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Black Cat: ´cause Train Heartnet deserves another ride

Years ago my cable provider finally decided to include Animax in our package, that was in 2006 or 7 I believe.

Then streaming anime wasn´t something I could do easily, so… I had to wait until the local channels decided to try putting more anime on air or until Animax premiered some new animes -something difficult ´cause more often than not, they repeated episodes over and over again-.

Black Cat was one of the animes aired by AnimaxLA in those years along with Get Backers, The Prince of Tennis, The 12 Kingdoms, Hunter X Hunter, Bleach, Full Meta Alchemist and others.

Because of its animation and characters design, Black Cat was one of the animes I followed religiously, even if the story wasn´t that good and at times left me feeling like something was missing. I went trough great lengths to make sure I didn´t miss an episode, and finally I saw the great confrontation between Train and… Eve?

That´s right at the end of Black Cat Train´s big confrontation wasn´t against Creed Diskenth, but Eve the girl weapon that Sven -Train´s associate- took into his care almost at the same time as Train. So… Black Cat´s anime ended and I still felt like something was missing, so I decided to check the manga.

Imagine my surprise when the story presented in the manga turned out to be very different and extremely superior than the half-baked anime adaptation I watched on my TV.

Now, I´m an anime and manga fan, and as such I´m used to the idea that more times than not, the anime and manga versions may vary a great deal one from the other –X, Hunter X Hunter, Ao No Excorcist, etc- but after reading the first few volumes of Black Cat I couldn´t help feeling wronged and cheated.

The story presented in the manga, showed me more or less the same characters designs and premiss, but with a complete different over all arch, characater development and relatioships.

In the anime Sven and Train were truely robbed from their deep frienship and story -they were best friends and partners-, Eve and Train were robbed from their depth and character development -their strange parent/daughter or sister/brother relationship-, Creed from his importance, and Saya from her character and story over all.

And they weren´t the only ones wronged!, lots of other characters were left without a story or out of the story – Rinslet and Jenos- and we viewers were left with out one of the best shounens I have read in my life.

This is manga at it´s best; fun with great fighting and strong opponents, tragic pasts and character depth, meaningful relationships and life reflexions. Black Cat it´s a great manga and deserves a great anime adaptation, ´cause we fans deserve to see how awesome this story can really be.

With new more manga faithful anime versions of the likes of Sailor Moon, Full Metal Alcemist and Hunter x Hunter, is it to much to ask Train Heartnet to have another ride?, for Black Cat to get a real anime adaptation?

After all the manga is completely finished now, it´s 20 volumes should do for a great anime.


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