Girl Meets Triangle, Upstate & True Maya:´Cause People Change People


So… as soon as I saw Girl Meets Triangle, I wanted to write, more accurately I wanted to write and rant, ´cause that episode, that episode left me with a really bad taste in my mouth, therefore even if it pained me I decided to wait and oh boy did I have to wait -thanks to Disney´s inability to release episodes of this show without breaks-.

The plan was then, to write my thoughts after watching Girl Meets Upstate but… by the time that happened I wasn´t sure if it was the right call, ´cause while the episode was funny, entertaining and had Shawn… it still didn´t feel right. It was like something was missing and so I waited again and I´m kind of glad I did because though these episodes, unlike Girl Meets Texas, didn´t have the same name and the Part 1, 2 & 3 suffix, they were part of a three-episode story arc.

So Girl Meets Triangle, Upstate, and True Maya were pretty much as the title of the last episode implies, a Maya-driven story arc, in which for some reason or another Riley claimed that Maya wasn´t Maya anymore and had somehow become Riley. It was also heavily hinted that Maya liked Lucas because she was “acting” like Riley and wanted the things that her best friend had.

Now I can see where the writers were going with these, ´cause it makes perfect sense for someone like Maya having lived almost all her life beside someone like Riley and her apparently perfect life and family, seeing her own life as lacking or unfulfilled to want that, to want to be her and have the things that she has as seemed in Girl Meets Yearbook.

So yes, I can understand what the writers were trying to accomplish but… the thing is that I don´t think that it worked quite like they wanted it to or at least not in my opinion because… up until Girl Meets Triangle -and even there- I didn´t see Maya stop being Maya and transforming into Riley, what I did see was the pressure of the so-called triangle weighing on her.

Yes Maya dressed up differently, and she was starting to do better at school -something I thought was a follow up to the Girl Meets Permanent Record thing- without causing trouble, and yes! Riley was a big part of why this was happening but that, that doesn´t exactly mean that Maya has stopped being Maya, ´cause people grow up, we change and the friends that we have influenced us for better or for worse.

Those who have seen Girl Meets World and Boy Meets World that the number one lesson is that people change people and that everyone in the show seemed to have forgotten this in both Girl Meets Triangle and Girl Meets Upstate, that´s what really bother me about the whole Maya and later Shawn personality crisis.

The art teacher summed it up well a the end of Girl Meets Triangle, Maya wasn´t lost, it wasn´t that she was absent, but more like she was in turmoil silently screaming for help without anybody listening or understanding it that this is what the triangle was doing to her, making her feel guilty for liking the same boy as her best friend -the most important person in her life- going as far as not fighting with for him with Riley, something that I knew she wouldn´t do to begin for, ´cause Maya can fight a lot for the things she wants, as long as they don´t hurt Riley.

Now on Girl Meets Upstate and Girl Meets True Maya, she admits that she´s lost, doesn´t know what he likes and how to be Maya anymore, but while she asked for Riley´s help in order to be “herself” again, it seemed to me more like she just let herself be convinced by Riley in the fact that she needed to be “fixed” than in her admitting she wasn´t Maya anymore.

In fact, this is only confirmed in Girl Meets True Maya where it seemed pretty obvious that who Riley thinks is the real Maya isn´t exactly who Maya -or the rest- wants or believes to be.

Which is why in my humble opinion Girl Meets True Maya was the stronger of the 3 episodes. ´Cause we all go through identity crises when we are trying to determine who we really are vs who everyone believes we are, and there´s also something to be said about peer pressure.

Maya´s claim that she would show the how bad she could really be, was a clear example of someone giving up and deciding that if everyone labels you as bad, you might as well be as bad as they have painted you to be. But at the end of the day, the important thing is not what everyone thinks about you but what you think about yourself and know who you really are.

That being said, while I´m content with how things turned out, I mean even if Girl Meets Triangle kind of frustrated me, Girl Meets Upstate gave me conflicting feelings -Shawn! Katy!- and Girl Meets true Maya reminded me strongly of BMW, I can´t say I was that satisfied with the story since it feels -at least to me- as something the writers rushed into and did to finally get rid of the forsaken triangle that shouldn´t have existed, to begin with -with Girl Meets Ski Lodge and  uncle McBoing´s return as the final nail in this triangle coffin-.

Anyhow maybe it´s just me but, what did you think about these episodes? Did you enjoy them? Do you agree with me about the whole identity crisis plot?

Things on the Bay Window

  • Have I mentioned that I love Zay? No? ´Cause I really do, I need more of that guy
  • “I´m gonna tell Smackle”, “No, I´m gonna tell Smackle!” Farkle and Maya :”D
  • Shawn and Katy are getting married! XD
  • Maya´s reaction to this news ❤
  • I had forgotten about “Doy´s” existence but it was funny to see him again
  • “I´m gonna call her Dorothy”, the whole True Maya episode really felt like a BMW trow back, what with the  “I´m Shawn you´re Cory”/”I´m Maya you´re Riley!” thing.
  • So Lucas finally made a choice and we didn´t really find out which one it was in either of the episodes -and no, that you picked Riley line thrown by Mya doesn´t count- you evil, evil writers ¬¬
  • Was that official Kirby from The Suite Life on Deck?
  • Shawn became Finny! :”D



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