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Superman American Alien: Who wants to be an American Hero?

Since I mostly seem to read and write about Marvel comics, it seemed fair that coming back to this little corner of my blog, I´d  go with a DC title that I´m loving and will be sad to see go, and that´s Superman American Alien!

Those who now me in person, are aware of the fact that I´m not a big Superman fan, I not a Batman fan either -but that´s more ´cause I personally think that the character is way overrated-, so I´m unaware as to what possessed me to start reading this comic; was it the art?, the glowing reviews I read and heard? the fact that it was a limited series?

Well… I guess it truly doesn´t matter, the point is that I´m a big fan now and I´m anxious to see what the big DC Rebirth does for the character -I really hope someone is able to imitate what Max Landis was able to do here-.

My problem with Superman has always been similar to my troubles with Captain America, I could never relate to him, he was always too powerful, too good and straightforward, etc., to be of my liking; but this time, I actually had fun reading about the character.

From issue 1 to 7, Landis has had me captivated by all the trials and tribulations that Clark went through in his childhood, teenage years and into early adulthood. Going from being a scared little kid that didn´t know neither understand what was happening to him to a conflicted teenager and an awkwardly clutz  young adult.

But more than everything else, I like Superman American Alien ´cause it´s fun and entertaining, deepens into the internal conflicts of the character  and not only speaks of his humanity but shows it. Because in this comic he doesn’t only get to be insecure and cocky, he also gets to be wild and carefree.

The cameos of characters like Oliver Queen, Dick Grayson -as a kid-, Cheetah, and Batman are also well used, and I found able to fit within the pre-existing DC Universe.

In Landis comic, Smallville knows Clark´s secret, Jonathan Kent was scared and unsure of what to do with an alien for a son, Clark Kent got to be Bruce Wayne for a while, Oliver Queen helped him get an internship on the Daily Plante, Dick Grayson inspired  him to be a different kind of hero, Luthor in some way got him to  be Superman, etc.

I never though I would love a Superman comic, but now I do and can not wait for it to be available in my country -it has to be!- ´cause this one, this one is definitely worth keeping.

Are you a Superman fan? What do you like about him? Have you read Superman American Alien? Did you like it? What are your thoughts?


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