Supergirl Season 2 Episode 4 “Crossfire”.- Not Everyone Can (Should) be Supergirl


s02e05_21Does everyone have to be a superhero? Like seriously we already have Ms. Martian, Mon-El, and Martina Manhunter -that´s a lot of M´s-, do we really need James Olsen to join them?  and Jimmy Olsen?

I mean nothing against Jimmy, but this seems like the Arrow dilemma with Laurel all over again.

So… let´s just hope it doesn´t go the same way the whole Black Canary arc went down; unless that means Jimmy will leave the series, because if that´s the case… I think I can be ok with it, and it´s not that I don´t like Jimmy, not really, but… anyway onto the episode.

Crossfire saw Kara trying to integrate Mon-El into life as an earthling, Alex kind of coming out as a lesbian, James deciding to be a superhero because why not, and Cadmus leader turning out to be a Luthor after all -or at least that´s what it seems-.

So while this episode wasn´t as awesome as Survivors -which I couldn´t review due to the Día de Muertos celebration and other work related stuff-, it was funny and entertaining, with some revelations that moved the series plot further, personal drama and good action -although not as good as on the previous episode already mentioned-.

Therefore, I guess that my only real issue with Crossfire is the whole James Olsen a superhero thing. ´Cause the rest of the episode was good, really good.

s02e05_31The whole Kara/Mon-El storyline for example, was really funny, with Kara trying to integrate him into human society -which she seemed to translate into him becoming her-, and Mon-El´s hilarious fish out of the water and jerky moments.

And what was worse -or better-, is that you could actually see how Kara though Mon-El was being difficult just because ,and couldn´t or wouldn´t let herself realize that maybe it was her who was approaching things on the wrong way.

Until Alex helpfully opened her eyes making some parallels between Kara and Mon-El´s issue and Alex and Kara´s one when the latter first arrived on Earth.

Which brings us to the Alex kind of coming out storyline. If you read my review on episode 3, you probably know I´m not a big fan of the Alex turned out to be gay storyline, not because I have anything against homosexuals, but more because it’s kind of tiring seeing every strong independent woman being gay. But since the writers have decided to go this route, what can we do.


That being said, I have to give kudos to Chyler Leigh for convincingly conveying Alex feelings and confusion about the matter, so there´s that. And while I´d have loved for her to actually come out to her sister Kara, I guess it´s understandable that in the end she didn’t, since she´s still a little unsure and it´s sometimes is easier to speak  about this matters with people not so close.

As for the rest of the episode…, well after Metallo and Roulette´s fight club thing. I have to say that the villain this time wasn´t that memorable, but it did bring Cadmus into the spotlight once again, so there´s that.

That the woman behind Cadmus could actually turn out to be a Luthor makes some sense I guess but it´s a little bit of  let down -or at least in my opinion-, ´cause so far there has been little to indicate Kara is something more than the female version of Superman -which she kind of is, but still…-, and adding a Luthor as an enemy makes her no favors.

s02e05_477So…, here´s to hoping that the whole Kara&Leena friendship doesn´t end like the friendship between Lex and Clark  in Smallville, and Leena really turns out to be a good person; ´cause otherwise it wouldn´t just be a big and obvious cliche but also make the Supergirl is not a copy of Superman argument kind of null, so yeah, please don´t let Leena be evil.

And finally, there´s the Jimmy Olsen is The Guardian argument, so you have probably guessed it but I don´t like the idea at all, mainly because it seems to have come from nowhere -even though James implied it has been bothering him for a long time- and I just don´t see  valid reason to do it.

As Win helpfully pointed out, you don´t need to use a cape and fight crime to be a hero, if not let´s see Alex for example, Win, Hank and eve Maggie.

They are not superheroes per say but they do plenty of good and are helpful because of the career paths they have chosen, Maggie as an officer, Alex, and Hank as agents and Win as the tech guy at the D.E.O.

The general impression I get is that the writers and producers don´t know what to do with James Olsen, especially after getting rid of the romantic interest angle, so know they are giving him this storyline, hoping to… I don´t know, make him more interesting? attracting more guys?

Anyway…, if the Laurel suddenly becoming Black Canary with almost not training -and let’s not kid ourselves personal defense and a few weeks can´t be considered enough to go toe to toe with the assassins league-, you bet Jimmy becoming The Guardian bothers me even more; specially if they suddenly decide to make Kara a damsel as the promo for tonight’s episode implies.

So Crossfire, did you like it? What did you feel about Alex coming out? The Jimmy becoming a superhero thing? Do you think this will affect Supergirl in a bad way?

CatCo´s Newsletters

  • The Kara/Mon-El interactions were hilarious! XD Especially when Kara found her with Ms. Tessmatcher
  • So… what happened with his father´s camera is what finally pushed James to be a hero… ok sure ¬¬
  • Love how everyone goes to Win for help and bribes him with naming them and making their customs XD
  • I´m the only one who is shipping Lena and Win? ❤
  • So.. Lena´s mother is the head of Cadmus but… Is she a Luthor? -it could be her biological mom, right?-
  • Yeahp, I´m totally digging Kara and Mon-El as a pairing ❤
  • Am I suppose to believe that James has enough time to be CatCo´s chief and a vigi… super… whatever he´s supposed to be. Then again Oliver is the Major and Green Arrow -expect CatCo to be lost just like Queen Consolidate was-
  • Parasite! :O






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