Supergirl Season 1 Episode 17.- Give that Manhunter some Oreos!


EP 17- depress karaI really don´t get why Supergirl is such a difficult sell to all my family and friends, last week I barely got my friends to watch the episode and I don´t get why. I mean I know that the pilot wasn´t the best -but the same can be said about Agents of Shield and Arrow-, but it got better from episode 4 onwards -episode 3 for me- and that´s better than AOS did during its first season.

While I wouldn´t say that Supergirl is flawless ´cause it isn´t but right now I feel story wise and in character development is better than Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow; ´cause the characters on the first one sometimes don´t even make sense, the second one has become too convoluted and the last one doesn´t seem to have anything going in reality -except for Captain Cold who I loved-, and all of them are suffering this problem mainly because they are way overcrowded -as it´s AOS

Anyway on to the episode, Manhunter was a pretty good episode to follow Falling, I like that we could see the repercurssions of Kara´s actions taking effect even now. With J´on still detained and the military undertaking an investigation of the DEO, the people -even the criminals- scare of Supergirl-, etc.

While the episode wasn´t as action packed as the previous one -not all episode can be so heavy handed on the SFX-, it was full of reveals and did an excellent job of giving some momentum to the series -something that has been laking from the get go-. Up until now, Kara hasn´t have a clear goal, I mean sure she has to fight the evil kryptonians but they weren´t particularly interesting with Alura in their ranks and they are less interesting now; last week Kara did a better job as an evil Kryptonian than this folks.

And because this was an episode of reveals, we got flashbacks! heavy flashbacks! -bet you the producer were happy to be able to do this-. We got to see an Alex Danvers with long hair -and rocking the night club life- being recruted by “Hank Henshaw”, we so kid Kara being a hero and trying to adapt and we got to see J´on´s encounter with Jeremiah Danverns.

Now we already knew that Jeremiah was part of the tactical team leaded by Henshaw -the original one-, thathe had saved J´on, tha he asked him to take care of his girls and have some how died, but what wasn´t clear was how he died and how he got to be aquaintances with the martian if he was hunting him down.

J´on having originally saved Jeremiah and him having had from the begining second thoughts about the threat that this alien represented was ok I guess, I was certainly glad to have Dean Cain back on my screen and I hope that the Cadmus reveal will mean that we´ll get to see more of him.

As for Kara as a kid, it was pretty cool to see her deal with the concept of being a stranger in a foreign world -metaphorically and literaly-, how she had to fight her need to help and save people to fit in, and how this affected Alex too. Siblings rivalry it´s something that exists and happens -we have seen gits of it in previous episodes-, and it has been my experience that the closer the gap in ages between the sibling is, the worst the rivalry is; also parents most of the time don´t notice how they aggravate this by comparing the kids or relaying more on one than the other, etc.

EP 17- classesThe glasse explanation was actually well receive by me and my friends but it does makes us wonder how in control is Kara of her x-ray vision if she was still using them before she decided to become Supergirl -by the way Kara using said vision to get the job at CatCo, was brilliant on her part and I also found it funny that her remarks of not being anything especial picked Cat´s interest-.

As for the rest of the episode, Lucy finally knowing Kara´s identity was a good thing, although I don´t think I´ll ever be able to get over how people don´t recognize Kara. I read comics and I get that it´s a comic book thing but once you see it on live action TV and there´re so many smart and competent people around, it gets kind of ridiculous -I mean Lucy was able to tell Alex was lying, but wasn´t able to notice Kara is Supergirl?-

And it was to be excpeted that she would help Kara save J´on and Alex, ´cause she´s a good person after all. Using the bikes and biking gear to rescue them was brilliant and something that I´d like to think was more Lucy´s idea than Kara´s, it was brilliant ´cause it hidden their identities.

The finally reveal of Jeremiah being alive wasn´t that surprising -you can´t have Dean Cain on your cast and not use him!- but him being on Cadmus was a good reveal that conviniently leaves Alex and J´on out of the show for a while doing their own thing -are they credited in the next couple of episodes?-

So.. now Lucy is the new director of the DEO, which is a good thing for Kara, although I don´t quite get why they took J´on and Alex but not Supergirl, anyhow with this at least Kara still has someone that she can trust in the organization -wonder how much it´ll last-, and  I like their blooming womace? -or whichever the word for a bromance between girls is it- and it´s my hope they will become BFF´s leaving Jimmy on the side –Kara does need some female friends beside her sister after all-.

And that was pretty much it I guess, if they have had J´on J´onzz eating oreos instead of Chocos, the episode would have been pretty much perfect, but… I guess you can´t have everything and it had something to do with brand advertising.

Ah! I almost forgot this also happened

EP 17- vanshee

I guess Siobhan will become Silver Banshee sooner than expected, but since next week is the big The Flash cossover it had to happen.

So… Supergirl, are you watching it? Have you been able to get anyone else to watch it? -I swear it was almost as difficult as when I tried to make them watch Teen Wolf, which know they watch religiously- What did you thing of this weeks episode?



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