Loved it/Hated it

Ghost Light by LeeAnne Hansen

Loved it-hated it

In the world of theater there are many believes, some believe that the actors shouldn´t read the last line of the script until opening night, others that to wish goog luck actually brigs bad luck; and there´s also the Ghost light the light that should always be burning on and empty theater to ward of the spirits.

LeeAnne Hansen teaches us about this and other believes that the theater folk have or used to have in her ghostly/romance/mystery novel Ghost Light, where we meet Fiona the main actress of a theater troop that suddenly gets itself involve in the most dangerous play of their lives, one that actually takes place in and out of their home.20242983

I had the opportunity to read this books thank´s to booktips and the author herself. Because it was during the holidays -when real life and family demands are on the high- it took me longer than I originally planned to post this review, but I certainly enjoyed the book, or at least most of it.

As people reading this blog probably have noticed -and does who haven´t will soon do- I loved mystery books, I also love the paranormal stuff so… Ghost Light seemed like the perfectChristmass story for me; and I actually enjoyed all the ghostly-spooky elements of this book: the setting in a remote “hunted”town, a hunted theater, and old castle, ghostly appearances, etc. I loved the mistery aspects: peoples sudden disappearances and a possible murder.

The theater thing and the setting in the past gave this story a particular flavor to distiguish it a little from other ones, and because I´m not a native english speaker it was particularly fun for me to read words and expressions such as lad, aye, wee bit, fook, etc. In fact the only thing that vexed me was the love story and that was mainly because of Fiona .

As a character I didn´t like her, I found him childish, naive and sometimes actually kind of irritating, the rest of the players where another thing, I loved Patrick and Sean, as well as their relationship ´cause it seemed very real -I have 2 brothers so I should know!-, Samuel was adorable, Andrew and Abigail; as I said I like them all except for Fiona and since she is in the center of the love story… well I didn´t find it compelling at all, the fact that I got a little invested in it is just because of the other characters.

At the end of the day I liked Ghost Light, is entertaining and fun, kind of spooky, has a great setting, and little quirks that will delight you. If you enjoy mistery novels as much as I do and like to put the clues together so you can solve the case, this might not be the book for you since the mistery is easy to discover, but if you like historical romance and ghost stories, this might be just the thing you´re looking for.


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