Loved it/Hated it

Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter. Tragedy happens to all

Loved it-hated it


As I have probably mentioned before but I´m going to repeat it anyway, I like mystery novels -although this one falls more under the thriller genre I think- specially those that have a compelling case and are really thrilling and entertaining.

That being said while the mistery of this novel was pretty straight forward, I did enjoy reading about a woman that seems to have it all, discover that the man who she married is not what he seemed and it was quiet refreshing to see how she reacted to everything that was happening.

Pretty GirlsThe person that recommended me this book, told me that it had a real page turner, but that I´d probably hate the protagonist –Claire-, ´cause Slaughter is apparently known for her less than likable heroines, so I went into the book pretty much expecting to hate Claire´s guts, only to actually kind of like her halfway through.

I think that this happened ´cause I found Claire quite real, and her thinking while exasperating at times it made sense if you take into consideration that this is a woman that besides her older sister been kidnapped, has had basically a really sheltered life.

But more than the twists -which I loved-, the kidnapping, torture, abuse, etc. This is a story about the people left behind, about how families cope or don´t cope with losing one of its members in such a tragic way. Usually, when we see news of a girl/boy/woman/man being murdered, kidnapped, injured, etc., we feel bad for the individual -which is ok and only natural- but we rarely stop to think about their families and the people left behind, how do they deal? do they?

Besides this, I have to admit that the book is pretty slow at the beginning and the characters don´t help, ´cause even if well developed, they are not very charming, to begin with -at the end, I think I only liked Claire, Lydia´s “boyfriend” and their mother?-, but once you get to the first big twist, it goes off really fast and you won´t want to stop until the very end because the twists keep coming and coming, and the story gets more thrilling with each -guess now I understand why it´d be classified as a thriller-.

At the end of the day I have to say that I liked this book, but I´m not sure if I´d read it again and I do think it´d make a great movie ´cause it is thrilling, has a lot of scenes that I could easily see on a movie, well-rounded characters, a pretty good and straightforward story -and case- and  it could keep people at the edge of their seats.

So.. if you don´t mind exasperating heroine, love well-developed characters, like mysteries and thrillers, and don´t mind a slow pace to begin with, this might just be the book for you.


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