Calling my name

I´m really behind my reading but “Fred the vampire accoutant” won´t get out of my head!

Calling my name

So… I have like 3 or 4 books to read yet, 2 of which I´m currently reading, but it´s kind of difficult to finish them when all I want to read is The utterly uninteresting and unadventurous tales of Fred, the vampire accountant by Drew Hayes.

What´s worse, there´s even a sequel! Death and Taxes -doesn´t that sounds hillarious?!-, I really, really want to read this book, so much that even if I haven´t finish any of my other books, I have already order it!

It´s just there, liying on my play book, tempting me, asking me to just click on it and start reading, promising me a fun ride, with the kind of stories I enjoy the most. Paranormal-fantasy novels and vampires, can´t forget the vampires!

As far as I know the book is kind of a paranormal satire that follows the story of Fred and utterly boring vampire that has been like that -boring that´s it- since birth until his not life, who one fateful night -not the one he was transformed into a vampire- finds himself inmersed in a bloody mess that promise to involve him more with the paranormal than he already is, were zombies it seems are chipper, wereponies are a thing -and drive trucks-, necromancers are maniacs -I already new that! thank´s Shaman King– and dragons exist -because why not?-

With the main protagonist as a timid, socially awkward and full of self-esteem issues vampire; how am I suppouse to resist?!

Well I guess ranting helps, I gotta be patient, finish my other books and then come back to Fred”

I must resist! Have you ever been tempted by a book? what do you do to resist the temptation? Do you even try?


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