Calling my name

Halloween & Día de Muertos Books Whispering to me

Calling my name

I usually dedicate this section to the books I really, really wish to read. The ones that keep teasing me with their synopsis and Goodreads keeps on pushing my way.  But since I have only written 2 posts in this section -not counting this one-, I have decided to
do something a little different and make a sort of book list per month -or 2 months-.

I have sort of done something like this in my comic book posts, so… the rules to apply here will be kind of similar.

capturaAnyway, in this instance, I decided to go with books that gave me a kind of Halloween and Día de Muertos feeling, ´cause that´s basically October and November -at least in regards to festivities-  are all about in my country if you leave the 20 de noviembre behind -revolutions day-

And I know that October is almost over, but this just makes it more fun to see if at least I´ll manage to finish one book in a week, right?

Anyhow, these are my  October-November picks -warning I don´t like horror-:

You are Destined to be Together Forever

You Are Destined To Be Together Forever [an Odd Thomas short story] (Kindle Single)

If it wasn´t for my brother I swear to God, I wouldn´t watch half the movies I do, nor the gems that he somehow manages to find through the Netflix catalog.

Anyway, last month was Odd Thomas´ turn, a movie that for some reason was brought to my country under the title El Hechicero del Diablo -The Devil´s Sorcerer-, anyway while the movie was somehow predictable -I called Stormy´s destiny-, I enjoyed it a lot, so… when my brother told me it was based on a book, well… I had to check it out.

While looking for the book, I found this is actually a series, and that it has a prequel, and… well Odd sees spirits and with October and November being all about spirits and those kind of things, it seemed like the perfect read.

You are Destined to be Together Forever is a small prequel, one that I might not have paid attention to, if it wasn´t because I liked Stormy and loved hers and Odd´s relationship so much, so… I figured this was a good place to begin.

I also got some of the books from the main series, so I figured that sooner or later I´ll be reading them; but as for now the prequel is enough.

In fact, I have already read it and can´t wait to write about it and the movie as well.


Topher Nightshade vs The Camp of The Undead Apocalypse


If you have read my review and early thoughts on The Utterly Uninteresting and Unadventurous Tales of Fred the Vampire Accountant and it´s sequel Undeath and Taxes; you must know that I basically fell in love with this author, or at least with this series of books -which has a third story I´m just dying to read-, so yeah… I have gotten my hands in a couple of Drew Hayes books such as Super Powereds Years 1 & 2, NPC´s -and it´s sequel Split the Party-, the mentioned third story of Fred -for shorts-, and this book obviously.

And while every fiber in my body begged me to read Bloody Acquisitions, in the end, I decided that this book might be the best one for a Halloween read, since it has a hunted Camp, some ghost, a medium, bumbling ghost hunters -from a youtube channel i seems- and a possible apocalypse, so yeah.

I´m not that much of a person for horror, but I do like the paranormal and supernatural aspects, and since Fred was a really fun and light read, I´m hoping this too will be the case. And who knows it might just be all the motivation I need to read the other Drew Haye´s books I have in my hands.


Seriously Wicked


I seriously debated between reading this book over Club Monstrosity by Jesse Petersen or even The Awesome by Eva Darrows; but in the end, I guess I wanted something a little more silly and fun, so yeah… Seriously Wicked is it.

This book is also part of a series, so… if I like it, I might decide to finish the series lates on; as for now, this is the synopsis:

“The only thing worse than being a witch is living with one.

Camellia’s adopted mother wants Cam to grow up to be just like her. Problem is, Mom’s a seriously wicked witch.

Cam’s used to stopping the witch’s crazy schemes for world domination. But when the witch summons a demon, he gets loose—and into Devon, the cute new boy at school.

Now Cam’s suddenly got bigger problems than passing Algebra. Her friends are getting zombiefied. Their dragon is tired of hiding in the RV garage. For being a shy boy-band boy, Devon is sure kissing a bunch of girls. And a phoenix hidden in the school is going to explode on the night of the Halloween Dance.

To stop the demon before he destroys Devon’s soul, Cam might have to try a spell of her own. But if she’s willing to work spells like the witch…will that mean she’s wicked too.”


Harry Potter and the Cursed Children


This book doesn´t need an introduction since pretty much everyone has at least heard something about it: that it´s the script of a play, that Harry and his friends are adults, etc.

Now why is this book in my October-November picks? Well… for some reason or another, I have always related Harry Potter with November -I blame the movies release schedule-, so… yeah, there´s that and the fact that from the moment I got the book I have wanted to read it, so… that´s pretty much it.


En Días de Muertos


It might seem weird considering the effort I put into making this list, but I´m actually not a Halloween fan. Día de Muertos in the other hand might be my favorite holiday.

I love all about it, from putting the altar to burning the candles, remembering our dead ones, and the idea of them visiting us and never be forgotten. I also like that this is a tradition that identifies my people and country and that although it seems to be losing importance between the younger generations, at least for now it still lives on.

So… En Días de Muertos by Berta Hiriart seemed like the perfect choice since it’s the story of a family having to cross the border because of the horrible situation in their town -a sad true of my country´s situation-; as well as their need to cling to their identities and traditions, which leads them to leaving a trail so their dead ones can follow them and celebrate with them once again the day in which the spirits of both the alive and dead can join in as one.

The book also gives a commentary on immigration, and what pushes people to leave their countries over and over again, therefore I can´t wait to read it, and since I haven´t read that many books in my native language for the longest time -something I have to correct right away-, I figured this one was the perfect choice.

I just hope I can get it before November ends, ´cause there isn´t a digital copy and it has to be sent to my local library.

Anyway, this are my October-November picks, let´s see how many of them I manage to actually read before November ends, and who knows I might actually start doing this list for the following months of the year since I already have some Christmasty stories picked up, so yeah…

I think I´d like to do a list like this every month or every 2 months -depending-, maybe next time I´ll be able to include my book club reads.

But what about you?, do you also make a list? Which would be your October-November picks?





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