Watching or waiting?

Star Wars: The Fandom Awakens

Watching or waiting

There´s simply no way I´ll miss this movie, least of all wait until it´s available on demand or streaming; ´cause this is one of those movies that requires actually going to the movie theater, buying candies and popcorn, a soda -not a big one, there won´t be space for bathroom breaks- and enjoying the experience with your friends and/or family.

Be it if your a fan or not, everyone is going to go see this movie, sooner or later -if the sales where I live are any indication it´ll be sooner-, because at this point The Force Awakens is not just a movie, is an event, a renascence, the awakening of a fandom that has never truly gone to sleep.


Fandom really is in my opinion what has kept this franchise alive for so many years. And fandom is without discussion the reason why we have this movie here today. As someone that bought her tickets more than a month ago, did her nails for the occasion and has been counting the days for the premiere; It´s kind of strange to admit that I don´t really consider myself a full member of this fandom.

I got more or less into it late on, more or less around the time the prequels were released -and no, I´m not necessarily a fan of those either-, but that doesn´t mean I can´t appreciate it . I mean my mom saw and ecustom-star-wars-hd-movie-wallpapers-movie-images-star-wars-movie-wallpaper-movies-580245388njoyed the Original 3 movies – Episodes IV, V, and VI- and had us watch them with her -something surprising ´cause she usually isn´t a fan of franchises; but at the end of the day, I never really got it.

It took the release of the prequels, the animated series/shorts The Clone Wars to finally make me understand some of the people´s fascination with the path of the Jedi, the republic, and the dark side.

Since then I have enjoyed reading some comics, watching series -including Star Wars Rebels-, rewatching the movies and discussing themes with my friends.

So… even if I still don´t 100% get it, I like Star Wars, and I can´t wait to watch this new movie; because I plan to have a great time on tonights premier with my friends and discussing it with my family; all of this ´cause at the end of the day for me Star Wars The Force Awakens is a way to get closer to my family and friends, spend a goood time and finally integrate myself fully into this awakening fandom, who knows? This movie might the final push I need to see what seems to be obvious for most of my friends and family?


What about yo? Do yo like Star Wars? If so what makes yo like it? If not are you still watching it? How do you feel about it?




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