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New and Returning 2016-2017 Series: New Seasons, New Shows and Business as Usual

It´s been a year a little over a year since I started this sort of blog, and while I haven´t been the most consistent writer -something I´m trying to work on-, I think I have done a pretty decent job so far, one that I intend to continue doing and wish to improve on; so… as part of this hopeful improvement, there´s this post.

As some of you might know, one of my first posts ever was one about all the TV series I wanted to see. It was a very short one, that basically consisted of a picture of my first attempt ever to make an excel table of my TV schedule and a very brief description of what was happening there; But because I was really nervous, by the time I posted my TV table, a lot of the shows mentioned there, had already have their premiere.

This year isn´t that different, except for the fact that somehow even though some of the series I love were canceled -bye, bye Agent Carter you´ll be truly missed-, somehow I think I ended up with a list longer than last´s year.


Anyway, this year rather than marking the new series. I decided to make emphasis on my favorite ones and the ones  I´m excited the most, as well as marking the series I´m unsure of but I´m giving a chance because of reasons…

New Series.- Last year there were lots of comedies and procedurals, and this year isn´t the exception ´cause I have series like: Conviction, Man with a Plan, Bull, Lethal Weapon, Speechless, The Good Place, The Great Indoors, Dirck Gently´s Holistic Detective Agency, The Mick and Powerless.

And while I obviously like all of his series premises -they wouldn´t be on my list otherwise-, the ones I´m really excite for are:

  • Lethal Weapon

I pretty much grew up with the movies, they were and still are my guilty pleasure. I remember my mother, brothers and  I used to watch them every time they were on TV, so… yeah the fact that is Lethal Weapon was all I needed to be sold on it.

  • The Good Place

If I had to guess, I´d say it was the concept what got me, ´cause I´m not a fan fan of any of these actors, but the trailer seemed interesting and funny to me, so yes this one of the series I´ll try to follow religiously and I´m really excited about

  • The Great Indoors

Don´t know about the laugh track, but since I have liked Joe McHale since I saw him in Community and  The Soup. Also, the series seems like something I´d enjoy and can kind of relate to, so… there you go.

  • Making History

There seems to be a lot of Time Traveling happening this season, therefore it stands to reason that I wouldn´t be able to space all of this shows even if I wanted -and I don´t-, and ´cause what I really want is to be entertained, relax and have a god laugh; well… this series might be crazy enough to achieve these.

Also, the time traveling thing kind of reminds me of the Chrononauts comics and Bill & Ted´s Excellent Adventures so…

  • Marvel´s Luke Cage

I have already seen Daredevil, Jessica Jones and I´m still working my way through Daredevil´s season 2. I´m also a Marvel girl, so there´s no way I´m gonna miss this series, ´cause I can´t wait for the Defenders to get together and I´m also kind of wishing to see a cameo or two of Jessica Jones -after all, Luke appeared in a great number of episodes of her series-.

  • Powerless

Yes, me and superheroes; It´s an issue. I have always found interesting the whole concept of regular people dealing with the superhero´s menace. There´s also Danny Pudi from Community and Vanessa Hudgens -who I haven´t seen since the last High School Musical movies.

Returning series.- I dropped some series and there are many others that I swore I was going to drop, but somehow I find myself unsure on whether or not to give another chance such as: Gotham -I like Selina, and that´s about it-, The Big Bang Theory -I have gotten tired of it-, Arrow -I basically dropped it before the midseason finale and every time since season´s 3 midseason finale I tell myself I won´t keep watching but there I am, like a clock-, iZombie, and The Originals

And then there are the series that I love and wish to review like:

  • Teen Wolf

My absolute favorite, I love Teen Wolf and have done saw for a couple of years now. To the point, I have made practically all my friends and family watch the series and become addicted to it.

It really breaks my heart to know this is the final season -but it’s probably time-, so I´ll work hard to review it weekly as soon as it´s out -maybe I´ll also do a season´s review?-.

  • Marvel´s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

It´s funny because when the series began, the only thing that had me watching it was the fact that it was a Marvel series, ´cause the first season… well it wasn´t that good -or at least it wasn´t until the whole Captain America: Winter Soldier twist happened-, but know, now this is one of the few superhero series on TV -no, I´m not counting the Netflix ones- that I´m still enjoying; so I´m glad I stuck with it and I´ll continue to do so -hopefully posting reviews more regularly-

  • Supernatural

Last year I focused so much on all the superhero series that I´m ashamed to confess the fact that I neglected this series, which I have been following since the day it premiered in 2005.

At this point, Supernatural has pretty much taken 12 years of my life and I think they have been really well spent. While other shows have disappointed me, this series here has been a constant so this year I made the decision to be faithful to Supernatural and in order to do so, I might try and review it as well, including some season´s reviews just ´cause I enjoy it so much, even season 7 and 8…

  • Supergirl

My other favorite superhero show, or at least it was last season, let´s see how this one goes. I already do reviews for this series each week and with Tyler Hoechlin entering the scene; how can I stop now!

  • Star Wars Rebels

I might have mentioned this once or twice but I´ll repeat it, I´m a Star Wars fan, from the movies to the animated series, comic, novels, etc. So yeah… I have been watching Star Wars Rebels from the get go, and I absolutely love it! Therefore yeah absolutely watching and reviewing, ´cause season 2 was awesome and season 3 promises to be even better.

  • Grimm

Another of my favorites that will be ending, but unlike Teen Wolf I can´t help but feel like this one is ending too soon. Anyhow, because it´s the last season I might consider doing some reviews too.

  • Gilmore Girls a Year in the Life

Yes, this one is a no-brainer. I love Gilmore Girls and pretty much grew up with Gilmore Girls so there´s no way I´m missing this one and not writing about it, enough said


So that´s it, my list of shows I´m hoping to watch and review. I´m probably being too ambitious with the reviewing list but well… it´s like the New Years resolutions, no? It’s always fun to see what´s achieved and what makes it to the next year´s list.

But what about you? Do you also make a list? Is it similar to this one? Which are the shows you are unsure and/or have finally dropped and why?


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