Loved it/Hated it

Big Little Lies “1 Sentece Wednesday & Review”

Loved it-hated it

OnFeatured imagee Sentence Wednesdays is a weekly meme hosted by Rebeca at “Books and Messy Buns”. that anyone can join!

Basically you just have to pick the book that you´re reading or just finished, think about how it made you feel and decribe that in one senctence including the title of the book and name of the author.

Note: Please  refer the host of the meme in your own post and leave a comment there with a link to your 1SW so all the participant can have a look.

I wanted to participate and post my review of Big Little Lies -while it´s still fresh on my memory” so… I decided to kill two birds with one stone.

My sentence is:

How come I didn´t see that coming?

-about Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

Once again I read this book because a friend recommended it -in fact, it was the same friend that lent me The Nigh Circus by Erin Morgenstern– and I´m really glad that I did!

I don´t know if I have mentioned it to her before but besides the paranormal/vampire books, I also loved mysteries! In fact Sherlock Holmes: The case of the red-headed league was one of the first books I ever read -back when I was like 6 years old-

194864121So… I truly enjoyed trying to find out who was the killer?, who had died? Who was the bully? and what the heck happened on Trivia Night?!

Looking back my thirst for unraveling the mystery might be the reason why I felt that the story was moving too slow and the count-down to Trivia Night didn´t help -I wanted it to be in the moment-. That being said  the book does pick up more or less in the middle and once things start happening -when you find out who´s the bully- everything moves up pretty fast!

The characterss are really compelling and you can not help but like them except for Perry -for obvious reasons- and Abigail -nothing will make me like that girl at all!. The protagonists Jane, Celeste and Madeline are a delight, have strong different voices -showing different kinds of women- and real, even if sometimes I found Madeline  kind of crazy and shallow, Celeste frustrating and Jane too insecure for my liking -about everything and herself-, I liked these three as friends, I liked that they are of different ages, backgrounds, social standings, economic position, etc., but can find things to share and enjoy together, as well as companionship.

I liked Ziggy -that kid is a sweetheart- Chloe and even Amabella -the poor little thing-, got exasperated with Bonnie, Nathan, the blond bobs, etc. Fell in love with Tom and Ed…

Anyway… I started to read this book because of the mystery and kept going because of that but also for the characters -I didn´t want any of my favorites to die!- and even if I got Saxon´s Banks identity right and Tom´s secret, I´m ashamed to confess that I didn´t guess who was the bully nor the murderer and when I finally read who they were the only thing running through my mind was: How come I didn´t see that coming? It was so obvious! -well at least one of them-

Finally… but not least important as someone that grew with a wife beater as a father, this book hit pretty close to home. I really was able to see my mom in Celeste -and hopefully understand her better- and I was also able to recognize that most of the things that are said in the book are true.

“Your children see! We see! We fucking see!”

That right there brought tears to my eyes; and I can only hope that whoever reads this book will remember this and won´t let herself -or himself- take the beatings for “the sake of their children”.

The general consensus is that Big Little Lies it´s a great book for everyone who likes mysteries, love characters driven stories and doesn´t have a problem with slow pacing.

I really liked it!



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