Super Lovers.- There are all kinds of Love and Families


I´m not going to lie, I shouted like a fan girl when I saw that the first episode of Abe Miyuki´s Super Lovers was released on April 6th. Especially ´cause I became a big Abe Miyuki fan after reading Komatta toki ni wa hoshi ni kikke, which I loved not only for the characters designs and beautiful art but also for the fun and compelling stories and characters.

Super Lovers was in fact, the third manga I read, and it´s my second favorite one, right after Komatta,  because it isn´t like other yaoi mangas. Like the title says, this one is more about the romance, the characters development, and their stories.

One of my main concerns with the adaptation of this manga into anime was the art and the story ´cause as I mentioned before Abe Miyuki´s art is simply gorgeous and the story…, well as fans, we all know that the mangas often differ from the anime. Luckily I didn´t have to worry, the animation makes the manga more than justice and so far the anime seems to be sticking close to the manga´s story.

I never imagined Haru´s, Ren´s or anyone´s else voices so I can´t say much for the voice work besides that now I´ll probably be unable to read the manga without listening to the voice actor on the back of my mind.

Anyhow so far, the first few episodes of the series seem to summarize the first ones of the  manga, so since there are only going to be 10 episodes for this season, I really hope there will be more; I expect them to at least reach the beginning of volume 4.

Now, if you haven´t read Super Lovers, here is the rundown: the protagonists of the story are Kaidou Haru and Kaidou Ren who are brothers -but no, they are not related by blood and didn´t really grew up together-. The story begins with Haru in Canada were his mother Haruko lives, there he meets Ren, the textbook definition of a wild child who for reasons at the beginning unknown, is under Haru´s mother care.

On the first episode, we find out that Haru´s parents are divorced, that he has 2 stepbrothers and that his mother basically called him to help tame Ren.

After some trials and tribulations, Ren and Haru get closer and closer to the point of making a promise; that Ren will some day live with Haru in Japan like a family would. A promise that Ren never forgot but sadly the same cannot be said about Haru.

You see Haru had an accident right after going back home, and he lost all of his memories of that summer that he spent in Canada, and now with Ren in Japan willing to keep his promise, the eldest Kaidou brother doesn´t know quite what to do. with this kid that is able to touch the deepest parts of his core, gets him like nobody else and is said to be his new younger brother.

There are some people that might complain about the age difference between the main couple, but it´s worth saying that the manga has progressed in an almost painfully slow pace, so there hasn´t been anything particularly hardcore and I doubt there will be in the anime -also Japan´s age of consent is 13 and Canada´s somewhere in 14 or so, so there´s that-.

So… so far so good, I´m pretty happy with the anime, it´s kind of weird for me to watch it since I know exactly what it´s going to happen, but I am happy anyway and I can´t wait to see more.


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