Loved it/Hated it

Battle Royale: A battle of a reading

Early reading thoughts


At this point I think something is wrong with me, or maybe I have so many things on my mind that I haven´t been able to focus on the things that I want; ´cause it´s been a little bit more than a month and I don´t see an ending to the reading of this book.

And honestly is not because the book is bad, quite the contrary it´s a pretty good although it does start pretty slow.

I have seen the Battle Royale movies and read the mangas, so… I have wanted to read this book for years; that´s why when one of my friends bought this remastered edition I practically begged her to let me read it once she finished it.

Since she finished and lent me the book, it has been almost a month and I´m not closer to finishing it than I was 2 or 3 weeks ago, and I can´t for the life of me figure out why? After all is not as it I find it boring, or at least that´s what I think since I kind of had to stop reading after the first few pages because the story was so detailed -extremely detailed- that I found it kind of boring and it exasperating, because I wanted the story to begin fully from the get go.

This description and mentioning of the number of the student that are being presented every freaking time, has kept going until know  and I haven´t gotten used to it at all,  what´s worse it has pulled me out of the story more than once. Outside of that I like the book and the main charaters -at least Shuya and Shogo, I have some problems with Noriko that I hope that changes sooner than later-

So… even if this bloody, violent, extremely descriptive book it´s giving me quiet the battle, I´m looking forward to each reading and to the moment I finally finish this book.

Have this ever happened to you? why do you think it happens? Did you finish enjoying the book?


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