My Anti-Stydia Ship Manifesto.- Reasons why I don´t ship the banshee and the… Stiles


3 years ago I was bored out of my mind with nothing to do, so I turned on my TV and started to channel surf, most of the series I caught a glimpse of weren´t interesting enough to catch my attention.

I was about to give up and look for something else to do when… I saw a scene where one handsome guy wearing a leather jacket pushed another cute guy against a door and threatened him; it was actually a pretty funny scene so… I decided to give the series a chance and kept watching. That´s how I got into Teen Wolf.


Luckly for me, that weekend for one or some other reason, they were doing a season 1 and 2 marathon, so I was able to catch up with the series from the very begining an then it was just a streaming issue. I actually got my brothers to watch the series with me (They love it!) and that´s how Teen Wolf became part of our TV-bonding Time.

Reasons for loving Teen Wolf I got plenty, but I think that´s a thing for another day and another post, ´cause right know I want to write about something that has been bugging me for a very long time, not only in this fandom but others as well and that, that´s “shipping”. Now I´m certainly a fangirl so… I´d be lying if I said that I don´t ship my favorite characters into relationships, ´cause I do! But sometimes shipping just grants on my nerves! In fact shipping was what ultimately ruined The Vampire Diaries  for me, between the constant Delena and Stelena all out wars in every video and review I saw or read -and that´s without metioning the Klaroline shippers- I just couldn´t stay on the fandom.

Now a days I try to ignore all the shipping things, but… it´s kind of difficult specially when some writers and show runners seem to be listening more and more to the fans -something not necessarily bad but not good either- and have started to let the fandom affect their story telling.

But since today is San Valentine´s, I decided to do something unlike me and share my views on one ship I was interested when I started Teen Wolf, that made me sad when it didn´t sail, ultimately was glad it sank and finally I´m dreding floats again -ok, I think is best if I try to stay away from the water/sailing related words- this is my very first ship manifesto or to be more accurate my anti-ship manifesto.


So… Teen Wolf is an MTV series that premiered all the way back in 2011 as a summer series, the show is loosely based on the Michael J. Fox movie that has the same title and spun off another series of sequels and movies -or at least that´s what I gathered-

At the begining the series followed Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) a teenager living in Beacon Hills, California; who thank´s to a late night excursion in to the town´s reserve -prompted by his best friend Stiles- is bitten by a “wolf” and suddenly finds himself in a world where werewolves and hunters turn out to be just the tip of the iceberg in the supernatural clutter that is Beacon Hills.

I said at the beginig because by the end of the first season -and I would dare to say half of it- it was obvious that this series wasn´t going to work with only Scott as the main character -specially when Stiles turned out to be almost everyone´s favorite-, so Teen Wolf became an ensemble cast; being Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin, 2 of the few ones to still be part of it.

“Stiles” Stilinski.- The abominable snowman

“Stiles” -real name still unknown- is Scott’s best friend. He´s the one that got Scott into the woods the day he was bitten and it´s also the first one who discovered that Scott was turning into a werewolf.

Stiles started as the comic relief character -and still is-and soon became the heart of the series, he´s the sheriff’s son, who seems to be too smart, sarcastic and curious for his own good. During most of season 1 and 2, even if Stiles was funny, sweet and clever, he was also kind of an asshole from time to time. But as the series has progress, Stiles has become the clever guy that always knows what to look for, it´s kind of protectively jealous of his friends, sarcastic, has trust issues and it´s way over his head. At this point Stile is basically the only human in his group of friends, but that doesn´t stop him from helping or getting involve in all the supernatural messes that happen.

According to canon he has been in love with Lydia Martin since he was on third grade and  had a 10 year plan to make Lydia fall in love with him; until season 4 when he started daiting Malia Tate.

Lydia Martin.- The banshee


At the begining of the series, Lydia is the typical school´s Queen Bee. She´s the most popular girl, her boyfriend Jackson is the captain of the lacross team –Teen Wolf´s sport of choice-, and seems to have some wealth.

Secretly Lydia isn´t just a pretty face since she´s incredibly smart -she knows archaic latin, is a math and science genius- and can be very thoughtful even if she´s pretending to be shallow.

At the beginig of the series, Lydia is just the QueenBee, Allison´s -Scott´s former sweetheart- best friend and Stile´s unattainable love; but as the series progress she turns into a banshee and becomes a member of Scott´s pack.

Outside of becoming a banshee, Lydia is probably the character that suffered more changes. She  went from a shallow, manipulative person to a woman that worries about her friends, tries to do the right thing and it´s not scare to go against creatures she might not be able to fight and great personal lengths if it´s to keep them safe.

In Canon

Seasons 1&2.-

As I mention previously, during season 1 it’s stated that Stile has been in love with Lydia since he was in third grade, he has a 10 year plan to get her -one that he admits might be extended to 15-. He seems to like her not only because he thinks she´s gorgeous but also because of her brains -he´s actually one of the few people who knows how smart she is-.

He´s seen during the first 2 seasons constantly trying to get her attention in lots of ways, buying her a big TV screen for her birthday -one out of lots of possible presents he actually bought for her-, trying to talk to her on the school halls, getting the keys of the local icerink so they can have a double date with Scott and Allison, etc.


Lydia for her part doesn´t seem to know that Stiles exists, he seems to never have even circle her orbit; even after actually speaking to him, she doesn´t pay him any special attention. Stiles is just another nameless boy in the sea of guys that want her but aren´t up to her status.


As the series progresses, Lydia notice Stiles more. She knows that Stiles is involved with all the supernatural things happening in Beacon Hills and that he cares a great deal for her; that he knows the real her and likes her. The thing is that even if Lydia knows these things, she´s still in love with her boyfriend -Jackson- and even if she feels flattered, she can not return Stiles feeelings


Season 3

In this season, Jackson is no longer an issue, since he moved to London -to never be heard of again since Colton Haynes left the series-, but even if Stiles and Lydia seem closer than ever, there´s not even a chance for Stiles, since Lydia has move onto a new Jackson like character: Aiden


Aiden was an alpha wrewolf that was order to get close to Lydia but at the end really fell in love with her.

Lydia knew about this but figured that since she knew, she wouldn´t give him any relevant information and it was also kind of a rebound for her.

During this season Stiles continues to be protective, concern and  smitten with her, but at the same time he seems to realize that even without Jackson he didn´t really stand a chance with her, and that´s why in this season Stiles stops trying to gain her affection -that and there were many more pressing things happening at that time–

Ironically it´s when Stiles stops trying to get closer to her when they become closer. They spend more time with each other than with their respective best friends, be it in or out of school, gathering clues, trying to understand what´s happening and generally being and amazing team.

During this season is when we get the first and so far only official kiss between these 2, when she tries to stop an ongoing panic attack that Stiles is having due to his father being kidnapped as well as Mr. Argent


By the end of this season, Stiles has gone trough a roller-coaster having his free will taken from him, hurt his family and friends, suffer through mental torture and guilt; while Lydia has lost both her boyfriend and best friend -having felt both deaths before and after happening-, bu they have manage to survive together as a team.

Season 4&5

In the previous season Aiden died, living Lydia single again, but this time instead of looking for a new someone, Lydia seems to have decided to stay single for once. Stiles on the other hand now has a girlfriend: Malia.


Malia is a werecoyote that during a full moon transformed for the very first time “causing” an accident that killed both her mother and sister. She spent 9 years as a coyote until Stiles, Allison and Scott were able to return her to her human form.

During this season there´s definitely no more Stiles going after Lydia, they are still friends, they obviously care a great deal about each other, have each others backs and trust each other; but Lydia is no longer Stiles priority and Lydia doesn´t seem really jealous of Malia.

At the begining of the season, she appears a little put out by this new status quo, but after some time she seems to accept this and realize that she still has Stiles but not in the way that she could have had him before. What´s more when Stiles and Malia  break it off, there´s nothing romantic between them, he goes back to Malia without sharing anything romantic with Lydia.

Right now in season 5, Malia and Stiles are broken up once again, but for different circunstances, nothing has happen with Lydia and Stiles either, besides having  touching scenes together.

The Fandom

I belive that outside Sterek -the Stiles and Derek shipping-, Stydia is a close second in popularity and is easy to see why, since is the typical boy falls in love with the most popular girl that doesn´t know he exists. He´s always there for her, she takes him for grantted until one day he isn´t there; she realises that she loves him and they finally end together.

Also since the begining is kind of difficult not to root for Stiles; you want him to get the girl because he´s the sweet guy, the good guy; the one that every girl would like, so you can´t help but want for him to finally have the girl of his dreams. The increasingly amount of screen time they have together also helps to this, specially since they seem to grow closer and everybody loves a slow burn -until they don´t-

The fandom sees the highschool sweethearts that after way too many trials and obstacles will finally be together.

Why I don´t shipp them and I wouldn´t like to see them together

Beacuse it´s cliche. Teen Wolf besides what its name would have you believe it´s unlike any other supernatural teen drama on air. When talking about relationships and how people react it´s unbelievably real.

Reporters question what happens in Beacon Hills and the people involved, the teens struggle with school because everything that is happening, outside authorities start to mingle beacuse of the multiple deaths, parents are activately involved with their kids life and they know what it´s happening -some of them are actually trying to move from town-, people die trying to be a hero -even if they survived a lot and seemed very capable-, kids jump at the opportunity to have super powers without thinking of the consequences,  Teenage love isn´t always a forever.

If this was any show other than Teen Wolf, I´d probably be alright with Stiles and Lydia ending together, but it isn´t, it´s Teen Wolf where it was explainded to a heart broken Scott that your first love is not necessarily your last, that you will always love again with the same or even more intensity that the first time.

Where Lydia got that Stiles loved her but didn´t give him hopes beacuse she knew that she couldn´t return his feelings; where Stiles got that he couldn´t just make Lydia love him and decided to be his friend, something that Lydia needed more in the long run.

Right now, Stiles and Lydia have something hardly ever seen  on TV. A close, real and meaningful friendship between a man and a woman.


TV  and films have helped sustain the believe that outside of a family, men and women can´t really be friends  unless one of them is married or gay.

Stiles and Lydia work well together, but I dread to see them as a couple ´cause I think that the writers have made the most beautiful story for the begining of a relationship, it just isn´t a love story but a friendship one.

Teen Wolf has broken schemes, that´s what brought me into the series so… why not continue to do so.



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