Agents Of SHIELD Season 3 Episode 15 “Spacetime”.- There´s no such thing as coincidence. There´s only the inevitable


Yes I´m citing Yuuko Ichihara, yes it´s from an anime/manga –xxxHoLic-; no it has nothing to do with comics or tv series for that matter but I felt this quote was perfect for this episode which I think was awesome.

For the first time since “Maveth”, I feel like AOS it´s finally back. I mean “Bouncing Back” was a good episode but I felt that it was lacking something, it was a little slow, more setting things than anything and  I don´t know maybe because of the long hiatus it kind of felt like the show had lost its momentum.

I'm going to miss them so much :'(Then we got “The Inside Man” and “Parting Shots” and the problem here is that I was never a Bobbi and Hunter fan, I mean Bobbi was badass and Hunter was kind of charming I enjoyed the characters but if these episodes proved something to me, it was that I like this two interacting with the main AOS cast and not on their own -that spy´s goodbye hit me right onthe feels- so good luck Marvel´s Most Wanted -I don´t think I´ll be watching you-

And finally… let´s better not talk about “Watchdogs” ´cause while I saw a direct Captain America Civil War connection there it wasn´t enough to save the episode.

So… “Spacetime” was a great episode where AOS seems to finally be picking up the pace and we´re finally getting somewhere. At the end of the episode for the first time in a while, I felt really excited and I couldn´t wait for what it´s to come, in fact, it got me reeling so much that all I could think was basically:

  • Future it´s inevitable it seems
  • Will Daisy finally get that inhumanity isn´t for everybody?
  •  Will Coulson ever get used to calling her Daisy?
  • So… every inhuman has a reason to be so… Lash´s it´s HIVE, I guess?
  • Finally they know not-Ward is back!
  • What did Malick saw?
  • Is Daisy in the spaceship 3 moths from now? -is it still 3 moths away?-

The premise of the episode was in fact quite simple, there was a new inhuman by the name Charles Hinton whose power allowed him to show everyone he touched the future -I wasn´t clear on that by the way, did he see the future all the time? at all? only when he touched someone? the same future? or just a different perspective of it?-.

Due to a well intended guy who touched him and saw his dead, Charles was discovered by SHIELD and HYDRA -although I´m not clear on why he called for Daisy Jhonson if he knew he was going to die when he met her-. Hydra ends taking Charles but not before he touches Daisy and shows her whats to happen in the following hours.


And that´s where the race to try and change the future begins, now I said that this was a pretty great episode of AOS and I continue to believe so, but it wasn´t flawless and that, that´s to be expected when you get into time traveling or in this case time seeing and trying to change the future think, ´cause when doing this there are few options, either you can change the future and the previous one disappears negating everything,you change the future and generate alternative timelines or the future can not be changed.

AOS so far seems to have gone with the last option, just adding the illusion and perspective factor, and I´m glad they did ´cause god knows I aleady have enough of time paradoxes with Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

“There´s not such thing as coincidence. There´s only the inevitable”, Yuuko´s quote seems to work quite well for this episode of AOS ´cause nothing was a coincidence, Daisy was ment to meet Charles so she´d try to save him, so she could see what´s going to happen in 3 months -is it still happening in 3 months or 2 now?- and maybe also so the team finally found out about not-Ward being on earth.

It all serving a porpouse seems in fact to go hand in hand with Lincoln´s notion that inhumans are filling a void, a poropouse. That their powers aren´t just what they are by coincidence and that people aren´t were they are just because, it´s inevitable, there´s a purpose, destiny, however you want to call it.

This being said one could even argue that Andrew coming back to say goodbye to May and finally becoming Lash fully, also has a purpose and that one clearly seems to be fight HIVE -formerly Ward

So… is it destiny? is it really unavoidable? Fitz seems to believe so, going so far as to explain about forth dimensions and missconceptions. The explination was a little more complicated than it could have been but the gits were basically that time is alread fixed, it has happened but we living in the preset haven´t catched up with it and that, that´s what creates the illusion that we can change it when in reality we can´t. Illusion and perspective, those were the key elements for this episode.

Daisy though she saw the future and she did, but she saw it from her perspective, she´s not omnipresent, she doesn´t know it all so that´s why at the end she became an unreliable narrator and even if the future she saw became true it wasn´t precisely in the way thet she or us expected. In fact and argument could be made that because she saw the future and tried to change it, it´s why everything happened in the end.

So I gotta give kudos to the writers -and also the director, but that´s for later- ´cause with this episode they manage to do two things that should be always be done in this kind of stories but it´s quite difficult to accomplish. They manage to put things in motion for the next couple of episodes we have left of the season, while also keeping us thrilled during and action packed, emotional and at times funy episode, that also developed some of our characters.

By the end of the episode, Lash is in SHIELD´s custody which I´m sure will come into help by the end of the season, Malick saw something in the vision that Charles gave him that might have make him reconsider his aliance with HIVE, Daisy saw what being and inhuman did to Charles and how scare he was of the same happening to his daughter, so hopefully that will help her realise that inhumanity is not ment for everybody. And we learned that while the future in AOS might be set, it´isný always what it seems.

So I´m really glad AOS seems to be finally back in form and for what I saw of next weeks episode, this are only going to keep moving forward from now on.

But what about you?, what did you think about this episode? did you like it? what do you think of time? is it really fixed?



  • All that reharsing and May didn´t go in the end
  • Lincoln hasn´t watched Termintor -the horror!-
  • So.. the death on the vision was Daisy´s or Charles´?
  • It might be an unpopular opinion but I´m kind of digging the Daisy/Lincoln ship -he´s obviously on SHIELD just because of her-
  • Why would the secret warriors go into space? is it connected to Civil War? it´s the Secret Warriors right?



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