Girl Meets Bear: It´s All about Growing Up


Two more posts! Two more posts and I´ll finally be up to date on my Girl Meets World reviews! Not that anyone cares but still! I´m glad for it.

Anyway, at this point discussing the horrible job done by the Disney Channel promos team isn´t even worth it, so I won´t even mention them anymore after today but Girl Meets Bear… well to be perfectly honest, I don´t think the promos were that off with this one, ´cause this, this wasn´t that great of an episode.

In fact, I played with the idea of just skipping it and jumping onto reviewing Girl Meets the Lady of New York -a far superior episode in my humble opinion-, but then I realised I actually had things to say about this episode so… here we are.

BEN SAVAGE, SABRINA CARPENTER, DANIELLE FISHEL, AUGUST MATURO, ROWAN BLANCHARDGoing back to Girl Meets Bear, what can I say about it. Maya stayed in Riley´s home ´cause it was “taco day” and she wanted to be the first one in line? She was overly excited because apparently, everyone loves tacos -and who can blame them! -Tacos before vatos!- being Mexican I totally understand, although… those didn´t seem like tacos, or at least not any tacos I have eaten.

Anyway, the point is that Maya wasn´t the only overly excited one, ´cause all of the other Matthews seemed to be equally or more excited -or at leats Cory was-. Everything was going perfectly ok, util… Riley notice that her Teddy bear was gone and demanded that nobody left the room until it was found!

Now as far as premises go, a prat of me believes that this was weak, but the bigger emotionally compromise part of me who lost her dear teddy bear -which she had pretty much since being a baby- in a hotel room and cried for days, well… that part of me recognises how this would be a big issue.

2016-08-26-2Everyone has something from their childhood that they cling to, something that you don´t want to let go; something that somehow… if you were to loose, would make you feel like losing a part of yourself. And I guess that this is in part what Girl Meets Bear was all about. So while it wasn´t my favorite episode due to how over the top everything felt -the situation, the characters, the acting, etc.-, it was a good one.

In my opinion, this episode perfectly emphasised the theme of this season, which seems to be growing up.

I mean I know that the show is called Girl Meets World for a reason, but the previous seasons felt more about Riley and her friends living and learning valuable life lessons; while this one appears to be making them grow -without forgetting about the life lessons-.

The teddy while an obvious choice, perfectly represents Riley´s childhood, and losing it is the perfect metaphor for growing up and letting go of somethings, a fact that was reinforced with Cory´s, Lucas´ and Farkle´s conversations with Auggie, Riley and Topanga respectively.

bc9c33e9d-1Even Josh, who I´m not precisely a fan of, perfectly fitted here we his college dilemma, ´cause at the end of the day College is a big deal. It’s where we actually stop being children and we realise we´re responsible for ourselves and our acts, so… yeah Josh was on point, ´cause growing up is scary and it´s perfectly normal to sometimes -must of the time in my case- want for things to go back to how they were.

Anyhow, Riley finally letting go of the issue and getting Maya her tacos, emphasises her realisation of being time to let go and maybe grow up a little; so overall while still not a fan of Girl Meets Bear, it really was a good episode, not great -at least not for me-, but not bad either. girl-meets-world-s03e12

So… Girl Meets Bear? What did you think about it? Did you like it? Do you agree with me about this season´s focuses on growing up? Do you have something from your childhood you still hold on tight to? Have you lost something like Riley´s teddy bear? How did it make you feel?


Things on the Bay Window

  • Zay is such a sweetheart!, and hilarious too! XD, his whole “you abandoned me” to Lucas and his invitation to be there to escort Maya in Riley´s dates with Lucas was very thoughtful on his part ❤
  • Glad to see that the writers point out the parallels between both Farkle and Topanga, since they are 2 very intelligent people who used to be more than a little weird and then… well they sure grew up.
  • I kind of missed Smackle this time,  but I get why she wasn´t there.
  • Still not pleased with the idea of the teddy bear just getting lost, Something must have happened to it!
  • Yeahp, still not a fan of Joshaya and I´m glad someone -Zay- pointed out how unfair is to ask for Maya -as well as Josh- to wait for a just “maybe”, “someday” relationship. Intentionally or not, that´s holding the other person back.



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