Supergirl Season 2 Episode 2 “The Last Children of Krypton”.- Almost Perfect


Me being late to review Supergirl and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. seems to be becoming a tradition -I have to break it, and I have to do it now-.

Anyhow, the season premiere was good, pretty good, in fact, I´d say great; except that for all that I liked the episode, I felt like something was missing. I still don´t know what that “something” was but what I do know is that the second episode, the second episode was awesome!

s02e02_35It had it all! It was funny, had great action, touching moments and even some drama. As I said this episode pretty much had it all, to the point of being almost perfect or at least in my book, which is why I can only hope that Supergirl continues to do as well as in this episode, on a week to week basis.

Anyway… on to The Last Children of Krypton:

The episode started with Kara and Clark stopping a bank heist -why would anyone bother to rob a bank in a city with both Superman and Supergirl in the city is any ones guess-, and having a blast like Kara herself mentions.

This is relevant because while Kara seems to be having the time of her life, we can tell by the actions and expressions of other characters -namely Alex and Hank-, that Superman´s stay has well overcome its welcome.

s02e02_129And I can  understand I guess, at least in Alex´s case, she feels like Superman is taking her sister away and kind of taking her place? As for Hank, his reservations seemed to be more along the lines of having a personal issue with the man of steel and him not wanting to influence Kara more than he already does -or at least that´s what I guess-.

Luckily for them, the man in question, isn´t planning to stay much longer, since he does have a job in Metropolis, his own city to take care of and Lois, so yeah… Clark wasn´t going to stay indefinitely.

s02e02_181However, Clark´s plans to leave National City had to be put a little bit on hold thanks to Cadmus going out of the shadows and proclaiming war against all extraterrestrial forms, especially certain Kryptonians that act as earth´s heroes but could at one time or another turn against humanity.

Now, Cadmus position presents an interesting point, because so far Supergirl has done an excellent job of presenting aliens as immigrants or refugees, and earth as a safe place or at least a better place for them.

So…, considering the immigration issues that has been getting worse and worse every year, and the political-social problems that have arisen on top of all of them this year, I find it fascinating for Supergirl to seemingly make aliens and amalgam of immigrants, and can´t wait to see where this will go or if the show will indeed explore more of this issue.

Anyway, my point here is that Cadmus and the D.E.O. appear to pose in different sides of the issue, appear because the D.E.O isn´t precisely alien friendly even though it´s practically directed by and alien himself, but I digress; the point of the matter here is that Cadmus isn´t that wrong either, if the evil Kryptonians of last season and Kara´s red kryptonite trip, taught something to humanity is that they have to have a way to defend themselves. And here it´s where the Superman vs Manhunter issue comes.


I can understand Clark not wanting to work with the D.E.O. if they have kryptonite, especially after facing Metallo and discovering that a big chunk of it was stolen, but in Henshaw’s defense, what´s going to defend earth from both Kara and Clark going on a red kryptonite trip or beeing mind controlled into doing evil things -after all kryptonians are vulnerable to magic-; which is why Hank giving Clark the kryptonite in the end, didn´t feel good to me, ´cause in the end he does have a point.

As for the rest o the episode, the fight against Metallo -both times and both Metallo´s- was really good, I feel like the action scene´s somehow got better, ´cause this one had me pretty much at the edge of my seat.

s02e02_165I guess it also helps that being infused with kryptonite, Metallo felt like a real threat to both Superman and Supergirl, so much that for a moment despite knowing that they would be ok, I was really worried about them; particularly after seeing certain promo picture that makes reference to the death of Supergirl.

And the fact that a team-up was needed to get read of both Metallos. Which is why I can´t wait to see what else the writers come with next -because if I´m honest, for all that I like it last season, its villains weren´t that good-.

As for the touching moments and drama that I mentioned, Alex more than delivered in the second part, with her issues about Clark and Kara. I mean, we knew from last season that she kind of resented Kara for all the sacrifices she has to make in order to keep her and her secret safe, but I never thought of her beeing upset on behalf of her sister for Superman abandoning her.

s02e02_329´Cause Alex it´s kind of right, I mean even if Clark couldn´t properly take care of her and raise her himself, he could have been more involved with her life, visiting her from time to time, or at least reaching a little out to her, before the whole Supergirl thing.

I mean I know that the show couldn´t legally use Superman before, but even the flashbacks just make it seem like he threw Kara at the Danvers and was just done with her.

And that was pretty much it, or at least to me; I could talk more about James getting to be the new Cat -I mean the boss-, and Kara´s hilarious confrontations with her new boss, but…, I didn´t find it that interesting ´cause one Jimmy has never been to my liking -in the show, comics are another thing-  and two, yeah.. I´m still not liking Kara as a reporter.

What I can say is that I´m really gonna miss Cat and her one-liners, as well as her personality over all.


So… what did you think about The last Children of Krypton? Did you like it? Will you miss Cat at all? What about Superman? Do you really think Martian Manhunter gave Superman all of the Kryptonite?

CatCo´s Newsletters

  • Win´s mancrush on Superman, and all of his lines XD
  • And Cat eyeing Clark´s butt XD
  • So.. you have to be nice to Superman ´cause he is Superman. Great reasoning not Kara!
  • So… Alex´s date with Maxwell Lord doesn´t count or are we pretending it never happened?
  • “why the punching?” love Tyler´s Superman XD Especially because in this episode he showed some edge, I don´t want hi to steal Supergirl´s thunder but I wouldn´t mind having him in at least 2 or 3 more episode spreading trhough the season.
  • Kara and Clark are just adorable.Love their interactions, hope to see more of them soon ❤
  • “This is terrible, this is awesome”, Win was pretty much me
  • Alex being stupid again, I´d say it´s out of character but… she does have her stupid moments. Remember her going to a city where everyone human being was brainwashed?
  • Kara´s new boss might be a duchbag but.. he´s kind of right, then again my opinion of Kara being a report might be biased with the fact I´m one and I just don´t see her as one.





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