Girl Meets Permanent Record: That Spanish should go on a permanent record


That woman is a terrible teacher, how can they call that Spanish!, That´s not Spanish, it´s pseudo-Spanish! Couldn´t they use flashcards or something like that to make sure she spoke Spanish!

I mean really? “Yo tengo las primeras para volver a ustedes” what the heck is that suppose to mean?! ¡¿las primeras qué?!, ¡¿volver?! ¡¿a dónde?! And then seeing the subtitles telling me that she was saying “Tengo sus primeros examenes para regresarles”.

What she really said, what the shows says she said ¬¬ (by the way I picked this picture from TV Showtime and awesome app)

I mean I liked the episode and it was one of the best ones so far but still, I couldn´t quite enjoy it because of this, I really felt offended! If you´re making a TV show and having your actors speak Spanish, the least you could do is make sure they do it properly! especially if the person speaking is supposed to be to be a teacher for christ shake! If it had been a student or anyone else I wouldn´t have a problem with it, but!

girlmeetspermanentOk…. rant over, now I´m going to try and move on because as I mentioned somewhere up there, the episode was actually good, it was funny, entertaining, with a clear conflict and solution as well as an important lesson for kids without being too in the nose.

High school is more difficult than middle school, just as college is more challenging, and sometimes being good is not good enough, you have to step up your game and do better.

That being said, at the beginning they I thought they were a little over the top with the whole one bad note stays on your permanent record ´cause at least in my country is not like that. I mean yes one bad score at the end of the month or school cycle does leave a stain on your permanent record, but not one your exam.

tumblr_o7t8zzkpnx1v6659do1_500So in Girl Meets Permanent Record, Riley got her first D ever and Maya her very first A -which I like they explained with the whole picking things up from her neighbors-, Farkle had to face the fact that he wasn´t the most intelligent kid at school anymore and Lucas…, well Cory hopefully learnt to back up a little, something I hope he does more from now on, ´cause even if he is Riley´s father as a teacher he should have known better than to go and argue with Mrs. Feinstein-Chang.

I mean Cory argue that the exam was too difficult yet Maya took the same exam and passed it, shouldn´t that tell him something, I mean other kids in the class seemed to do well too so…, also did Riley ever took Spanish classes before? If not, is it really surprising that she got a D?


Topanga in the other hand really shone in this episode, she was funny, caring and actually manage to get Cory to understand that it wasn´t his place to fix Riley´s note, ´cause at the end of the day, mom and dad won´t always be there to fix everything for you and they shouldn´t.

This is why overall if I forget about the disgraceful Spanish issue, Girl Meets Permanent Record is the best episode so far ultimate proof that Disney Promos really are terribly misleading and awful, which is the only reason why I´m trying not to get too upset with the promo for Girl Meets Triangle -I mean really? Maya is doing better at school, making and effort and that´s bad? He should be “fixed”-

Anyway, that´s all for Girl Meets Permanent Record, what did you think about it? did you like it? and if you´re a Spanish speaker did Mrs. Feinstein-Chang bother you as much as she did to me? I mean she´s a good teacher just not a good Spanish teacher, for the overall plot and lesson of this episode they could have gone with any other subject.


Things on the Bay Window:

  • “Don´t flirt with me in front of Lucas”, “Smackles!” xD xD xD I take it back the show really needs more Smackles.
  • Maya talking with the “A” and asking it to hang up first xD
  • Auggy complaining about second-grade and then realizing it was about really about Riley. Love Auggy!
  • Riley´s conversation with Farkle was quite touching and felt really meaningful. If it wasn´t for Smackle I´d really jump on to the Riarkle ship  ❤
  • I already mention it but Topanga really was the best, the whole fridge thing was just hilarious.
  • So Riley  went from a D to a A- in a week, suuuuure, although with Mrs. Feinstein-Chang as the teacher… ¬¬

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