Girl Meets Ski Lodge pts 1&2: Welcome Back to the Status Quo


Sometimes I kind of question my love for this series, I mean I don´t miss an episode but… when I think about it, most of the time I write a review for Girl Meets World, I seem to be ranting -I really should have started writing at the beginning of season 2-

Case in point, while I have seen Girl Meets Ski Lodge Pt1, Ski Lodge Pt 2, Girl Meets I Do, Girl Meets The Real World and Girl Meets Bear  -more on those in a later posts-, is not until today that I dare to try again and write about the former 2 episodes, and it´s not as if I didn´t try to do it before so… you can pretty much guess that I wasn´t a fan.

tumblr_oaoj6swtxo1titwzho1_1280Anyhow, Girl Meets Ski Lodge -both parts- had Riley and her friends -more like all the class I think- going back to the Ski Lodge that “almost destroyed the Cory/Topanga relationship”. If you are or were a fan of Boy Meets World, you´ll probably remember that it was in that episode where Cory met Lauren, a girl he could speak to for hours without noticing and who really liked him, in fact on Girl Meets Pluto there was a reference to this event when Cory, Shawn and Topanga open their time capsule and there was a letter.

Anyhow, returning to Girl Meets Ski Lodge, as it has pretty much become a tradition; I was scared that they were just going to recycle that same plot but with Riley and Lucas, and they can of did, but didn´t?

I mean yes, Riley had a ridiculous accident -just like Cory-, she met a guy  with who she talked to all night long and Lucas got jealous but that was about it. There was nothing romantic between Riley and what was his name? -Evan?-, so it there wasn´t really a love triangle there, only because we have pretty much been dealing with one since last season.

Anyhow the point is that this 2 parter promised to finally deal with the dreadful triangle -which as you might or might not know, I´m not a fan of-, and it did, or at least it did in the second part, ´cause the first one…, I don´t even know what that episode was about, it lacked a lot of sense, and seem to be there only as a filler, to the point that I question the need to divide this episode into two parts.

One could argue that Ski Lodge pt 1 was genuinely funny and had some kind of character in-depth hidden in  Maya´s and Riley´s fantasies, but nope, for me that episode was just ridiculous, a waste of time and the perfect example of why the triangle didn´t make sense, to begin with,´cause Lucas has never liked Maya -except for the time she acted like Riley in Year Book-, and Maya… well according to this episode she never got over Josh.

So, unsurprisingly Pt 1 wasn´t my favorite one, but I had hope that Pt 2 wouldn´t disappoint me and it kind of didn´t, except it did.

Part 2 took off right where  Pt 1 ended, with Riley and Evan having talked all night long and Lucas getting jealous because of it. Then there was, of course, the couples game – a slightly different one than the played on BMW, at least according to Evan-, which was the perfect excuse to get some commentary on relationships as well as how our main characters view them. Being the conclusion apparently that conversation is the key for relationships -something I´m not sure if it´s true, I´d have done with communication instead-.

This lead to the episode heavily implying that Lucas and Riley are meant to be together because they were able to enjoy deep and meaningful conversations -something I´m not quite sold on ´cause if anything I think Riley has deeper and more meaningful conversations with Farkle-, which also lead to Maya and Josh having their own deep conversation and a kind of newish ship sailing.

So the awful mess of a triangle finally ended with Lucas stating that it was always Riley -and let´s not kid ourself it was always going to be Riley-, and Maya and Josh sort of getting together?

And while I couldn´t be gladder that the triangle finally died, I´m not that fond of how the writers dealt with it. ´Cause while I always questioned Maya falling for the guy that Riley liked -since it seemed completely out of character for her-, the idea that Maya “became” Riley to the point of losing her identity so she could protect her best friend, that´s, that´s just… I don´t have words to describe how ridiculous that notion is especially when: 1)There was chemistry between Lucas and Maya before that, 2) Lucas was also unsure about his feelings -for some unknown reason, and 3) Josh a character that until this point has only appeared like 3 times is the one to point this out.

And don´t get me started on the whole Josh/Maya thing. If I had a problem with the triangle, that´s nothing compared to the issues I have with the whole Joshaya ship. Maybe I´m being kind of close minded or whatever but the fact that he is in college and Maya is still a freshman -woman?- in high school rubs me the wrong way. I mean 3 years isn´t that much of a difference it´s true I have always though it depends on the point in life you´re on.

For example; if a 19 years old woman were to go out with a 22 years old man, I don´t see a  problem, but when a 15-14 years old girl it´s going out with a 18-17 years old. That´s another thing all together. And in Girl Meets World there´s also the fact that Josh is Riley´s uncle.

I know, I know. Could practically be Riley´s older brother, and I don´t know, maybe I´d have less of an issue if that was the case, but the thing is that the whole Joshaya ship just makes me uncomfortable for lots of reasons not only limited to the fact that Josh is in college, Riley´s uncle and Maya just seemed to fall for him because she finds him hot; which I guess it´s realistic, but then again that´s more like a crush than actual love, or at least in my book it is.

But at the end of the day, I guess that what bothered me the most about the conclusion of the triangle -even if I wanted it to die from the beginning- it´s the fact that it took Josh, someone that has hardly been on the show or spent time with the core group, to fix this situation and tell them how they feel? That, that´s just wrong. It´s like Girl Meets Texas all over again, when Riley decided that Maya knew her feeling better than herself and that her best friend was in love with Lucas.

So… at the end maybe that´s my biggest issue, the characters of Girl Meets World never seem to analyze or explore their feelings, they just let other people decide for the, or tell them what they feel.

Anyway… at least the triangle is over and were back on the status quo, which would hopefully let us move onto better episodes with drama that actually makes sense and has a reason to be.

Things on the Bay Window

  • I´ll never get tired of saying how much I love Smackle, she is just great, funny, awkward and can be mature at times. She´s also a clear example of someone distinguishing between a crush and love
  • Evan was funny and I actually liked him, ´cause he could have easily turned out be another Charlie Gardner but didn´t.
  • Cory´s speech at the beginning of the episode was hilarious, as well as Topanga´s reaction to the Ski Lodge and the memory of Lauren XD
  • So… Lucas scolds Maya for breaking the rules when saving Farkle, but still nobody says anything to Farkle for breaking them first ¬¬
  • While I didn´t particularly liked Pt1, I gotta say that the Huckleberry Bond fantasy was pretty funny
  • Was anyone really surprised that Riley though romance was more important, while Maya chose passion?
  • Farkle/Smackle is my OTP for sure now ❤ they are the only pair that I truly like and that I see working and developing.
  •  Nop, still not a Joshaya shipper, couldn´t they just date people outside of the group? I mean in Friends Phoebe ended with someone outside of the group and that was way healthier.













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