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Silk´s last days: Interweb feelings

I have stated this before and I´ll do it again, I´m not a big spider-man fan. Don´t get me wrong I like spidey and I watched his cartoons when I was younger, but… he has never been my favorite character. So…, I almost never pick up any of the spider-man comic book events.

Spider-verse was the exception. I don´t remember quiet well how I got into the spider-verse, maybe it was while reading Spider-woman, or I may have looked for it after reading about Spider-Gwen, the point is that I read it and liked it!

In that event that assembled spider people -and spider animals- from the whole multiverse, is where I met Gwen Stacey as a spider-woman and Cindy Moon as Silk.

At the beginning and for almost all of the spider-verse event, Spider-Gwen was the one that pulled my attention; so much that I decided to read her solo comic -more of that in another entry-, but as I was reading Spider-woman I had the opportunity to see some of Silk´s traits; that got me curious so… I began following her comic too.

Between the two comics, I though for sure that the one I was going to follow fervently was Spider-Gwen, but… Silk surprised me, the art was gorgeous, her character had a nice and likable personality, an interesting and somehow mysterious background, and more than everything a purpose: finding her family.

All of this are the reason why I kept reading Silk and I started to like her; usually I don´t buy issues of a comic if they are not part of a bigger event -like the “spider-verse” one- ´cause in my country is difficult to know how far/if the publishing company is going to continue with the titles it has right now, but Silk was one of those titles that I consider buying. And now it´s gone…

I though I had made my peace with the whole Secret Wars event, and I have! really! I even like it! but… I´m kind of sad about Silk

This was a fun comic, where I saw a heroine struggling with how to be a superhero and be a normal person, in a way it was like seeing Peter Parker and Steve Rogers combined, struggling with this things at the same time.

I liked Silk, her insecurities and bravado, her out-dated references -like pokemon!-, her determination and regrets, I liked everything about her, and now she´s gone, or at least the Silk that I new is gone.

So far I haven´t seen Silk in the Secret wars event, and I have no idea if I´m going to like the Silk that I meet in a couple of weeks after the whole Secret wars event, but after reading the ending of her story on Silk #7 I´m surely buying the 7 issues and keeping them in my collection.

The only consolation I have, is that at the end Cindy at least found her brother…

This got me right on the feels

It was a bitter-sweet moment, she finally found her family -brother- only to lose him when everything ended, and thsi is where my interweb feeling lay.


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