Calling my name

“Carry On” by Rainbow Rowell. Dam it! I had a plan!

Calling my name

This year I made a list -goodreads helped- of all the books I wanted to hopefully read before 2017 comes along with all of its new promises.
“The list”, as I like to call it includes books that picked my interest some years ago but for one or other reason I never read.

Among the gems enlisted there’s Eleanore & Park by Rainbow Rowell, a book that I promised myself I’d read as soon as I had the chance, but I ended leaving aside in favor of Fangirl another Rainbow Rowell novel.

Since Fangirl was also included on my list I didn’t see the harm of reading it first and Eleanore & Park later. But by the time I saw my mistake, it was too little too late ’cause now, now I gotta read Carry on!


I mean how could I resist reading a fictional story based on a fictional fanfiction of a fictional book series! -ok I’ll stop with the use of the word fictional-. I mean I haven’t even finished reading Fangirl but I remember thinking to myself -after reading the Simon Snow captions and Cath’s fanfics- that I really wished that book series existed for real.

So imagine my surprise when googleing ” Simon Snow book series ” brought me to real Simon Snow fanfiction and eventually that leaded me to Carry on a real Simon Snow book written by Rainbow Rowell as herself, not as Magickcath nor as Gema T. Leslie -the fictional author of the Simon Snow series in Fangirl-

Now the other books I wanted to read have been moved back ’cause I have to read this book -it’s already in my playbook!- and I really have to stop myself from fast reading Fangirl so I can finally read Simon’s and Baz’s story.

And I had a plan!

So… Fangirl have you read it? What about Carry on? If not, would you like to read it? And also, do you have a “to read list”? Do you stick to it? How do you do it?


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