Loved it/Hated it

The Time Thief by Charles Edward Stoll

Loved it-hated it

Time is a relative thing, or at least that´s what we ´re all told at a certain moment in our lives. What seems like and terrible long and endless lecture to you can be the shortest must exciting lecture in the life of another individual.

This is as far as I can tell happens because everyone´s is different, we have different beliefs, opinions, points of views, likes and dislikes, etc.


The Time Thief makes you questions this and other conventional believes, through a story that even if sometimes seems to be inconsistent and lack a clear end game, it´s quite enjoyable and captivating.

I think the main problem I had with The Time Thief is that at times -pun not intended- I felt as if I was reading 2 different stories -sometimes even 3- and though I knew that they were going to circle back somehow. I wasn´t totally happy with how that came to be -nor how it ended-.

That being said I truly enjoyed most of the main characters that the story followed, ´cause they turned out to be very human and relatable; this I think was possible because each one shows us different aspects of the human being.

At the beginning the story was kind of confusing, ´cause I couldn´t see where the story was going, but once I got into it, the characters, the ideas and concepts that Stoll asked me to question, I started to get more and more into it, so much that even though I had planned to read it at least into sessions, I finished in one go.

At the end of the day, I´m not sure if I got the message that the author was trying to convey through The Time Thief, andI guess that´s kind of the point when you read a book everyone takes something different with them.

As for what I took with me, I guess it´s a multitude of things, first and for most the idea that even if everyone is different and has a different ideas, beliefs, etc., at the core of it we are all the same and the differences that the acknowledgement of this fact could have in our world, the importance of dialogue and always looking for the other side of an argument -not getting stuck with your reasoning as the only absolute truths, but above it all what I got from this book is that Time Thieves do exist, they steal the time you have to enjoy, learn, grow, evolve, etc; and the biggest one of them it´s ourselves, because nobody can really steal your time on less you let them


Loved it? Hated it?

In the case of this book. I guess I liked it and found it interesting. It certainly isn´t a book for everyone so… if you´re open to different ideas and concepts, if you don´t mind questioning philosophies and beliefs . The Time Thief is an ideal book for you.



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