Girl Meets a Christmas Maya: To Know What You Have


s03e18_277Why am I not surprised  Riley is so over the top about Christmas? In fact if anything surprised me, is that we are 3 seasons in, and it´s only now become apparent how much into Christmas she is!

I mean in season 1 we had a Christmas episode but in a way it was more along the lines of recovering a long-lost family member -Shawn- and fan service than anything else, so… maybe that´s why?

Anyhow, it might be a little silly, but the reason why I´m just now writing my thoughts about this episode is because I decide to wait ´til Christmas to watch Girl Meets a Christmas Maya as part of my being more into the Christmas spirit -along with watching and reading Christmassy things- so… Christmas day it was.

It´s been a while since I last wrote about Girl Meets World and it´s not because I stopped watching the show, but because quite honestly the last few episodes haven´t been that good;  I mean Girl Meets The Lady of New York was almost perfect, but… Girl Meets Hollyworld? Let´s just forget about that episode exists along with Girl Meets Her Monster and She don´t Like Me -both of which had some rescuable things but… yeah-

So, was Girl Meets a Christmas Maya more along the lines of The Lady of New York or Hollyworld, well.., let´s just say it was somewhere in between.

I mean I liked the episode, but let´s not kid ourselves, it was far from perfect. So… let´s dig in onto A Christmas Maya


The episode took its name directly from the famous A Christmas Carol story and all because Riley decided that it was necessary for Maya and her mother needed to learn the “true” meaning of Christmas, so the Christmas Maya Carol production was born.

Now, I´m not quite sure how much Katy needed tho have that Christmas lesson, but Maya, I think Maya really needed that and she also needed to see how much her life wasn´t really that bad at all, even before Shawn and even Riley appeared.

I mean sure, Maya´s life has been far from ideal, but something that she -and even the audience I think- tends to forget is that it really wasn´t that bad or at least not as bad as it could have been, I mean sure her father left, her economical situation was hard and her mom left her alone a lot, but… at least she cared.

s03e18_287As little Auggie in the role of Shawn mentioned, she had people around who loved her and looked out for her, ´cause yeah, Shawn also had the Matthew´s but unlike Maya he really was kind of an orphan, a boy that never knew her mother and was left pretty much by all of his family.

Everything Shawn knows about family, he learned it from the Matthews, while Maya, Maya at least has her mom, who has always loved and try to do the best for her, who even in her quirky way -throwing snowballs at the skaters on the Rockefeller Center- found a way to somehow celebrate Christmas with her.

And I guess, that´s the message of this part of the story, that we don´t always understand our parents, and sometimes we don´t value what we have and think we have less than what we really do; be it because we take it for granted or because we are too young to really understand all the sacrifices they make, and all the things that they give us. So… overall this part pf the story worked, even though the lack of Shawn -at least a small scene at the end- was kind of disconcerting.

And then…, there was the “_ecret _a_a” thing.


So… like Maya, Zay, Farkle, and Smackle, I´m no that much into the whole Secret Santa thing, I have done it and all but… yeah not a fan; mainly because like they said, must of the time you get a generic present from someone that doesn´t really know you at all.

That being said, the times that I have done the Secret Santa thing with my family members -two times I think?- was another thing, and that´s because we all know each other and we really put the effort, wich mean that based on my experience I knew the Secret Santa was going to go badly for the characters from the get-go.

´Cause while one of my friends pointed out that Zay, Maya, Farkle, Smackle, Riley, and Lucas are friends and should know each other’s likes and dislikes; one has to ask itself how much do they know each other for reals, and how much friends they are?

s03e18_61I mean sure Riley and Maya are pretty much attached at the hip and know each other´s ins and outs like their own, and they would probably know what to give Farkle -as well as he would know what to give each of them-, but Maya and Zay? Smackle and Riley?. Yes, they are a group, but truth is that they are not as tight as they  -and viewers- would like to belive.

Zay is pretty much in the group because he´s Lucas friend, but he doesn´t spend that much time with the rest of the group if Lucas is not there and the same could be said about Smackle, who is there via Farkle.

I mean, one just have to remember that both Zay and Smackle are not regular characters and that before season 3 the story was pretty much about Riley and Maya with Lucas and Farkle basically thrown into the mix.

s03e18_95So…, I´m glad the show sort of pointed this out throw the Secret Santa thing and the horrible presents, with the characters wanting to know each other better, something I hope they follow trough on future episode -and hopefully a season 4- with the explorations of different interactions such as Zay and Farkle maybe? and Maya and Smackle -with Riley there too alternating-, etc.

Anyhow, as I said, this was a pretty good episode, maybe no the best but entertaining and thoughtful so… what did you think about A Christmas Maya? Did you like it? Do you agree with me about Maya not having it that bad really? and would you like to have the interactions of the group a little more mixed? By the way I hope you all had a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Things on the Bay Window

  • Lucas didn´t tell Riley he was leaving for Texas! Bad Lucas!
  • “She´s me! All this time I have wanted to be her and now she is me” XD XD XD you gotta love Katy
  • “…my mom and I go to the Rockefeller Center and throw snowballs to the skaters” “That was you?! I almost died!” XD
  • Really more credit has to be given to Katy, she did the best she could or though she could to give a good life to her daughter
  • Come on Farkle! You really though Riley would give you and insensitive gift? It´s Riley!
  • It was also touching how Auggie talked about Riley giving Maya back to her family, ´casue he´s right it must have been hard considering that up until now, Riley has pretty much had Maya for herself. And it also says a lot about Riley´s character to be able to let her go for her own good and happines
  • Auggie as Shawn ❤



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