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#DCRebirth – It´s Time to Give DC Another Go

Last year around the time I started this blog, I made a post about All New All Different Marvel and the comics I was most excited to read. I did it more to keep track of what I wanted to read than in hope anyone would read my post so… I decided to do the same with DC.

Now I´m a little late for this since DC Rebirth began like 2 weeks ago but lately, it has been difficult to balance my life so…

Anyway, these time I decided to separate the comics released in 4 main categories: Sure, Might, Nope, and Undecided.

I think the classification it´s pretty much straightforward, but I will explain why I made the decisions anyway.

Sure.- These are the ones I´m definitely picking up and there´s no way I´m going to miss, I wish they were more to include but… anyhow

  • Teen Titans: I have never been a Teen Titans comic book fan, but I loved the original animated series as well as the movie released a couple of moths ago, so… I´m actually excited to read this one, especially if Damian is going to be on it.


  • Supersons: A couple of months ago I started reading Superman: Louis&Clark and fell in love with Jonathan Samuel White -well Kent- and I kind of like Damian now, so I´m expecting this to be a fun title and I can´t wait to get my hands on it.


  • Gotham Academy-Next Semester: I love , love Gotham Academy, the art is gorgeous and the stories are actually fun and compelling and although I wasn´t a fan of the whole Robins War thing, I anxiously waiting to see what the next semester brings.


  • Batman Beyond: Terry McGinnis is my absolute favorite, I fell in love with him and his relationship with Bruce thanks to the Batman Beyond animated cartoon, which I have on DVD along with the Return of the Joker movie and the Justice League Unlimited ending where he appeared and was revealed as Bruce sort of clone/son. So I was super happy when he became canon in the comics and was announced to be a main character for the Futures End event, and then… yeah… Tim Drake as Batman Beyond lets just forget that ever happened. But Terry is supposed to be back now so… 😀




Might.- Titles I will probably pick up ´cause I´m curious or simply have read before and liked them.

  • Superman: As I mentioned, I read Superman-Louis&Clark and liked a lot, so with the New 52 Superman all but gone -at least for now-, I think is time I give Superman another go -after all I love Superman American Alien


  • Nightwing: Who doesn´t love Dick Grayson, and it´s so good to see him back in the black and blue so…


  • Wonder Woman: I tried the New 52 Wonder Woman title and kind of like it at the beginning to the point of being on board with the Superman/Wonder Woman to the point of buying the comic, that being said I think I liked her more in other titles and not so much in hers. Now I´m curious about how they will reconcile her 2 origin stories, and although issue #1 was kind of weird and didn´t explain anything, but it got me curious to see what happens.


  • Flash: Well…, as far as I can say, it seems like this one is one of Geoff Jones favorite characters, what with The Flash TV series and it kind of being the title that started the whole Rebirth thing well… also did you read DC Rebirth? Barry was the best!


  • Aquaman: I liked Aquaman at the beginning of the New 52 -´cause after that, they went the whole and the others route- and his relationship with Mira… I´m hoping Rebirth Aquaman turns out just as good.



Undecided.- The ones I´m still not sure if I´m gonna read or not, and I don´t even know if I´m even going to pick up.

  • Action Comics: I never got why you would need so many titles from the same character but, after reading Louis&Clarck and American Alien, well…


  • Justice League: Well the major events usually happen here so it´s pretty much a no brainer -even if I try to avoid it, ´till I have to- and it is always an opportunity to see how different characters are being portrayed.


  • Batgirl & the Birds of Prey: I never read Batgirl, I have heard and read good reviews but… I´ve never been a fan of Barbara Gordon -I liked her as Oracle but that´s it-, that being said I like Birds of Prey so…




  • Trinity: Quite honestly I don´t know why I want to read this but… I´m curious? Also is the trinity.


  • Titants: Wally is back, Dick is there too, and some of my favorite Teen Titants are here so…, I might check it out.



Nope.- These are the ones that I´m not touching at all just because I´m not interested in anyway or form and have never liked.

  • Green Arrow
  • Green Lanterns
  • Batman
  • The Hellblazer
  • Redhood & The Outlaws
  • Hal Jordan & The Green Lanterns
  • Deathstroke
  • Cyborg
  • Suicide Squad
  • Justice League America
  • Supergirl
  • Superwoman
  • Harley Queen
  • Bluebeetle


And that´s pretty much it, wow! the list turned  out to be longer than I thought but that´s ok, I think I liked but there´s always the chance I´ll end reading something I didn´t think I´d and actually liking it, like what happened with my Marvel picks. Maybe I should do a follow up on that?

Anyhow are you excited for DC Rebirth? Which titles have you picked? Which ones are you waitting for the most?


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