Loved it/Hated it

Tarquin Jenkins and the Book of Dreams by Peter Ford

Loved it-hated it

Be careful what you wish for, ´cause you might get it all.

It might sound like a cliche, but honestly speaking I would bet that was what passed through Tarquin´s mind more than once through Tarquin Jenkins and The Book of Dreams, as it was pretty much the first thing that came to my mind after reading this book; one that once again I had the opportunity to read thanks to @Booktasters and the author himself.

Which is why  I´m ashamed to admit that this review has been way overdue, -´cause I got this book a couple of months ago- and I´m just now writing about it; something that hasn´t been for lack of trying!, except it kind o has. Because while I was initially interested in the book due to its concept -a history loving geek traveling through time!-, reading it turned out to be quite difficult.


This took me by surprise ´cause I love history. History was my favorite subject, back when I was at school, and anyone who knows me or has read this book knows I love fantasy stories, so… the fact that I had to battle to finish this book was quite unexpected.

That being said, this doesn´t mean it´s a boring book at all; quite the contrary. It´s funny, full fantasy and action, with lots of interesting and curious facts that any history lover like myself would enjoy, as well as some Pop culture references thrown, so what was my issue?

Well, while I  said that the book is funny, truth is that the first part was a little difficult to get through. The story advanced to slowly for my liking -but then again that might as well be just me-, so like with All The Missing Girls, it wasn´t until the second half that I really got into it. And while I love seeing characters like Da Vinci, Washington, etc in the book and interacting with Tarquin, there were so many creatures and characters that it was difficult to relate and really get to know any of them -which made it difficult to connect with them-.

As for Tarquin himself, I have to say that the author made a good work of making him a likable character, which is why even though I can´t say I´m a fan, I´d probably be open to reading more about him in the future.

He´s a genuinely good kid, who loves history and wants to have adventures; he cares for others and wishes to help; although more often than not, he ends up  making thinks worse .which only makes me like him more-, and through this story you can actually see him grow up and become a braver, more resourceful person -thought I think he was very resourceful to begin with-.

So in the end, while I didn´t love the book this book I´d really recommend it to people that love history and adventure be it young or old; that´s if you don´t mind slow builds, lots of mythology beeing introduced and unpronounceable words.


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