Girl Meets Highschool pts 1&2: The more things change, the more they stay the same


Riley and the gang are back! and I´m probably more excited than a woman of my age should be, but I can´t help it ´cause I just love this show so much that I almost literally counted the days to these episodes to come!

How cool was it to see Zay and Smackle as part of the group? Or the new intro! OMG! I really love that intro and all the nostalgia feels it gave me as a former Boy Meets World fan!

Ok…, fangirl moment over. I really enjoyed the two-part premiere of Girl Meets World 3rd season. It was funny, sweet, sad and all of those things that put this show apart from the rest of the ones aired by Disney Channel right now.

Not that I don´t like those shows, I mean, I´m a big K.C Undercover and Liv&Maddie fan, but there´s always been something about GMW that is so much real, different and kind of mature -especially towards its 2nd season and this one more so it seems- that makes me like it so much more.

So I´m happy that GMW is back and thrilled about the tone of the series, which appears to be shifting to a more grown up one, just as our main characters are growing, but I do wonder how much the show will be able to grow on Disney Channel

Today, I think I´m finally ready to join the voices that have been claiming GMW´s need to move on to Freeform in order to reach it´s full potential, I´m finally ready to join that chorus because this episode here, it´s clear prove of why the show needs to do so.

ROWAN BLANCHARD, PEYTON MEYER, SABRINA CARPENTERAllow me to explain, in this 2 parter season premiere, Riley, Maya, Lucas, and Farkle -joined by Smackle and Zay- finally entered Abigail Adams Highschool, ready to own the school as the king they are… except they are not, kingdoms fall as Corey helpfully pointed out during one of the classes and although you might be special in your own circle of friends and family, contrary to popular believe the world doesn´t revolve around you.

That´s the harsh true that Riley and her friends have to accept when a trio of seniors puts them in a hole -both literally and metaphorically speaking- on their very first day of school, to give them a lesson, and friendships are tested.

And… while don´t understand quite well what´s highschool´s big deal -to me it just was more of the same, just with more difficult classes, then again I moved a lot and I don´t have childhood friends-, I think there were enough undertones in both episodes for different people to get different things from them.

To me personally, the underlying abandonment issues as well as the concept of one needing to look around more around to see the world and what´s happening outside of your bubble, were the ones that got me the most.

hqdefaultIt was interesting and sad, to see Ava´s parents splitting up and to watch it reflected on the group going their separate ways, Maya´s almost crying face asking Riley and Lucas to please stop fighting as well as Ava´s trying to protect herself in case Auggie left her were heartbreaking and very real, ´cause that´s how abandonment issues develop, how one gets scared of getting left behind and clings to what they have got, never wanting to let go. Maya to Riley and Ava to Auggie.

Maya´s speech to Ava about not being to blame and then to Riley´s was really on point and part of what sets this series apart, ´cause it was emotionally deep, grown and real, something valuable and clear prove of what sets this series apart, with the ending of the first part validating the shows eagerness to grow.

capture05The other part of the story that I found really compelling, was the specialness or in this case, Riley and Maya being pointed out to the fact that while they could have been kings on middle school, the same can´t be said about high school or the rest of the world.

Just because you were the smartest in your school or the strongest, doesn´t mean the same will be through all of your life, it´s important to keep in mind that there´s always gonna be someone better than you at something and that, that´s not the end of the world, you just have to move on and get stronger, smarter, quicker; ´cause life it´s gonna through things like this at your feet quite often and if your not ready for it, you might as well stay forever stuck in a hole.

That being said, while I truly enjoyed these episodes, that doesn´t mean I didn´t have some issues with it, and that comes in 2 forms one of which can be addressed to the show being unable to be more mature while on Disney Channel and the other…, well the other one is just part of the creators continuing to tease us and not compromising on anything.

The first one is that it doesn´t matter where the gang goes or what might happen, Riley will always be right, ´cause she´s Riley and this is Disney Channel where they are trying to teach kids that it is important to believe in people even when that´s not always the case in real life.

maxresdefaultRiley believes in people and that almost cost her all of her friends, except Maya ´cause when push comes to shove, she will always choose her -more on that in a moment-; but this is inconsequential ´cause at the end of the day Riley is always right and the rest is in the wrong, so all the fighting doesn´t matter because there are not really consequences, everything turns to be alright, and that. that´s where I take issue.

If the show was anywhere but in a kids channel, Riley would have been allowed to be wrong and disappointed, to learn that you can not always believe in people, ´cause not everyone outside has your best interest in mind, sometimes people are just mean and while it´s good to believe in them. it´s also equally as good or more to be cautious, ´cause one can´t just go around trusting someone you have just barely met.

I knew from the beginning it was too much to expect that Riley would be in the wrong this time, but I had hope that maybe since the tone seemed a little more serious, the show was ready to teach a different kind of lesson, but I guess I should have known better.

As for my other issue, it is the damn love triangle. The fact that the seniors they met are also in a triangle like Maya pointed out, and haven´t been able to resolve it yet, makes me scare for how long the team behind GMW is planning to stretch this one out, especially when things appear to point out more than never how irrelevant it is, ´cause as I already mentioned, when push comes to shove, Maya will always choose Riley so… what´s the point?

Anyhow, the point is that I´m really glad GMW is back, I like where the series seems to be going and I can´t wait to see more of this new phase of it, but what about you, did you watch the premiere? did you like it? what do you think?


Things on the Bay window

  •  Loved, loved Farkle´s “I thought they were you” after greeting the “random coincidences” and Smackle´s reaction. Those two I swear!
  •  So… Corey admits that he didn´t teach anything as a middle school teacher 😉 -him complaining to the kids was funny-
  •  Since Mike is Abigail Adam´s coach, I wonder if we´ll see Molly 😀
  •  Maya´s haahurs fight with Lucas XD
  • Didn´t mention it before but I take issue with “the seniors” claiming Topanga´s was their place, I mean I understand it was about the whole looking around you and realizing there´s more people but please… Topanga’s didn´t even exist until last season and the gang has hanged out there since before that. ¬¬
  • So… even Riley admits she goes too much full on Riley XD

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