Getting into a series late on

Why not

Here´s the deal, it doesn´t matter how much you love TV, watching every  series it´s kind of impossible, because… the days -sadly- only has 24 hrs and real life is something that exists, so… when the new fall and summer seasons arrive -bringing in new and old shows left and right-, an event not unlike Darwin´s natural selection happens.

Which means that like it or not, one has to go through the painful process of choosing what to watch and what to leave for later on -when the demands of the everyday life lessen enough to let you watch some more TV-; and that´s how you end up not watching the first, second or even 3rd season of a series -be it for lack of time, initial interest or a strange vendetta against a TV show that you feel plagiarized a property that you love-.

This has happened to me lots of times, especially in the last 3 years -since I began to work for a living- first with Baby Daddy, then with How I Met Your Mother and lastly with Sleepy Hollow, iZombie and Once Upon A Time.


When you begin watching a series so late, you havea couple of options on how to continue with it, be it catching up with the previous seasons, going into forums and the ever helping wikipidia or simply watching it like everythings ok and you haven´t missed anything at all.

All of this options are quiet commendable for different cases but not in all of them, for example.

Sophomore Seasons.-

If it´s only the second season of the series like in iZombie´s case, you can probably get I way with watching the season with out having seen the previous one, ´cause the mithology is not that intrinsic, they summarize the previous season at the begining of the second one and there´s still much to enjoy ahead of you.

Junior Series.-

This ones are a little more complicated, they have a depper mithology, their characters already have ahistory and dinamic and there can be references in the season that will probably go over your head if you haven´t seen or don´t know the events of the previous 2 seasons.

Luckly in these cases, the series isn´t that far up ahead, that you can´t take the time to watch the previous seasons before or while watching the current one, after all if you started on it´s 3rd season spoilers have been already been thrown at you so you don´t have to worry about it.

The Veterans.-

This ones are the real challenge, specially when they are in their 4th, 5th or god forbids  6th season -I´m looking at you HIMYM!-, in these cases, you have two well… three options.

You can A) go to the forums, wikipedia or reviews to read all the info about the seasons, characters and arcs that you need, B) watch and try to catch up with all the seasons or C) all of the above.

The desicion here is totally up to you and how into the series you get so…

Have you ever began a series late on? If so…, What have you done in those cases?


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