Girl Meets Belief: ´cause apparently you have to believe


girl-meets-world-logoSo… it seems like once you have outed yourself as a Girl Meets World, it´s really difficult to stop yourself from thinking about its episodes or writing a review -and I really tried!-, and that´s why I´m here again.

Now, I know that Girl Meets Belief it´s not this week’s episode, in fact, it isn´t even last weeks episode but after almost 2 weeks trying to contain my ranting urges, today I finally caved and decided to just go ahead and do it before Girl Meets the New Year comes with all of its drama and monopolizes my head -it´ll happen, I know it and I can hardly wait! xD-

Now… contrary to what my previous post and this one probably will indicate, I actually like Girl Meets World -like I said, I ´m a fan!- and the only reason I rant it´s because I genuinely believe that this show can do better.10986194_136905330003645_932658518_n

That being said I actually kind of liked Girl Meets Belief, the episode was fun and there were some really funny moments, being my favorite one  when Riley “picked Maya up at the airport” -Topanga´s- and even have a sign with her name there and everything -they even hugged and took a pictuer!

Even the assignment that Cory gave them seemed like a good idea at the moment, after all I do think that belief is what pushes people to do great things -be it good or bad- and that everybody believes in something; what I didn´t appreciate was this turning in a let´s evangelize Maya and Farkle so they can believe like we do.

It really doesn´t come as a surprise that Maya and Farkle don´t believe in God, I mean Farkle likes to peg himself as a scientist and Maya has always had a sort of gloomy view of life, so those two not believing was quitet in character.


I also doesn´t surprises me that Lucas believes in God, because there was a reference to this way back in season 1 on Girl Meets Father -Lucas metioned something in his evolutions paper about a guiding-, Riley being religious, that did surprised me -I didn´t see it at all-. Especially when she seeme to want and force Maya to believe.

People believe in different things, some believe in GOD, others believe in Buda or other gods, and there are also those that don´t believe in any Gods, but believe in other things be it science, fienship, family, love, justice, equality, etc., and at the begining that´s what I though the show was going for ´cause if there´s something important kids should learn these days is to be tolerant and accept that not everybody likes what you like, believes what you do and that is ok.


Instead of that we got and episode in which Lucas and Riley -in reallity more Riley than Lucas- were trying to prove their friends wrong and make them believe in something they didn´t want to, and Cory´s interference didn´t help at all, ´cause sometimes the people that loves you can give you bad advice saying things that might not work for you.

At the end I guess that what really bother me was the ending, in which both Maya and Farkle seemed to be “converted”; Maya confessing to having prayed the previous night and Farkle admiting defeat against Cory´s “argument” and accepting that God could exist.

In my opinion it would have been better if at the endof this episode Maya and Frkle showed the rest that they do believe in something even if they don´t believe in God, Riley and Lucas accepted that and Cory gave a lecture about how that´s perfectly ok, after all he asked them to show that they believe in something -not necessarily in God-

Anyway outside of that, it was a good episode and I enjoyed Auguie´s subplot about talking to Mrs. Svorski as a way to deal with grief -I used to write to my aunt/godmother-

In conclusion the writers continue to try an elevate the show with plots not usually seen on a Disney Channel series, with mixed results, I like what their trying but they have to be a little more careful in how they handle this things and I think it would be better if they leave personal religious or political agendas outside of it.

I think I´d try to do this at least every two or so episodes, it´s fun and helps me out put my thought´s and feelings in order. Can´t wait for Girl Meets The New Year, tomorrow night!

So… Girl Meets Belief, did you like it? what are your thoughts?







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