Supergirl Season 2 Episode 1 “The Adventures of Supergirl”.- Welcome to your New Home


supergirl-season-2-posterIt´s back! It´s finally back! And I couldn´t be more happy about it. Last season Supergirl was on the list of shows I enjoyed the most. It´s also one of the ones I was the most excited to see return and honestly speaking the one I worried the most about. What with the whole being renewed or not and then, moving to The CW.

I mean, is not like I´m not grateful to the network for picking up the series and not letting it die -although I think it should have been in the CW from the get go-, but… at the same time, I couldn´t help but worry, especially after what has happened to my enjoyment of Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow not being to my liking and The Flash…, well my feelings on that show are almost as complicated as the timelines shown there.

The point is that I was concerned, and the new casting announcements did little to reassure me, in fact. I´d even go as far as saying that they only managed to worry me even more.

And I know that new characters aren´t necessarily a bad thing, sometimes they can be great!, but after what happen to Arrow and his super crowded storylines, and Legends cast without a clear direction nor development, well… yeah I worried.

Luckily, The Adventures of Supergirl was a fun, entertaining, and quite well-rounded episode; so… while I´m still not 100% sure the series won´t go downhill at some point; I´m cautiously optimistic? Anyway, to the episode.

The episode started with a little recon of where we left on last season, with the  space pod crash landing into National City and Supergirl -along with Martian Manhunter- going to check it out.

On this matter, I have to say that I like the recon with Kara and J´on following the pod and making sure it didn´t damage the city or it´s citizens, ´cause that is something a superhero would and should do, so already a minute in I can say that the superhero angle is being worked better -then again it´s the drama the thing which The CW seems to struggle-

captura2bde2bpantalla2b2016-10-112ba2blas2b23-34-302bcopiaSo…, this possible new Kryptonian -seriously what’s the point of Clark and Kara being the last children of Krypton if they really aren´t- is taken to the D.E.O, but not the cave like D.E.O we Supergirl fans are used to, but a brand new building in the city that apparently has always been there -sure…-

Anyway the new offices or not new, however you want to see them; worked as a funny way to address the whole moving from CBS to CW thing, without really doing so -Kara´s reaction was priceless- and also letting the viewers know that things will be even better.

“It´s kind of like the old place, maybe better”

And then came what everyone has been waiting for and surely the reason for many non-fans of the series to tune in, the Supergirl/Superman team up we were teased with during the promos, where we finally got to see the man of steel as more than a silhouette or pair of boots.

So… what was the dire situation that would require the attention of both Supergirl and Superman? Well… apparently crashing spacecraft with over 200 passengers. Now some people might comment on why Supergirl or Superman himself couldn´t save the craft on their own, but in my opinion this depowering that seems to be going on in their physical strength, while significantly different from the one they have in the comics, seems pretty much along the lines of strength shown in previous series and Superman movies, so… I´m ok with it.

captura2bde2bpantalla2b2016-10-112ba2blas2b23-37-482bcopia2b2And I also believe that if Superman or Supergirl for that matter, had the level of strength they possess in the comics, well… I don´t think there would be a series, to begin with.

Anyway, the mentioned -spacecraft?- incident gave us our first proper look at Tyler Hoelchin´s Superman, whom I loved as both Clark Kent and Kal-El.

I know there were a lot of criticism going around when Tyler was cast as the big man in blue, but me and my friends being huge fans of Teen Wolf and having seen Tyler´s interviews in ComicCon panels and outside of them, new that he would be the perfect Clark Kent and a pretty good Superman, so we´re thrilled that now everybody else seems to be getting on board.

maxresdefault´Cause while there are still some complaints about how he doesn´t exactly fit the body image expectations, his portrait of Superman is all that my brother and I have always liked about him and have wanted it to be. Personality wise, it was like opening an issue of the current Superman comics, watching the animated series or one of the old Christopher Reeve´s movies.

His Clark Kent is charming, clumsy and also a little judgemental -as seen in his interactions with both Lena Luthor and Hank Henshaw-, and as Superman he still is some of those things but also a truly good guy that wants to help and quite confident in his skills even when he understands that things can and will be difficult.

He shined but never outshined Kara, so I don´t think I have to worry at all of him stealing Supergirl´s thunder; something Kara also seemed to be worried about if her look at how everyone acted around her cousin was anything to go by, ´cause she seemed somehow… envious? of how well respected and put together her cousin appeared.

maxresdefault1Anyhow, I guess that in the end, I really felt like this Clark Kent and Kara Danvers are related; they have the chemistry and dynamic down, as well as enough similarities to feel like family, while also being different enough to their own people. Clark beeing so quick to judge Lena Luthor and Kara being open to believing her comes to mind; therefore I can´t help but want to see where their relationship will go.

As for the rest of the episode, I don´t really know what to say other than the cinematography of the episode and its feeling seems way better than where it was last season; and that´s not a comment on CBS lack of skills but more about the CW understanding that this needs to be a Superhero show first and whatever else it wants to be second.

Which brings me to my last point, the ending of the Kara/Jimmy relationship -is anyone sad about it, ´cause my friends and I actually cheered when it happened- and the series seemingly shifting to an environment more outside of CatCo -ala Arrow and Flash-, with Winn working at the D.E.O., Kara becoming a reporter and Cat planning on something outside of her company.

Oh! And there´s also Metallo! So… right now the Cadmus storyline is promising to be a bigger influence on season 2 than it was on the freshman one, due to Cadmus being responsible for creating Metallo. And while I think it´s a little too soon to be introducing this character -and I´m scared to death they will burn through their storylines-, I can understand the need to bring in a viable threat to both Superman and Supergirl so… let´s see what happens.170313

Overall, I was very pleased with Supergirl´s season 2 premiere, it had everything I wanted and then some, so I can only hope it keeps it up but what are your thoughts? Did you like the episode? Where you a fan of season 1? I f not, are you open to watching it now? What did you thing about Tyler Hoelchin´s Superman?

CatCo´s Newsletters

  • So… the reason why we don´t see Superman so much is ´cause Kara works with the D.E.O and they have kryptonite and therefore a possible threat to him and his cousin. I guess as far as explanations go I can go along with this one. -He won´t be happy when he learns about Alex´s kryptonite suit-
  • On that note does Clark know Hank´s real identity?
  • Alex kicked some serious ass on this episode! I´m always happy when she does ´cause I think the show makes a good point of making her competent, useful, etc., even though she doesn´t have powers. 😀
  • “Your cousin smells terrific” XD
  • Morgana! I´m so happy to see Katie McGrath on a TV show again! -now I just need Bradley to star in a show too!-
  • On that regard, while I love McGrath, the fact that it´s her and her character is a Luthor, well… makes it really hard to trust her. Which is why I hope I´m proved wrong and she turns out to be a good person or… becomes evil really slowly like Lex did in Smallville.
  • Win fanboying out of Superman XD So glad he´s now in a place where he can better exploit his skills.
  • I know Cat wrote it and therefore it must be Kara´s calling but… I´m not feeling the reporter in her. I get why they gave her the profesSion -it´s more convenient for superheroics- but… I´m not precisely thrilled on her pretty much falling into all of Superman´s steps.
  • Wanna bet that somewhere down the line Kara will be stuck in the middle of a conflict between Clark and the DEO?
  • Cat´s crush on Clark XD
  • So.. we´re going to pretend that Tyler Hoelchin is 12 years older than Melissa Benois. Suuuureeee ¬¬







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