Girl Meets The Real World: Are We Evil?


zaylucasI´m pretty much used to it now, so I have decided to give an episode the benefit of the doubt whenever I see a promo of Girl Meets World on Disney Channel, cause honestly speaking the promos are often misleading, so.. even though the promos for Girl Meets The Real World made it seem like a silly episode, I decided not to judge.

So… was I right to do so? Was this a great episode? Well… the short answer is yes. In fact, surprisingly I would say that is one of the strongest episodes of the season and while I liked Girl Meets I Do,  this episode here is really the one that reminds me how great the show can be and  why I love it so much.

Much like Girl Meets Belief, the episode commented on the notion of  what´s right and wrong, but unlike the previous one; this time, the episode was more on point -or at least it was from my point of view- due to the fact that instead of right out saying that people are innately good and we should keep trying to be so no matter what; it decided to do a little less telling and a lot more showing.

How? Well… the episode began with Riley debating against Farkle about the sun, if it shines during the day or not -at this point, I have pretty much given up on deciphering how Cory gets away with his classes, ´cause that´s not history-. debate

Farkle defended his side effectively thanks to science, stating that the sun is always shining, but because of the earth´s rotation, it doesn´t seem like that to us; while Riley…, well she argued that the sun only shines during the day, ´cause she has seen it and believes it strongly, so there.

At this point Cory gave the victory to Farkle -as should be done- and lectured Riley on how believing is good, but one has to learn to actually listen to others arguments, and how conflict is born from people refusing to listen what other have to say; so he assigned a new task, and this one was to debate on whether people are evil or good, with Riley being the only one to debate in favor of evil, while the rest of the class defends goodness.

own2bbackyardNow, one would think that Riley being, well Riley; wouldn´t be able to effectively argue in favor of evil, but… once Maya opens her eyes to what´s actually going around the world, she starts seeing it in a more sardonic way and that, that affects her whole attitude and overall world view.

Which led us to the cookie debacle. In the promos, it seemed like a silly thing, and to be honest, it kind of was. But because it´s Riley and she refused to say sorry -´cause it felt good-, it kind of works.

During the rest of the episode we have Riley behaving badly, because a part of her liked it, and defending her case in the debate effectively only with evidence; only to be ultimately defeated by her peers and herself, when they point out that yes, people can be evil, but that doesn´t mean is innately.

The evidence my point against goodness, and being good can see pointless in a world where there´s still war, hunger, poverty, etc., but like Topanga points out about her and Auggie´s excursion to the beach -and try and help saving it-, a small act of kindness can do the difference, even if it´s only to one single person or being.

So… yeah, Girl Meets The Real World was actually a really good episode, a little silly at times but overall good and meaningful, managing to aboard a conflict notion like Good vs Evil in a simple yet engaging way, that´s sure to make some people think about human nature, the state of the world and what we are doing about it.

But what did you think?, did you like it?, do you believe people are evil? good? neither? does a small act of kindness really make the difference?

Things on the Bay Window

  • Auggie is such a sweety! ❤ And so mature! He saw the same situation that Riley did, but instead of taking it as a reason to be disillusioned, he decided to do something about it! With just confirms to me how Auggie is the one that´s more like Topanga.
  • Smackle just kills me XD, her getting more loving with Farkle, just because he won the debate is gold jeje.
  • So… what´s the difference between Lucas and Riley dating vs their not dating versions?, ´cause so far I see nothing -not that I mind but still, if they weren´t going to do anything with them, why bother?!-
  • I know Riley is a sheltered child and everything, but her ignorance of what´s happening in the world and how it really is was bordering on stupid. If this had happened in season 1 or even 2, I probably wouldn´t have such problems with it but at this point in her life; I mean I avoid the news, etc., but what she used to do is taking denial to a whole new level.
  • If someone was going to argue on how everyone has a little evil in ourselves and how when you let it out it´s that much more difficult to be good, it should really be Maya, so yeah, good work writers.




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