The Flash Season 2 Finale Episode 23 “The Race of His Life”.-So… who cares about the timeline, right?


It´s not just me, right? right? That´s exactly where we´ll be when we get back in October -is it in October?- when the series comes back.

And just when I thought I´d stop watching comic book based series…, well with the exception Riverdale ´cause Archie! -have I mentioned that I love it know!-, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Supergirl and maybe…, you know what forget it.

The point is that curiosity is what will bring me back for season 3, ´cause God knows nothing else would be able to do so.


So what happened on The Flash sophomore season finale? Well… Barry stopped Zoom obviously, Wells and his daughter went back to Earth 2 -leaving the whole Jesse was hit by the matter to nowhere to go-, Cisco remained as the lovable character he is and develop his powers in a super convenient way for the show, Caitlin continued to be hated by the writers and suffer for it, Iris finally gave up and confessed her undying love for Barry and… Oh yeah, Barry change the timeline, AGAIN!

Now this comments might make you believe that I don´t like The Flash, and you wouldn´t be that off the mark, but before you get righteously upset, allow me to explain. I enjoyed the first season, way more than the series debut of Arrow. I love Grant Gusting and lots of things from The Flash, but that doesn´t mean I love it all the time.

48043For example, I hated Iris from almost all of last season and the beginning of this one -I like her now though, so well done there writers- and I found last season finale kind of… underwhelming – I know, shocking- and this season while great… seemed to have fallen to pieces before my eyes or at least to me.

I blame DC´s Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl -though I can´t really get upset with the last one ´cause I love it!-, since it seems like now The Flash is suffering from the same sickness that Arrow has since season last season; and that is basically abandonment by their original creating teams in order to conquer The CW one superhero show at a time -ok I might be a little melodramatic here-.

The point is that both Arrow and Flash seem to have lost something while Legend´s of Tomorrow and Supergirl have been developing, whether that is writers, producers or interest by their creating teams, I wouldn´t be able to tell. But the series have been greatly damaged, to the point me and some other people I now -both online and real life- have just kind of gave up.

Originally, I was going to be one of these people, but something kept me watching, and that was the hope of the show righting itself. Episodes like Rupture and The Runaway Dinosaur gave me hope that the show was going to actually pull it off and then… Invincible and this episode happened.

By this point, I have stopped wondering what the heck is wrong with these TV show characters that seem to be going back and ford in the character development field whenever it´s convenient for the plot, but still I can get over Barry going back on time AGAIN, to change the freaking timeline AGAIN.

After my initial outburst, I stopped myself and thought about why this was bothering me so much especially now, and I got to the conclusion that it is because this feels like a cheat to me -like the whole Fallen Agent at S.H.I.E.L.D

The show letting Barry go back on time to possible create the infamously known Flashpoint Paradox, can either have serious repercussions on The Flash and possibly the rest of the CW´s DC TV series or just be an excuse for the writers to start again with a clean slate.

If it is the former, all of my complaints should be erased and we should all be friends again and enjoy the series third season together, but if it is the later… well I don´t know what I´d do, ´cause using time traveling to take the characters in a direction that you couldn´t just move them through your story telling skills or to deal with things they have to suffer off camera, that just doesn´t sit well with me.

cisco-and-caitlin-do-some-earth-2-dress-upAt the end of the day. I´m going to tune in for the 3rd season premier for sure, even if it just out of curiosity ´cause I cannot help but wonder if they are going to do a version of Flashpoint where maybe Cisco and Caitlin are metahumans in the roles of Aquaman and Wonder Woman -wouldn´t that be great?!-, Robert Queen as the Green Arrow ´cause his son died -after all at this point Arrow is pretty much Batman retold-, Kara exist on Earth Prime and Snart is alive -can that be the case, please. I´m begging here-

So are you still enjoying The Flash? Is it still the best? ´Cause there´s always the possibility that it´s just me. Do you really think they will do Flashpoint Paradox even if it´s just for an episode or 2? And if so, how would you go about it?


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