Why not?

Agent Carter: Give Peggy final dance

Why not

I might have mentioned this a few times, but please bear with me, I´m more a Marvel girl than a DC one, that being said I gotta admit that when talking about TV, I prefer the DC shows on The CW and even CBS  – Gotham is dead to me-

I mean sure Dare Devil and Jessica Jones are my favorite shows right now, but that´s Netflix so I don´t count it as TV not really, and right now I ´m enjoying Agents of Shield -although I have had concerns since before the mid-season final, but on the large scale I couldn´t help but feel like DC was dominating the TV business side of the things. Marvel had 2 “superhero” TV shows while DC as of to now has 5 shows and 1 canceled so… things didn´t look well; besides that, AOS didn´t have the best start.

At the end of the rope, I continued with the DC shows ´cause they were good and engaging, and I stuck to AOS ´cause it was Marvel, and then… Peggy Carter appeared on my TV.


As many other Marvel fans, I watched the Agent Carter “one-shot” released on the Iron Man 3 blue-ray, and  I loved it! so.. when I heard that Marvel was doing and Agent Carter TV series, I was cautiously optimistic -after all AOS 1st half season didn´t really meet my expectations- and I couldn´t wait for the premiere to see if Peggy would still be the character that I loved and how her story developed.

When January 6th arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Agent Carter pilot seemed to have learned from AOS and was everything that the pilot of the previous one wasn´t it was smart, funny, exciting, fun and entertaining!

Season one of Agent Carter benefited from its 8 episode order to show us a fast passed, compelling and very well written series that was able to tide in with the Marvel Cinematic Universe but at the same time could stand on its own.

But… the thing is that even if Agent Carter had a great story, fantastic producing values, superb acting, an amazing wardrobe, etc., there were still some issues with the show that made us wonder if it was going opportunitynite to have a second go at it.

One of the central issuesbeing the “feminism”, feminism is a tricky word specially in media such as TV, movies and even comics; this in great part I think because lots of people have forgotten the real meaning of this word. The feminist were the people -not only women- that fought and spoke in favor of the equal right for both men and women. A feminist looks for a gender blind society were men and women are seen just as people; but nowadays this view has changed, mainly because there are women that have to the extreme and instead of fighting for equality they seem far more interested in a world were the women rule.

This has caused many women -as well as men- to distance themselves from the so called feminsts and to actively avoid anything they seem remotely related to it.

989691_300Now, while I don´t see Agent Carter as a feminist show, I can understand why some people would see it as one. ´Cause here´s a series of  a woman working on an office filled with men, where she is frequently treated as a secretary instead of a fellow agent; where she´s trying to prove that she can do everything as well -if not better- than other male agent and activately goes behind her colleagues backs to prove why she is right and they are wrong.

Once again I repeat, I don´t think of Agent Carter as a feminist series, but I do undersatnd why this points would make it see like one. The reality of it all is that the world in which Peggy exists was real once, women were really treated as token dolls to go along with a man -even after they prove capable of doing a man´s job when a big number of them went to war-, there were in fact behavior correction centers for young women that wanted a more independent life, we were seen as pretty but dumb -in fact sometimes we still are-, so to not address this in a period series with a female protagonist would be insulting.

Then again they could have gone another way about it, showing us more decent men around Peggy, ´cause sure we had Sousa and Jarvis -and partially Howard and the Howling Commandos– but considering the amount of good agents she had to work with, at least some of them should have been portayed as not that much of pricks.

That been said, I did liked the first season of Agent Carter, in fact I watched it, 2 times! -that´s more than I can say of any other Comic based live action series, including Dare Devil and Jessica Jones

image_8-600x364Anyway… season 1´s ending felt in fact as a sort of series finale, may be not the great big finale you would expect but an acceptable one.

By the end of that season, Peggy had saved New York, proved Howard innocent, earned here colleagues respect and partially gotten over Steve´s “death”. It was a fitting ending, that closed a lot of the mayor plotlines but left the future ambiguous enough for fans to speculate or.. for the series to be picked up for a second series, so… guess what happened?


I´d be lying if I said that I wasn´t worried about a second season. I was excited sure, but also nervous, ´cause… could season 2 be as good as season 1? would it live to my expectations?

Finding out that season 2 would take place in Los Angeles instead of New York did nothng to calm my nerves, but knowing that James D´Arcy, Chad Michael Murray and Enver Gjokaj would comtinue to be part of the series; gave me a sigh of releave.

I think this might have been why many people didn´t come back for Agent Carter´s season 2 -the trailers didn´t help either-, that and the long time it passed between season 1 and season 2 -a little more than a year!-. At the end of the day, even if I had my misgivings I tuned in for season´s 2 premiere and I don´t regret it, not even a bit.

Season 2 of Agent Carter was all I wanted and more! I will in fact say that it´s better than the first one, mainly because the characters are very well stablished, the show runners know what works and what doesn´t, it has embraced a more comic bookish approach -although not in the Flash and Arrow way- and even if the risk seem higher nd more serious, the show didn´t lose it´s flavor and unique style.

Some of the highlights where:

  • Peggy´s back story.- I always wondered how Peggy got in the army -she being a woman in the late 40´s early 50´s-, what made her follow that path and how she got to the point -possition- she was on Captain America: The First Avengerac-footage-3

Finding out that her brother Michael had a lot to do with that decision and that he help her to get there was actually touching and a little sad. I got the impression that her brother was also a real friend ´cause he really knew her and I´d love to see more of him in Flashbacks or whichever form I can get him. I also think it was a great parallel story to Whitney Frost´s one, ´cause back then there might have been lots of women like Peggy, she was just lucky to get the chance to prove herself to the world.

  • Edwin Jarvis.- One of my friends actually called this a Jarvelous season and I´m inclined to agree. James D´Arcy acting was on point through all the episodes, he was fun, he was sweet, but he was also emotional and hurt. He suffered and in my eyes he moved way pass the just funny sidekick possition.tumblr_o2oyk4tuwu1ttig8go2_1280-850x560


  • The Peggy/Sousa ship finally!, finally sailing!.- ´cause it´s doing so right? right? Do we even have a name for this ship? Peggysous? Souspeggy? if so.. please someone let me know, I have been shipping this two since the last season and although I understood why Peggy wouldn´t want to be in a relationship at the moment, I was a little sad to see they weren´t together at the begining of season 2. That being said I do appreciate the writers developing this relationship and not just trowing it at ussousa-peggy-kiss; ´cause that´s what made that final kiss so worth it. It was a kiss that was long time coming and even if I didn´t have a problem with Dr. Wilkes beind the future Mr. Carter, I was actually sad at the though of Daniel being out of the race.So I was really delighted to see this two sort of together by the end of this season -though that´s not enough! I need more of this two! How did the make it work with Daniel at L.A. and Peggy all the way down in NY? Did they make it work?-


  • Zero matter and the possible tie-in with Dr. Stange and AOS.- No body can make me believe that the council we saw working at the end for Withney wasn´t Hydra, it totally was! no matter what the writers said; it just fits perfectly although… on second thought maybe to perfectly…, anyhow at this point is more than obvious that the the  Zero Matter it´s in fact the dark matter of the comics often related to other dimensions and the Doctor Strange stories. So imagine my delight when I saw it play on this season of Agent Carter and also it was pretty cool seing the especial effects and Peggy going actually against a supervillian.8091192_agent-carter-dances-toward-the-finale-_tac4e964c


  • The unexpected heroe of the SSR.- We already new Rose from the first season and although she didn´t have a lot to do during it, she was charming and adorable, but this season, Rose really got to shine, from her kickass fighting skills -which make perfect sense given her position as the first line of defense- as well as her efficency and flirty ways! -that she new perfectly well how to use-; Rose was a revelation and something that made you wonder how many people working for the SSR have been underutilizscreen-shot-2016-02-10-at-12-14-52-pm1e by the agency.

Samberly being one of this cases, someone that enter the SSR thinking he would ge the chance to be a hero, only to be relegated to lab work, were he felt underapreciated and quite dissatisfied -haven´t we all been there once or twice on our jobs-.

  • Ana Jarvis.- We finally met Ms. Jarvis and no, he wasn´t a figment of Jarvis imagination -nor a crazy desilusion-, and she was a delight. She was cute, she was funny, firy, understanding and totally in love with Mr. Jarvis, they made quite the pair and it was so refreshing and amusing to see Peggy trying to clear possiblea-view-in-the-dark-ana-finds-edwin-on-top-of-peggy missunderstandings to Ana -when she and Jarvis ended in compromising positions-, only to have her calmly declare that she knew there was nothing happening -That was quite refreshing, having a couple so sure of themselves without cheap jealousy drama-. And we also went trough the heart breaking reveal of the Jarvis being unable to have kids on their own -which might explain the assumed closeness of Jarvis and Tony-.


  • Social undertones.- I have already talked about the “feminism” thing, but this season Agent Carter went farther than that, it made points about women in the 50´s sure, about the limited options we had back then, the perjude, etc., but it also made show of the racism and the limited options as well as the misconcieved views that people have about the ones that look a little different from them -be it skin color or ethnicity-. This hit home particularly because it seems like eventhough a little more than half a century has gone by since WW II; racism and inequality are still parts of our everyday life. So.. kudos to Agent Carter for aluding to this without hitting us on the face with it. 


There were many, many more things that I loved of Agent Carter´s season 2, there was the Los Angeles glam, Jack Thomson´s fall and rendemption -please tell me he´s alive,h has to be alive!-, the humor, action, spying and many other thigs that if I kept mentioning, wouldn´t let me finish this post .it´s already to long-; and there´s still so much to see!

We haven´t seen how SHIELD came to be -so far we have just been able to see the begining of the end of the SSR era- and how much Peggy was really involved, nor have we seen where that redacted document on Peggy came from nor what does it say. What was the round´s table organization? are they Hydra? -the production team says no, but I don´t quiet believe them-, is Jack alive? -I know I metioned this before, but it´s important!-, What about Dottie? she´s still out there somewhere, right?.

Agent Carter´s season 2 finale did more or less the same that the previous one did. It gaves certain closure but at the same time it left enough questions unaswered to kep the series going if ABC and Marvel Entertaimnet decided to do so.

Now, I´m not saying that Agent Carter should continue like for 10, 6 or 4 seasons, but I´d really love to see it have 3rd and final one -like a tv trilogy!- where we´re able to see what it was promised, Peggy as a founding member and director of SHIELD. With so many TV shows renewed -some really bad ones- why can´t Peggy get a final dance?

What do you think?, Do you agree? Should Agent Carter get a final season or is it ok to leave it as it is?


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