Girl Meets Jexica: Well… this feels like deja vu



The Harajuku girl, Morosha M. Black and now Jexica, how many alter egos those that make now for Riley? Topanga and Cory might want to give more attention to that ´cause that´s is just one too many.

Anyways , honestly speaking I wasn´t overly enthusiastic about Girl Meets Jexica, or at leats I wasn´t after watching the promo ´cause initially when I read spoiler summaries at the Girl Meets World Spoiler Page, I thought it would be a cool episode and then well…

Let´s just say that it is a good thing that Disney promos are often misleading because Girl Meets Jexica turned out to be quite entertaining. A little bit campy and over the top sure, but none the less funny and refreshing -especially after last week´s heavy on drama 2 part premiere-.

So I´m not familiar with American schools but at least in my country, an on-line school profile is pretty much unheard of -or that´s what I think, I haven´t been to a school for a long time- unless is a group on Facebook or something like that.

gmw-girl-meets-jexica-1280jpg-c10338_1280wAnyway, the point is that in this episode Riley and the gang were doing their Highschool on-line profiles, including information about what kind of movies they like, hobbies, interests, etc. Now while this proved to be a none issue for Maya, Farkle, Lucas and Zay, Riley… well Riley had some troubles with, problems related with her insecurities.

You see, Riley was afraid of not being liked by her Highschool peers -although it was established in Girl Meets Yearbook that everyone in class likes her- so Maya trying to get her to be less afraid suggested the idea of making her profile under another name, and so… Jexica, Riley´s third alter ego -former imaginary friend?- came to be.

640x360-2e1Everything is well and done until Jexica goes viral and suddenly Riley finds herself being the most popular girl at school -or at least that´s the impression I got, there´s always the chance it was only within the freshmen- and wanting to use Jexica to somehow solve the “triangle” Maya, Lucas and herself have been stuck on -yeah I know it didn´t make sense to me either-

Now, while I said that Girl Meets Jexica was a fun episode it wasn´t without its troubles. For example, Riley using an alter ego to make herself popular and/or protect herself felt kind of like a recycle of arguments seen and done in both Girl Meets Popularity and Girl Meets Yearbook, this time including some Internet usage commentary and at times too into the nose.


That being said the notion that you shouldn´t trust all you see and read on-line -the Auggy storyline- is a good lesson for the younger kids as well as Cory´s lesson on Internet usage, what the idea that it´s leaving of our lives to future generations and the fact that people grow up and change, but the things you did and say on-line can stay there forever, making you popular just for a little while and living possibly living on forever to make you miserable.

That´s pretty much all I have to say about this episode, for a filler one it wasn´t that bad but I hope the show moves on to a better and deeper storytelling soon otherwise this could get old, after all if Boy Meets World proved something was that you can be fun and silly while having deep and meaningful storylines so… #fingerscrossed.

And although next episode seems to be another feeler, well I hope once again it turns out better than the promo suggest because if I have to see another Riley´s alter ego so soon after this one I may have to kill someone with a straw.

Things on the Bay Window

  • Loved, loved the Cory and Topanga throwback to Topanga tricking Cory with the “1, 2 ,3 go!” and him keeping a score XD
  • Zay´s favorite movie being The Notebook
  • So.. Smackles wasn´t in the episode, I like her but didn´t really miss her so I think I´m ok with her appearing from time to time.
  • Is it just me or Riley is getting kind of mean with the whole “triangle”, I mean last episode she didn´t ask Maya back if she still liked Lucas and this one she tried to make a point of seeing if Lucas liked Jexica moe than Maya and implied her best friend would be a 5 times divorcee with no Lucas included -I know it was done for laughs but I don´t know it kind of rubbed me the wrong way-

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