Shounen Maid.-


I´m sure you would say that you have heard this story before, a young schooler suddenly finds itself an orphan with nowhere to live and no one to depend on.

After all, this is the premise which lots of shoujo mangas use to begin their stories -Fruit basket anyone?- and while you wouldn´t be wrong the majority of the time, allow me to explain why regarding this anime you would be.

Shounen Maid is  I believe Ototachibana´s most popular series and leaving the moe moe characteristics, the comedy and fanservice aside, a anime series about bonds and family, about learning to relay in other people and the importance of being a little selfish, or at least that´s why I gathered.


The anime follows Komiya Chihiro an elementary schooler that suddenly loses his mom and becomes an orphan -since there doesn´t seem to be a father in the picture, or at least not yet-. Chihiro believes that he has nobody to turn to, it´s about to be homeless when… Taketori Madoka appears on the picture.

You see, it turns out that unlike what Chihiro believes, he does have someone and this persona is Madoka, who turns out to be his mother´s younger brother -that she never mentioned it seems-.

shonen-maidMadoka offers Chihiro a place to live and be taken care of and that would be all if it wasn´t because of Chihiro´s strong sense of work ethic and a letter from his mother that while offering some encouraging words. also makes Chihiro think that one has to work in order to earn the right to eat, and so… the hilarious adventures Chihiro, Madoka´s house maid begin.

Wait! Did I forget to mention that? Well… as I mentioned before Chihiro doesn´t want to leave for free in Madoka´s house for free and since the house -more like a mansion- is a mess and Chihiro is a neat freak well, a deal is born. Chihiro will have his meals, school fees, and his own room in exchange for his housemaiding skills.

Accompanying Chihiro and Madoka there´s Shinozaki Keiichirou -Madoka´s assistant -and childhood friend it seems-, Miyako Ootori -his former fiance- and Chihiro´s school friends -especially Yuuji Hino-.

The series is hilarious, fun, entertaining and cute, with several touching moments that pull at your heartstrings, mainly when Chihiro´s mother -Chiyo- appears in flashbacks with both her son and brother, as well as when this two show affection to each other.

Shounen-Maid-madokaandchihiroChihiro´s fiery and serious personality, as well as Madoka´s laid back and childish attitude, clash perfectly to make lots of comedic moments and everyone around them is just as fun! From Keiichirou´s knack for taking photos and getting over enthusiastic about people, he cares to show interest in something, to Miyako´s clumsiness and oh so obvious crush on Keiichoru, and Chiyo´s way to see the world.

Shounen Maid is an anime that I wouldn´t have seen if it hadn´t been because of work but I´m really glad I did, the art is gorgeous when talking about scenery and cute when about the characters, its bright and vibrant, colorful, funny while being heartfelt and… I don´t really know how to describe it other than fun and cozy.

shonen-maid02Yeah…, it´s cozy, it makes you laugh and hits you right in the feels, and I wouldn´t have it any other way and what´s better is that there´s also a mystery fact on it like who´s Chihiro´s father and why Chiyo decided to leave her house and family.

If you want to have a great time to relax, laugh and generally have a good time, Shounen Maid is definitely the anime you´re looking for. Don´t let the title scare you off this gem of an anime is not shounen-ai, and less is it yaoi. It´s just a really good comedy series with feels.

Have you seen Shounen Maid? Do you like it? Who´s your favorite character?

By the way, I really hope the anime gets a second season ´cause 12 episodes are not enough! -I think I might have to head over to the manga ¬¬



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