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The New Archie: So.. there´s this comic

Off the shelf

Well I don´t know if I´ll be able to do this every week, but I´d like to at least do it every month, and that´s quoting some comics and maybe even some animes, mangas, movies etc., at least once a month.

And because I have been wanting to write about one of the comics are read that are neither Marvel nor DC, but I haven´t had the opportunity ´till now, I decided that there was no better day than this one to do so.

Be straight, be weird. Be whatever, just be what you want to be, and if people don´t like it… That´s what the S stands for.
-Jughead, All New Archie #2-

So the truth is that I never got Archie, not really I mean thanks to my mom I watched some of the old cartoon and even a live action movie I think -did they called them live action back then?- and I actually find it funny but that was pretty much it.

Archie was the only comic that I ever saw my mother reading and while entertaining, I never got into it. I didn´t even knew that Sabrina Spellman was originated there! and I was a big fan of the series! the point is that I have always been aware of what´s happening on Archie but is not until recently that I started reading the comics.

The quote of above is in fact, a sentence employed by Jughead in the second issue of All New Archie #2, where we learn more about Jughead´s including his name and why he is the way he is.


Now my memories of Archie are really vague just like I mentioned before, so I can´t tell you how well the new series is adhering to the characters origins, but what I can say id that the series is fun and captivating, the art is gorgeous and just what a book like this one needs; it´s colorful, it´s light, fun and modern but at the same time respects the essence of the original designs -which I do remember-

archiecollectedMore than anything the series seems so real and charming. After spending my time reading comics of superheroes and reading so many thrillers, magic and mystery books. It´s refreshing to go home and read Archie, which makes me laugh with the clumsy lovable Archie, makes me swoon about Jughead and has me super invested in the whole Archie/Veronica and Betty dynamic.

´Cause while anyone who knows me would be able to tell that I hate love triangles, I adore the new way to explore it that they have put into this series, I even like the slight changes they have made to the characters to make them more relatable and contemporary; such as making Betty kind of a tomboy and Veronica the rich stylish girl, sick of his family but unable to live without the luxuries and a real heart inside.

Archie´s characters never seem more real to me than right know, so much that this comic has become one of my favorite ones and I´m actually considering picking up the Jughead one.


So I pretty much love this title and I can´t recommend it enough, If you never read or quite understood Archie, but are looking for something fresh and fun, you should really pick Archie.


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