Supergirl Season 2 Midseason Finale Episode 8: “Medusa”.- Not Exactly with a Bang


Wow! It´s been really a long time since I last wrote about Supergirl, and is not because I didn´t like the episodes or had nothing to say -quite the opposite really-, but you know… real life happens and there was also the Gilmore Girls revival thing so yeah… writing as often as I´d like to has been difficult -I´ve missed writing about Teen Wolf!-.

s02e08_26That being said, it´s kind of sad that I decided to start my reviews again when Supergirl is going on break, and with an episode that was… ok I guess, except that for  it being a midseason finale, it didn´t really feel like it so I´m kind of disappointed.

I mean, I still totally love this series! but… I expected more? Or maybe the other series I watch have spoiled me with their midseasons finals because I was waiting for Supergirl to go into hiatus with a bang and sadly this wasn´t it, but…, I guess there´s always next year so, on to the episode.

 So, a lot has happened since the last time I wrote about Supergirl. Mon-El was taken by Cadmus -and rescued-, Alex came out as gay -just like I knew she would- only to be rejected by Maggie, Parasite appeared!, J´on discovered that M´gan wasn´t exactly who she tough she was, Jeremia turned out to be alive but not as cyborg superman as I hoped, that role went to the “real” Hank Henshaw -like in the comics- and… oh yeah… James finally became The Guardian.

It´s no secret that the whole James is kind of a superhero now, is my least favorite development of the season; bu if there´s something that I bothers me more than randomly making people  with no experience whatsoever into “skilled” superheroes, is the  whole “keep it a secret from the main hero because he/she won´t understand or won´t let me continue” thing.

Therefore the fact that now Alex is also keeping the whole James thing a secret from Kara is really grating on my nerves.

I mean, maybe I can give Alex a bit of a pass because she wanted to come out to her mother, but if this isn´t dealt with ASAP when the serie returns… I can´t warranty there won´t be a lot of ranting.

Anyhow, leaving that aside, there isn´t really much to talk about; our heroes celebrated Thanksgiving  once again in Kara´s apartment, but this time with the inclusion of Mon-El who was trying to impress the Danver´s matriarch, ´cause it turns out that he does like Kara!

There was also a virus named Medusa, made by Kara´s father -who we finally got to see as a hologram!- released by Cadmus in order to eliminate every single alien life in National City except maybe Kryptonians? J´on slowly losing his mind and transforming into a White Martian and… oh yeah! weird holes appearing randomly from time to time as an attempt to tie this episode into the big “4” night crossover between the 4 DC superhero shows the CW currently has under its belt.

s02e08_587And I say attempt because truth is that you didn´t have to watch Supergirl in order get what was happening, since the same scene that appears at the end of the episode -and only at the end-, is exactly the same one use in The Flash, so… yeah, there´s that.

I mean it doesn´t bother me since I watch Supergirl anyway, but if I were to watch Arrow or Legend´s of Tomorrow, only to find there was no real crossover other than a 40 sec or so scene, I´d be pretty upset. So yeah, I can´t fault non-Supergirl fans for being upset after sitting through this episode, ´cause truth is, that this wasn´t even one of Supergirl´s good episodes!

One would think that with this being the opportunity bring in more viewers and the midseason finale, the show runners would have gone all out in order to get people hyped for the second half of the season and wanting to watch more.

But instead, we got an ok episode in which the whole Martian Manhunter becoming a white martian -or at least a hybrid- was just pretty much thrown under the table and deal with of camera with no consequences whatsoever!


I mean, this could have been the perfect opportunity to give J´on -who has seemed kind of lost this season- and awesome storyline and maybe some more character development, but I guess the writers have other plans.

Which brings me to Cadmus and the virus Medusa, ´cause this was something I also thought was kind of underwhelming, since once again Lena Luthor was technically the one that saved the day, while Kara didn´t do much of a thing. I mean, I guess that one could say that Kara was the one that inspired Lena to act but… yeah it´s not enough, or at least not for me, ´cause this was the opportunity the Supergirl had to show how awesome Kara is, and how the action scenes of thiss02e08_490 show can be as good as -if not better- as the ones in The Flash and Arrow.

But no, instead of that we had more of an emotional episode -which I guess makes sense for a Thanksgiving one-, in which Lillian Luthor was finally apprehended and Cadmus probably took down, unless… Jeremia turns out to be the replace leader or something.

Anyhow, I did enjoy the episode, particularly the scene where Kara discovered that her father was the one that originally made Medusa as a biological weapon to protect Krypton from threats, ´cause this helps to emphasis how children often idolize their parents and don´t see that they are also people with flaws and mistakes. But in the end, this episode really let me down a bit, ´cause I really think that if there was an episode that needed to go all out was this one -and the season finale-

So… here´s to hoping that Supergirl does better in the actual crossover -so far I loved her in  The Fash– which I do intend to review once I have finish catching up with everything, and comes back with a bang.


But, what did you think about the episode? Did you like it? Were you as underwhelmed as I was? Do you think that´s the last of Cadmus for the season? What do you think is up with Mon-El? and who do you think would be the real big bad?

CatCo´s Newsletters

  • So I´m calling it, either Mon-El is the actual prince of Daxan or he took the pod and left the prince to die.
  • Kudos to Alex for telling of Maggie, bu I´m don´t know how to feel about her and Maggie ending up together anyway.
  • Please, please don´t let Mon-El be evil.
  • I´m definitely sending some Lex in Smallville vibes  from Lena, a while I saw her betraying Lillian come from a mile long, I´m happy she is good for now.
  • Really? Mrs. Danvers knew all along that Alex was gay? She should have helped her girl a little in there no?
  • Winn is precious and I´m sad he wasn´t included in the crossover :´(
  • So.., not CatCo this week, which just serves to point out that Supergirl should just get rid of it.
  • Can we just send James back to Metropolis to be The Guardian there if he wants, please




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