Supergirl Season 1 Finale Episode 20 “Better Angels”.- What´s in the pod?!



Ok CBS I need you to renew Supergirl, I really need you to do it, and I need you to do it now! ´Cause there´s no way I´m going to be able to survive the summer unless I know for a fact that Supergirl is coming back.

So Supergirl, besides the problems I have had with the show´s cheesiness from time to time -I don´t want to talk about episodes like Worlds Finest, Solitude, and Myriad-, I have to say that I truly enjoyed this first season and the season finale.

The quality of the show has never been bad per say, but there have been true gems like Red Faced, Stranger Visitor from Another Planet, Falling, etc; and then there´s Bizarro, Solitude, Livewire, etc., that for some reason didn´t quite worked like they were probably meant to do.

Take for example Worlds Finest, it was a lovely and fun episode, I really enjoyed Barry´s interactions with Kara and vice versa -it made me wish even more for Supergirl to be on the same universe/network- but story wise it wasn´t that good of an episode, somethings didn´t make sense and the cheesiness of it all, oh my god the cheesiness. That doesn´t mean I didn´t like the episode nor that I´m not hoping for another crossover, just that I think it wasn´t quite what I expected.

When Better Angels began, I was concern that this episode would go on the same route; that it would be fun and entertaining but far too cheesy. Thankfully that´s not what happened and while I found the beginning to be quite convenient and a little Saturday morning cartoonish, it got better and better from  then on.

I mean, I still question how Maxwell Lord was able to tap into smartphones, widescreen, etc., with what seems physically impossible to combine technology; find it hard to believe that the DEO  never thought of looking for the evil Kryptonians at Fort Rozz and I question Gral. Lane´s decision to give Maxwell Lord that Kryptonian energy device; but overall Better Angels was a great episode.

From Alex´s and Kara´s fight to Kara´s and J´on´s fight against Non and Indigo, as well as Kara´s Grand Goodbye Tour. Where this episode shone the most was on its character moments, being Kara as always the brightest start.

I probably haven´t said this before but Melissa Benoist is the poster child of perfect casting; she gets Supergirl on some many levels that it´s difficult not to love her and think that this is the character she was meant to play all along. And this week’s episode made sure to let us see all that.

At the end of the day, Kara made the last step into becoming a true hero, she decided to give her life up for a better good and fight ´till the end; and she decided to do it without regrets ´cause she finally got what she wanted, a reason to be and the clearness to see all she has got.

Kara shares a tender moment with J'onn.

Kara´s talk with Hank/J´on before going to fight her uncle was truly moving and showed the character development she has gone through because I think that at that moment, she was really finally at peace with herself. But what finally got me before she went to fight Non, was the fact that she didn´t say goodbye to Alex, ´cause she knew her sister wouldn´t let her go otherwise.

When Alex and J´on went into their own adventure, I was afraid that we´d lose all those sisterhood moments between Alex and Kara, so I´m really glad we had the chance to see once again how deep the Danvers sister bond is.

'Better Angels'

Finally, What to say about Cat; I have liked Cat Grant since the very beginning and I don´t care who tells me otherwise I´m still not ready to believe that she doesn´t know that Kara is Supergirl, she has to know! In fact, the sudden promotion just makes me believe it more, so I´m curious to see how this will change their relationship and what kind of work is Kara suppose to do.

And the pod! How can I forget that damned pod! I have to know what´s in that pod! and I have to know it now! is it Zor? may be a different version of Superboy?, Krypto? who or what is it?!

Anyway… quoting Kara, I really hope there´s a season 2,´cause Supergirl it´s one of the few superhero TV Shows I´m really enjoying right now.




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