Supergirl-Flash-Arrow-Legends Crossover: Invasion! “Who was the Winner?”


The moment we were all waiting for finally came! We had all of the CW´s DC superheroes -or at least most of them – in one long crossover episode that practically amounted to a 2hr or so movie!


Yes, I know it took me ages, but I finally had time to post my thoughts on Invasion, the TV team up we have been all waiting for and never thought would be possible to have, So… eventhough it´s been like a week or so since it… here are my thoughts.

Anyhow, when I heard Supergirl was going to continue on the CW, I knew they had to include her in a crossover sooner or later, in whichever form they could. In fact, I was so excited that my friends and I agreed to wait ´til all the episodes were out so we could watch them as a 2hr movie, and I even got my brothers to watch it!

That being said, I´m a little disappointed that Supergirl -the show- wasn´t part of the crossover; but I can understand the logistics still being kind of wonky and  the fact that making Supergirl part of the main earth in which all events happen, would signify severe changes for the series -and maybe the other ones to-, so… I guess I´m ok with it.

Therefore, since the storyline was really divided in 3 series, I thought it would be a good idea to do the same with my review. So… Invasion!

Part 1.- The Flash (The Starting Point)

the-flash-2014-t03e08-5467815.jpg.jpgIf things were going to start somewhere, it had to be with The Flash, I mean technically things started with Arrow like it was implied in at the end of the crossover event, but I can say that it would be kind of weird to see aliens in Arrow.

So yeah, The Flash had to be it; and while I´m not sure of how necessary was to start the episode with Barry and Oliver being attacked by the other superheroes, I did like seeing them kind of banter in that situation, and I guess it was a way to tell people from the get go that the crossover was happening.dcs-legends-of-tomorrow-t02e07-5490944.jpg.jpg

Anyhow, as far as crossovers go, I think this was the most crossovery episode of the 3 -well… along with Legends of Tomorrow-, but storywise it felt kind of… lacking? Which is not to say it was a bad episode, just that it didn´t really move the story forward, which kind of makes sense  ´cause it was the intro so… yeah, there was that.

I also found it awfully convenient for the team to find out about Barry´s message -which left me a little confused, was he referring to Flashpoint and the Dominators? why make that warning from that far in the future? or was he referring to another thing?-, but I guess it was necessary for the plot to work.

As for the rest of the episode, well… not a lot happened, so there´s really not that much to say, except I found it kind of hypocritical from the Legends team to be upset with Barry when originally they traveled trough time changing things in order to stop Vandal Savage but… anyway.

heroesvaliens11.jpgI did like some things about this episode, like Barry and Oliver´s interactions -and Oliver´s speech about Barry not being a god to blame for everything-; as well as Kara´s introduction and the reactions -especially Diggle’s-, as well as her interactions with Heatwave, and finally seeing her exposed as the powerhouse she is, but honestly, that was about it.

The everyone hates Barry thing was kind of tiring especially coming from Cisco, who I understand is more than upset about what happened with his brother, but there´s something called professionalism; and the thing with Wally and Iris -about hiding how good he really was- made absolute no sense to me, but I digress.

Overall, it was an ok episode and the ending did leave me wanting to see the next part so… there´s that.

Par 2.- Arrow (100th Episode milestone!)

s05e08_51Of the 3 episodes of the crossover, I think that the Arrow one was the trickiest, ´casue it had lot of things to accomplish.

The episode had to give justice to the 100th episode anniversary -something pretty important, especially nowadays when shows are canceled left and right before even reaching the 50 episodes count-, tie in with the Invasion storyline and do what this season has been trying to do from the get-go; win fans over once again.

img_20161208_105907.jpgSo…, yeah Arrow had a lot of things and n it’s plate, which is why I´m glad to say that while The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow were more crossovery than Arrow, I liked the Arrow episode better, and that´s saying something! ´cause I haven´t been watching Arrow for a long time. But this episode, this episode made me want to watch it again! Or at least made me consider it.

This episode did great references to the first season of Arrow which is where all of this DC tv craziness began; and while some might argue that it prioritized the 100th anniversary over the crossover, but I for my part think that in the end, it was the right call.

I mean, there were lots of things that were painfully convenient -like Oliver just finding a weapon laying there and knowing how to use it, or them somehow being able to pilot the spaceship-, but overall this episode was great because not only did it had great action scenes but was also emotional in a good way.img_20161208_105811.jpg

You felt for the characters -especially Oliver, Sara and Thea -don´t know why we needed Palmer there-, and reinforced Oliver as a hero, as well as what makes him one; something I kind of forgot between all his pseudo-Batman broodiness, horrible strategies and often stupid decision-making skills in Arrow -´cause when I have seen him in other series like The Flash he´s quite the opposite and I like him a lot-arrow-t05e08-5490855.jpg.jpg

As for the part with Barry and Kara teaming up as a superhero wrestling team, it was fun but not really necessary since it didn´t help at all in the end; the episode would have been perfectly fine without it, but I guess it was needed if only to remind us that Arrow was part of the crossover.

Anyhow, I repeat Arrow might have been the least crossovery episode of the 3, but it was -at least in my opinion-, the one that worked the opportunity given better -unlike Supergirl– ´cause I´m sure that after this, people are at the very least considering watching the series or returning to it.

Part 3.- Legends of Tomorrow (Conclusion)

dcs-legends-of-tomorrow-t02e07-5491847.jpg.jpgIf Arrow had a lot on its plate working the crossover, along with the 100th episode and restoring the faith of its fans; Legends didn´t felt short either in the list of things to do; ´cause it not only had to conclude the story arc but also move it forward since neither Arrow nor The Flash did, but also introduce its new characters and try to pull in the viewers it lost last season.

But sadly in the end, Legends drew the short straw since  The Flash having had to introduce everything and get everyone together, could do little in less than an hour to move the story forward; and Arrow decided to prioritize the 100th episode instead of the crossover, which means that in the end; Legends had no other option than to go full on crossover and conclude the story rather than take advantage of this opportunity.

hva.jpgWhich is why I firmly believe that of the 3 shows, Legends was the one that ended up losing. ´Cause even though we had the plot A with Felicity, Cisco, Heatwave, Vixen and… Citizen Steel? traveling to time in order to capture a dominator to… question him?, that did little to introduce Vixen and Citizen Steel -yeah, I´m going to take a leap here and say that´s who it was- to viewers that haven´t been watching Legends of Tomorrow. I mean we know some of the cast -Sarah, Jax, Heatwave, Palmer, Dr. Stein- but that´s because they began in The Flash or Arrow.

And worse than not introducing this characters properly, it´s the fact that they had to be saved by Cisco and Felicity of all things!

Anyhow, the episode wasn´t a complete loss since it also gave us Cisco finally kind of understanding that it was never Barry´s intention to screw everything up, and there was also the final battle scene -that kind of reminded me of some comic book pages!-


So…. all in all, not bad, not bad at all.

General Consensus


maxresdefault.jpgTo conclude maybe Invasion! could have been better, tighter. There were definitely some loose ends, some characters could have been used better -Supergirl and all of the Legends ones- and there could have been more action scenes and actual fighting between the heroes and the aliens, but…. all in all, it was fun!

The visual effects were awesome -especially if you consider they were done with a TV budget-. I loved watching all of the heroes interact with each other, and I definitely had fun; so… I would totally like to see another crossover -but maybe this time a real 4-night crossover-.

In the end, it was really exciting and… have I already mentioned fun?, I can´t wait to see what they will do next year -´cause I´m pretty sure I read somewhere it would be an annual thing-


But what about you? Did you watch the “4” night crossover? Did you enjoy it? Which episode did you like the most? Do you agree Legends was on the losing side? ´Cause for me the big winner was Arrow, closely followed by The Flash which actually worked with the crossover, but that´s just me.

Left in the Hall of Justice


  • How awesome was it to see that the Star Labs storage looked exactly like the Hall of Justice XD
  • So… Supergirl can just jump between Earths now! or talk to Earth 1 people -wonder if that would have anything to do with the other crossover that´s happening in a few months ¬¬-
  • “… what are you gonna shout if you need my help?””Skirt”; “Hey Skirt! Call me” XD XD XD Mick -aka Heatwave- pretty much killed me through the episode.
  • It´s all Barry´s fault, as always
  • Barry as the “team leader” repeating what Oliver says XD
  • “Are we supposed to pretend like we don´t hear him?”
  • Sarah thinking Kara is hot
  • Did Kara started a DEO in Earth 1?
  • Sure… Oliver leave your heavy hitter aside ´cause it makes you uncomfortable ¬¬
  • Seriously?! Nobody told Barry what happened with Snart before!
  • I loved Kara being as powerful as she is supposed to be! Even smiling like “this tickles” when everyone attacked her in the rehearsal
  •  So… Thea just left retirement because aliens, sure…. ¬¬
  • Supergirl´s earth is officially Earth 38!
  • You know, I enjoyed the 100th episode of Arrow the most but…. while it made me want to watch the series again, it also reminded me why I left it. There are just so many storylines taken from Batman I can take 😦
  • “This seems like a job for Supergirl””Thanks, Felicity. I´m not the least bit insulted”Ah, sorry. I meant Supergirl and Flash. This is totally a job for both of you”

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