Loved it/Hated it

Unmarked Vampire by Belinda Laj

Loved it-hated it

Just when you think there´s nothing that could be added to the vampire genre, along comes and author that not only expands it, but also respects everything that came before it.

It certainly isn´t easy, but it´s something that Belinda Laj has managed to do in her Unmarked Vampire story.

As anyone reading this blog would know by now, I´m a supernatural junkie and love, more like adore the vampire genre; so I have pretty much read all of the classics and most popular books and series.

So when @Booktasters gave me the opportunity to read a book about vampires, I basically jumped at it and started reading right away.



So what can I said about Unmarked Vampire other than the fact that I liked it, the book was fun and easy to read, with little to not typing mistakes and an excellent reaction; so I have to give kudos to the translator Jaqueline Skewes for a job well done.

As for the book itself, it was interesting reading this kind of story with a man as the protagonist; since the genre seems to have been mainly dominated by female heroes for the longest time.

That being said, I didn´t find Julian that compelling or charming, whether the author planned for that to be the case all along, I do not know; half the time I found him kind of annoying and I couldn´t well grasp why he reacted like he did to most of the things or people around him.

Julian´s relationship with his sire, also reminded me a little of Anne Rice´s works -which I love!- so there´s that, and will surely be quite fascinated and entertained by it.

And while I truly enjoyed this book, it seems clear, at least to me that the author is gunning for a younger audience, what with the school setting, the romance that can be glimpsed at times and  the overall feel that the book gives.

So if you liked  Vampire Academy, are young or love to read Young Adult (YA) novels, Unmarked Vampire the first installment in the Damned Academy series, will be  perfect for you.

I for my part while liked the book, don´t think I´ll be returning for the second part just yet, but I might come back to it later on.



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