Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 Episode 5 “Lockup”.- Who you gonna call?

Nows04e05_313When there´s something strange in your prison block, who you gonna call? Ghost Rider! Or at least that´s who S.H.I.E.L.D. is calling, ´cause this week Robbie Reyes kicked some spirits asses back to hell -or wherever they belong-, while doing a prison break with our core S.H.I.E.L.D. team, which… is back!

Well…, sort of ´cause Daisy insists on being her emo self and plans to bail when all this ghost business is done, and after what happened this week, I doubt the director will let our core team hang out together and do what they please without severe consequences. And after what happened, I can understand that -I don´t like it but yeah, I get it-.

Anyway, last week I didn´t have the time to review this episode, and I was planning to do it this week before Lockup premiered but… life what can you do, so I´ll try to focus on this episode and maybe mention some things from the previous one, so… let´s begin.

So… first, let´s talk about last week´s episode. Daisy returned to S.H.I.E.L.D., Robbie Reyes also joined the team, both May and Simmons met AIDA, but only one of them got that she was a robot -I´ll give you a clue of who got it, May liked her-, and that´s about it.

In reality, not much happened last week apart from these things, the Lola vs Charge race and the team finding out about the Grimhold, but yeah that was about it, then there was the whole May situation; previously I mentioned that I ´d like the May being ghost infected had some repercussions but…, it seems like she is going to just walk it off cost free.

s04e05_74Which is kind of disappointing but not entirely surprising, since May´s emotional drama is hardly ever explored or done at all -remember how the whole Andre/Lash thing took May´s character nowhere in the end-, so yeah, I wanted more from it but at least they are discussing the dying thing -May and Coulson-, so there´s that.

Anyway, the team decided to go Prison Break on Robbie´s uncle ´cause they somehow assumed he would be in danger if Lucy already had the Grimhold, which she did ´cause ghost move quicker than the bus, and therefore she spoke with her husband first and he told her where he had left it.

s04e05_35The Grimhold it seems, was buried in the same place the couple originally found it, which perfectly linked to the flashback where we discovered that the Grimhold has a kind of “all-speech” thing going on -ala Thor but written?-, which allowed it to be written  in the native language of the person holding it.

But, because Lucy having the Grimhold and using it know would be too easy, and we still have like 6 or so episode ´til the midseason finale, it turned out that even though she can touch stuffs, she can´t read the Grimhold, therefore kidnapping Elías  it is.

Anyway… because at this point the team still believed they had the upper hand, Coulson and May went into the prison first intending to legally get Elías out but… again ghost are faster so when they least expected it, they had a riot in their hands. Which had Mack, Daisy and Robbie leading a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents into the prison to get May, Coulson and Elías out.

s04e05_207Now, considering it was Coulson and May, the infamous cavalry, Mack should have considered investing all of his resources into getting Elías out instead of splitting up to go for Coulson; ´cause those two pretty much saved themselves without help.

In the end, against S.H.I.E.L.D.´s best efforts, Elías was taken by Lucy, which puts both him and the Grimhold in her possession, making the story really move along and emphasizing the fact that this Ghost Rider arc seems for all intents and purposes to be a midseason story arc.With the AIDA, senator, and new director´s secret as part of the second half of the season?

Which brings us to the other part of the episode. The visit to the prison seems to have made Daisy realize that the Watchdogs are  former prisoners or at least that they are being let out over and over again, so I don´t think it will take her that long to realize that someone from the government it´s behind it.

s04e05_586Now the mission overall is due to cause some issues for Coulson and his team, especially because they kept it off the books and the director learn of it -and Ghost Rider- from the senator Nadeer, unless Simmons blackmails him again, but… I think there´s just so much blackmailing one can do -especially when you don´t really know anything-

And that was about it, I mean yeah the director also came out, as and Inhuman mind you, but that was it. What I´m really intrigued about now, is what´s his secret?, and how Doctor Strange -I get to watch it tomorrow night!- will affect the show or if it will affect it at all?

So… what are your thoughts on Lockup? Did you like it? Do you think Ghost Rider will only be in this half of the season and who do you think will be the big bad in the second half? Will it be able to maintain the momentum like this half seems to be doing?

S.H.I.E.L.D.´s Declassifies 

  •  Coulson´s shield is back ❤
  • I get you Mack, I hate needles too! XO
  • So… is AIDA going to be an issue for FitzSimons? ´cause I can totally see it being one.
  • I´m so sick of the Daisy drama, I´m sure that I used to like her, or at least back on season 2 and the first half of season 3 ´cause season 1 and from half of season 3 to now…. If May suffers from no emotional tribulation at all, Daisy has the opposite -i get she is sad about Lincoln but it´s becoming kind of a drag-
  • The inconsistency of her powers it´s also bothering me, I´m sure she used to be more powerful and while I understand not wanting to overpower her, I think one it´s a little too late and the bone shattering issue it´s also getting old.
  • Coulson and May! ❤ How long is it going to take for that to finally happen?
  • The prisoners going back to their cells after seeing Robbie on full Ghost Rider mode XD
  • Have I mentioned how much I love Mack being team leader?, ´cause I love it! Like a lot!





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