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#MarvelOctober – More Comics than I know what to do with

Secret wars hasn´t finish yet -between so many delays that´s hardly surprising-, but the new titles post Doom´s world are right at the corner; some of them look good, others seem a little risky and then there are those that fit more under the WTF?! description.

Even if I wanted to read all this comics, between this ones, DC, Image and Boom, finishing Battle Royale, starting and finishing another book, catching up with my animes, following my tv series, work, Japanese and all; I wouldn´t have the time.

So… Is time I cut my losses and begin dividing the titles on 3 categories : picking for sure, might pick and not touching

#1 Picking for sure: the ones that I´m going to read not matter what for one reason or another

I have read A-Force as part of the Secret Wars event, being written by G. Willow Wilson -who I loved because of her work in Miss. Marvel– and with the gorgeous art of Jim Cheung -whose work I met in Young Avengers: Sidekicks– and it hasn´t dissapointed me yet.

She-Hulk as the leader is great, ´cause she has the character and as a woman I have to say it´s pretty cool to have an Avengers team made of female superheroes -something that sometimes I feel the Marvel Universe lacks, outside of the X-men-

As a fan of the Young Avengers comics, I loved all of it´s characters, and Kate Bishop is one of my favorite ones. She was the main reason why I started reading the previous Hawkeye title also why I´m going to give this one a try; after all I have read Kate in different comics and settings –Lady Kate in Secret wars-, so this seems like a no brainer to me.

And with an older Clint in the title and the Hawkeye vs Hawkeye thing… well I have to read it.

Original Sin was in my opinion a horrible comic event, way surpased by Futures End at DC Comics, but… It gave us Angela so everything is good in the world.

Once Original Sin ended, I started reading Angela: Asgard´s Assassin a comic that I was enjoying before the whole Secret wars thing happened.

Eventhough is not being written by Kieron Gillen anymore, I have to give this title a chance!

I never liked Hank Pym as Ant-Man, hell I never liked Hank Pym at all, but… I have always had a softspot for Scott Lang and I was enjoying the previous Ant-man run, so… I have to read this one and see if Scott has truely returned to his bad ways.

I can´t say anything in my defense about this one, just that I´m a more or less active player of this game and I´m curious to see what can they do with it as a comic.

I´m an on and off fan of Dare Devil, some titles I follow fervently, others… not so much.

The Netflix series helped to recapture the love that I fell for this character and his story so… Ihoping that this new title can do the same, also I want to know who is this apprendice. At the begining I though it was Gambit because it looks like him, but apparently it isn´t.

Sheriff Strange you have been greatly missed in Secret wars, I´m stilling mourning your lost, lucly now there´s a new title to help with the duel process.

With a movie on the way, it´s not really surprising there´s a comic. I´m just hoping is a good one ´cause magic is severly lacking representation in the Marvel Universe, and I´ll like more please -where´s my magic superhero team?!-

I´m an Iron man girl, is there anything else i need to say?

Although I´m sad to see Superior Tony go -He was a asshole but I loved him anyway- I want to see what´s ahead for this Iron man

Ms. Marvel is one of those comics that took me by surprise.

I started reading it ´cause I was curious and everyone was saying what a good title it was so… I picked it up, and I´m glad  did.

Kamala Khan is ambsolutely my favorite, her comic is fun, entretaining, and with such a positive energy -something hard to find in comics nowadays-.

Obiously I´m not missing this one at all!

Wiccan! if Kate Bishop is one  of my favorite characters that came from Young Avengers, Billy Kaplan is certainly my favorite one!

I´m so happy to finally see him and Hulkling in another comic book after Kieron´s Gillen Young Avengers that I can hardly wait!

The art doesn´t attracts me that much, but I don´t care! I can get use to it, as long as I can finally have more of this two.

I have already expressed my love for Silk in another post , so.. even if this is not precisely the Silk that I like nor remember, I have to give it a chance.

Maybe it will surprise me too and I´ll end liking it as much -if not more-

´Cause I fell in love with the spider-verse  and lots of its characaters –spider punk, spider ham, spider gwen, spider noir, etc.- and I liked the tittle with this characters teaming up in the spider-verse I´m going to read this one for sure!

#2 Might Pick: the ones that got me curious, have characters I like in them or have such a different premiss that I don´t now if I´ll like.

Miles Morales finally in the main Marvel Universe, enough said
I loved the original title but… I don´t know what to say or do about this one, might pick it only for the good old times
Yeahy! Kamala and Miles!
Out of curiosity
because magic!
For old times sake
Never read a Nova Comic but… it seems interesting
Just because
DC homologs, should be interesting
Hopefully a better more interesting version
Coulson! What are you doing?!
It´s Peter Quill so…
No more Bruce Banner as Hulk, sounds interesting
Miss America is here, also Captain Marvel and it seems like a new Mighty Avengers try

#3 Not Touching: The ones I´m not interested in or which previous titles left a really bad taste on my tongue

Wow! This was longer than expected, maybe I should have divided it in 3 parts, well… what´done is done. Which comics are you picking up this month?


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