerful and clever, no wonder everyone was to be evil!-, The Chramings continue to do pretty much nothing, Hook still makes the worst desicions with the best intentions, Robin is used against Regina one more time and… what´s with the different colors clouds, I swear there´s always one at the begining and end of every season.

Fast forward, everyone is back to wearing fancy fairy tale clothes and not remembering anything that happened. At least this hopefully means I´ll have the chance to see Camelot in flash backs, after all we still don´t know why Emma stopped fighting and how she got the dagger -that´s part of excalibur it seems, gotta love how UOAT ties in everything together-

#8 Thinking about joining the FBI? Think again

I though medicine school in my country was difficult, but it seems it has nothing on Quantico, where not only are you push to the limits of your physical endurance, but your mental too, and if you´re not careful enough; you can finish under a ton of debris after being pretty much almost killed by a bomb. Only to later be accused of having caused said explosion.

This was so not Alex Parrish´s -Priyanka Chopa- day.

Luckly for us viewers now we don´t only have the mistery of who blew up the Gran Central Station, but  a FBI trained fugitive on the lose!.

Between this and the sure to come flashbacks, Quantico is up to a good start.

General consensus,:The big bang theory is doing ok, Blindspot got me curious, The Muppets is kind of entretaining, Scream Queens is silly scary, I don´t know what to think about Limitless, The player needs to up its game, Once Upon A Time keeps developing it´s mithos and bringing up the 3D characters, and Quantico is the bomb!


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