Supergirl Season 2 Episode 3 “Welcome to Earth”.- Aliens! Aliens Everywhere!


suergirl_miss_martian_debutSeriously, how many aliens are there living in Supergirl´s earth?!, How come the D.E.O. doesn´t know about them? Do they know about them?

´Cause there´s a whole bar they didn´t know about so one has to wonder how many other bars are there.

And, if Supergirl´s president is pushing an Alien Amnesty Act, there must be at least hundreds if not thousands of them, right?, right?

Anyway in my last review I mentioned a little about how Supergirl seemed to be treating aliens as a kind of commentary on immigration, and I guess now no one can say that´s not the case since this week Supergirl went full on political with the whole aliens as legal citizens and the introduction of its madame president.

So.. how did this go? Well, let’s see:

So… Welcome to Earth began right where last week episode left off, with the assumed new Kryptonian waking up, strangling Kara, wrecking havoc and running loose in the city; except for the fact that it turns out the new Kryptonian is not a Kryptonian but a Daxamite, which turns out was an issue for Kara because apparently Daxamites and Kryptonians had a dispute going on.

Anyway, the escape of the Daxamite in question coincided with a murder attempt on Supergirl´s madame president, Wonder Woman herself -ok, ok it wasn´t actually Wonder Woman, but Lynda Carter will always be Wonder Woman to me so-; who was in National City for some reason to sign her Alien Amnesty Act, which would invite all aliens in America -Well the States-, to come out and live as legal humans.

supergirl-welcome-to-earth-melissa-benoistThis act, while wonderful in Kara´s eyes -who couldn´t stop fangirling about the president- wasn’t everyone´s cup of tea; Hank for example despite being an alien himself was of the opinión that this act wouldn´t be precisely a good thing, since all the aliens he has met so far -with Kara´s and Clark exception- in his opinion are just evil, a position that Alex backed up herself.

Now I´m not going to say he was wrong ´cause he wasn´t; but I think this speaks about an issue we have as people and that´s judging everyone the same for the acts of other, it´s like saying all Asians are geniuses or latinos  great dancers, etc.

That all the people from a certain town are all liars and thieves, or murderers. And that, that´s not it, you can´t judge people by its demographics, skin color, birthplace, etc. Sometimes you can´t even judge them based on their families, ´cause we humans -and in Supergirl´s case aliens I guess- are unpredictable and able to surprise, therefore everyone should be given the benefit of the doubt.

After all, as Kara herself pointed, the United States is a country of immigrants; in fact, every country could say the same. My country is a country of mixed races and immigrants, and that doesn´t necessarily mean something bad. I mean some people are bad it´s true and we should be on the look out for them, but that´s not ´cause they are men or women, black, Mexican, white or Filipino  ; it´s just that they are like that.

mon-el-is-just-discovering-his-powersThis issue was also kind of explored in Kara´s conversation with Leena Luthor and more so in her final conversation  with Mon-El -the Daxamite-, where she admitted it was wrong of her to judge him based on the “knowledge” she had of his people and his planet, without knowing him herself.

And it was fine and dandy, except for the fact that Kara didn´t so much as changed her mind in reality but got proven wrong. I mean I give her points for admitting she was wrong but let´s not forget that it wasn´t until after the president was attacked again with Mon-El in custody, that she truly believed he wasn´t involved.

Anyway that was basically it, Welcome to Earth was a surprisingly political episode that tackled actual issues relevant to real life; something that shouldn´t have surprised me considering it is elections year in the United States; and I guess it really didn´t, or at least not that much.

What really surprised me is how organic this felt and I can´t wait to see if the series continues to explore this alien/immigration/refugees issue.

The rest of the episode also worked to establish more about the overall arc of Supergirl´s season 2, as well as its characters personal arcs. With the whole: there are more aliens that you would think on earth thing, and the introduction of characters like Maggie Swayer and Miss Martian!, who will undoubtfully contribute to Alex and Martian Manhunter´s characters development respectively.

lyndacarterpresidentOh yeah! and the president is an alien. Or at least that´s what that last scene with her implied, right? Which makes her Alien Amnesty Act make more sense I guess, except we don´t know if she´s really one of the good ones or this season´s big bad after Cadmus.

Man, we need more good aliens like presumably Mon-El and Miss Martian if this argument about not judging people by their place of birth is going to work.

Anyway.. What are your thoughts on this episode? Did you like it? Do you think it should continue to explore more this alien issue, or would you prefer the show dropped it?

Personally, I like it when my shows are smarter than they seem, so I´d like for Supergirl to keep exploring this social issue through the season, rather than just drop it like Arrow has done so many times with the city´s issues, but that´s just me.

CatCo´s Newsletters

  • I have said it once and I´ll probably continue saying it but Kara is not a reporter ¬¬. A columnist sure! But a reporter…
  • Her boss Snapper in the other hand is the typical douche boss cliche, but again he´s right again, reporters report, we have to be as objective as possible. Also, I loved the 5 Wh´s beeing mentioned -glad to see that no matter the language journalism rules seems to apply everywhere XD-
  • I fangirled almost as bad as Kara when Supergirl did the Wonder Woman spin and ❤ and squealed when Lynda Carter mentioned her other jet XD
  • See? That´s why you don´t get rid of all your Kryptonite, even if Superman doesn´t like it!
  • So… Alex is going to be the character they said will come out as gay, right? -_- Don´t take me wrong, I´m all for representation, but I just wish they wouldn´t do it just for the sakes of it or that we could have a strong, cool woman not be a lesbian. But I guess as long as they don´t also do it with Kara, everything should be ok.
  • Kara fangirling was both hilarious and cute “Should I get a blow-up?” “Just… call me if she else cool, ok?” “She called me Supergirl” “That´s your name”,”Yeah, I know that, but when she says it, it sounds better” XD Wonder whose turn would it be next time?








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