Girl Meets Texas pts 1, 2 &3: The Frustrating trip to Texas and back


Writing about Girl Meets World wasn´t part of today´s plans in part because I already have a lot of other things I was planning to do and write and in other ´cause GMW is one of my guilty pleasures and more than writing a post, this feels like a rant.

Anyhow, I started to see GMW because I watched the original Boy Meets World series on reruns when I was younger and loved it! So imagine my delight when I discovered that a spin-off/sequel was going to be made.I watched the first episodes of this series with high expectations but no delusions,´cause I knew this show wasn´t aimed exclusively at me, that the Disney Channel isn´t what it used to be, etc; so… I was able to enjoy the first season of the show without problems ´cause I remembered how BMW was kind of cheesy, campy and ridiculous at the beginning -and was until the end- and I could see the potential of this series in episodes like Girl Meets Father, Maya´s Mother, 1961, the forgotten, etc. -it also helped that characters like Shawn, Eric, Minkus, Jonathan, and Amy etc., appeared once in a while-

Entering the second season, my expectations might have changed or I got use to thinking about  GMW as it´s own series, ´cause I started to see more hits than misses, being Girl Meets New Teacher and Rileytown the only episodes I had a problem with; that is until the long trip to Texas -and cheap drama if you ask me- came along in Girl Meets Texas.

One has to be blind not to see that even if Riley and Lucas were clearly set as the new Cory and Topanga -going as far as having interviews pointing that fact out loud- they never really were and will probably never be; this is in my opinion, the writers fault in one way ´cause they forgot what made Cory and Topanga so perfect and instead tried to sell us the over-romanticized part of it.

Cory and Topanga knew each other since kindergarten, had a couple of kids-dates and even if Topanga liked Cory in the first season the same couldn´t have been said about him, it was a process, first Cory had to actually get to know Topanga, be friends, start to fall for her and finally date her.

Riley and Lucas aren´t like that, they met on the first episode, Riley immediately got a liking to him, and Lucas… seemed to just found her funny and sweet -until the point of getting fond of her-, so Riley obviously thought that was it, she met her “true love” on the subway and now everything would end up like dear mom and dad´s story; because as far as she knows that´s what happens: you meet a boy you like him, he likes you back and then you stay together forever -the over-romanticized Disney trope appears again-. but… here comes the second problem… in the way of the blond girl that is not the main character but has more chemistry with Lucas than Riley and him ever had.

Don´t get me wrong Riley and Lucas are cute together and sweet, bu there´s no denying that Maya and Lucas have more chemistry and appeal; something that the writers seemed to have noticed in time for the second season ´cause suddenly there were more Maya/Lucas moments thrown in the episodes, so… that gave me faith, faith that I was gonna see a show in which the leading lady doesn´t end up with the presumed blue prince and that… that got me excited.

The changes were subtle and heart pounding so… when the Girl Meets Texas 3 part event weekend came along I was really excited.

The first episode was good; it was fun and funny -without needing to depend on the BMW cast-, the pace was quick and the amount of drama was enough to make it interesting but not too heavy. I liked it! The moment Lucas told Maya she looked “good” when Frakle got obsessed with the ribs, Riley being such a supporting friend and having faith in Lucas, etc.

My only gripe with this episode was how Riley “noticed” Maya´s feeling, ´cause of course Maya couldn´t look and was worried; Maya, unlike Riley, is a pessimist, she always expects the worst and even if she´s trying to be more optimistic and have more faith, it´s not so easy to change one´s worldview, so obviously she was going to be worried about Lucas. Riley´s conclusion that Maya was worried because she likes Lucas implies that she wouldn´t have worried if Farkle or Riley had been in a situation like this one; ´cause she doesn´t like them, and that… I don´t think that´s true; she would have totally worried. Outside of that part 1 was pretty good and gave place nicely to part 2, my favorite one.

Part 2 is my favorite one, ´cause I think it was well played by all the young talent of this series from Rowan (Riley) to Sabrina (Maya) and Peyton (Lucas); the feelings were intense, the setting perfect and once again the presence of Cory, Topanga nor any other BMW character was needed to achieve an emotionally deep and at the same time fun episode -although the gag of Cory giving lessons from “the grave” was quite fun and welcome-

But even if part 2 was my favorite and gave me that Lucaya almost kiss, I still had problems with this episode, with Riley forcing herself to like Lucas as a “brother” ´cause that´s what other people think she feels -not what she believes- and using Maya´s previous behavior to do that -when Maya is supposed to like Lucas as more than it-, I also find it wrong that Riley voiced Maya´s feelings to everyone without her friends consent, and then practically shove them both together without even asking or checking to see what were Lucas feeling and also even if I loved it, I have a problem with Lucas almost kissing Maya when it seems like he clearly likes Riley and hasn´t even said if he feels the same for Maya.

All in all, part 2 concluded beautifully, leaving me on the edge of my metaphorical seat, waiting for more, and that´s when part 3 came and ruined all my hopes for this story arc.

Riley is forcing herself to not like Lucas, she´s forcing Lucas to go out with her best friend -and even forcing said best friend to go out with her “bro”- and going out with a boy she doesn´t like because she wants Maya to be “happy”; some people will find this sweet and admire Riley because of it but this, this is one of the things that I didn´t like at all.

Riley is throwing Maya and Lucas together without taking Lucas feelings into consideration -like if they don´t matter- and is pushing her best friend to go out with a boy that she isn´t still quite sure how nor how much she likes, she is keeping secrets from Maya when she asked her for there to be no secrets between them and all because it´s the”right” thing to do -no, it isn´t!-

Lucas feelings about the matter are never really explored, he tried to stop Riley and Charlie´s date so he obviously likes her but… he went out with Maya because… what? Was he curious? Feels attracted to her? Doesn´t want to hurt her feelings? Because he would do “anything” for hs friends including dating the best friend of the girl he likes? What does Lucas really feel?

And Maya, how can Maya not see that her best friend is still in love with the guy? did she went on the date because she wanted to or because Riley “wanted” her to do it? Can those outings be counted as dates when Farkle and Zay are there watching everything? I get that she is a little shyer around Lucas ´cause he knows that she “likes” him, but what the writers are doing is put drama where there clearly isn´t any, only to up the teen angst of this former kids show.

As they are setting it now, it´s obvious that the writers were trolling me and all of the Lucaya shippers, Maya and Lucas is something that was never going to happen; ´cause Riley really loves him and Maya only likes to bother him, like someone would do with a “brother”; because apparently according to the writers when you have a male friend you can only love him as a boyfriend or a brother, there aren´t things in between, there are not simply crushes nor something deep and meaningful without it being a “brother” relationship or a “love” one.

Girl Meets Texas ended being an episode in which the creators seem to want to leave the kid show behind, to go into the teen angst drama-comedy territory; maybe they are hoping to end up on ABC Family (soon to be call Freeform -what´s up with that name!-), and I´m all for it, ´cause even if I´m kind of complaining I want to see if all of this is going where I think it is or… the writers are going to surprise me.

Ok…, I think I finished my rant, I wanted to say more but well… Girl Meets World, have you seen it? what do you think about it? how do you feel about Girl Meets Texas? did you like it?


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