Girl Meets I Do: Because Sometimes you Just Have to Take a Lip


In my previous review I mentioned how sometimes I question my love for this show, well Girl Meets I Do managed to remind me why I like this show, and confirm that for me the episodes that had nothing to do with the triangle were the best ones.

Now, I´m not saying that it was a perfect episode, because it had its issues, but it´s by far one of the episodes I have enjoyed the most in this season. From Maya´s  emotional conflict to the Cory&Shawn interaction, the Finny cameo, the humor, etc.

So.. what happened? Well as you might remember, just in the middle of the 3 part Maya identity crisis, at the end of the of Girl Meets Upstate, Shawn proposed to Kathy and she accepted, so obviously sooner or later there was going to be a wedding; and while I seriously thought it would be latter -at least ´till the end of the season-; I can´t say I´m that surprised and I´m actually okay with it?

Allow me to explain, while some fans might complain that the engagement and the wedding were kind of rushed -something I partially agree with-, I think it fits perfectly with Shawn´s and Kathy´s characters and the point in their lives they are currently in.

It´s not a secret that Shawn has always sort of wanted what Corey has, a family; and with both his relationships with Maya and Kathy evolving and his impulsive personality coming back; it´s hardly unexpected that he would jump into something like this after all Shawn is at heart really a romantic.

As for Kathy, well she´s a little more difficult to pin down -especially considering we haven´t spent nearly enough time with her-, but if I had to make a guess, I´d say that she wants to be happy, she also wants her daughter to be happy and probably wants to believe in love again. Marrying Shawn is not only a way to accomplish these things but also to prove herself that she wasn´t solely responsible for why her relationship with Kermit didn´t work, and also there´s the fact that she and Shawn get each other and he genuinely loves her daughter.

So.. while I´d have like to see more of their relationship developing .something I hope to see more now that they are married-, I can understand why they would get married so soon.

But the thing is, that leaving aside the cameos, the humor and fan serving; this episode worked for me because of the taking risks approach, because while both Kathy and Shawn love each other, they are also scared. Marriage is scary, compromised usually is but I imagine that when you have already been in a relationship and have been burn, it´d be worse; so when they panicked even though they really wanted to be together, that felt all too true.

Then there´s also Maya of course, who at this point has been perfectly established as being scared of change, so it´s understandable why while initially delighted to hear about the engagement, she wanted for the wedding to be called off almost right after it was set.

It´s difficult to believe in love and relationships when all you know by experience -be it yours or in your environment- is heartache.  In Maya´s perspective change can only bring more opportunities to be hurt and if she can avoid that, she´ll do it by any means necessary, especially after seeing her mother hurt so much from her first marriage; which is only one of the reasons why Maya benefits from a friend like Riley, who believes that good things do happen to people and that sometimes you just have to have faith.

So… going back to the episode. It was a good one, not perfect by any means, but good. I mean I´d have liked if there was more of the cast present -like their friends and Turner! Where was Turner!-, but at least we got Finny in a funny cameo as the minister, some Eva and Auggie cute and silly lines, as well as a Cory&Shawn sleepover, so I count it as a win.

And that´s pretty much it, I don´t have a lot to say because in reality, this episode didn´t have a lot to discuss, it was pretty much straight forward with a closed and center narrative line, which kind of benefited it so I won´t complain, but.. what about you? Did you like the episode? Do you agree with me that they should have waited a little?

Things on the Bay Window

  • “I´m many things to many people”, “Grandpa!” No!”. “Yes I know, I´m just trying to give you some dignity”,”Mr. Hunter the assignment is due right now”, “He needs more time Finny”. Gotta love the Finny humor jeje
  • “I got flip flops, I´m gonna flip flop down the aisle”  Kathy XD
  • I´m pretty much the happiest when I see any Cory&Shawn interaction, the fact that Cory was acting as a jealous girlfriend or ex, just made it better and puts Cory in the situation of having to recognize that he is no longer Shawn´s only person jeje
  • Can I have more of Kathy and Topanga being friends, please? I really like those to together and really Topanga needs to be seen with more adults than just Cory, then again the same could be say about Cory and now that I think about for the longest time when I was little, it seemed like my mom didn´t have friends.
  • Have I mentioned that I totally ship Shawn/Kathy ❤ I was a BMW, but the whole Angela/Shawn never quite worked for me -I always felt like Shawn was just trying to replicate the whole Cory/Topanga thing-
  • The Maya conversation with a sleeping Riley was just hilarious! XD Meaningful but hilarious non less
  • “This reminds me of our wedding”, “It´s their time now darling” Auggie´s and Eva! I know some people don´t like her, but Eva is just such a character 😀
  • So… does Danielle Fishel have body image issues? ´cuase that´s the only thing I can think about for using that sweater over the maid of honor dress. If so, she really shouldn´t because I think she´s gorgeous







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