Calling my name

Books to Star the Year Anew

Calling my name

favim-com-alinajanuary-book-clock-letters-lights-339792I´m a little late to this post due to the fact that I got a little behind with my Christmas reads -I just finished Navidad en las Montañas yesterday- and that my book club just decided yesterday in which book we are going to read this month.

Anyhow, like I´m making a habit of, for January I decided to read books that had to do with the New Year or at least talk about new beginnings, changing your life, etc. -with the exception of the book for the book club I´m in-.

So…, doing this actually turned more difficult than the two previous ones ´cause 1) I originally intended for all of the books to be about the New Years -and I could find that many in such a short notice-, and 2) I didn´t take into consideration that one of the books I listed -and already began- it´s longer than expected, so… I had to eliminate another book if I wanted to read the one listed on the book club -and one of my unspoken New Year´s resolutions is to read more of the books chosen there-.

And that´s pretty much it, so with nothing else to say, here´s my list:

New Year at the Ritz


I absolutely loved this book! It´s a short and fun story that is a part of a series of books known as the Love!London series.

Anyhow, this book I have already read it -I picked it up on January 1st, and pretty much flew through its pages-, so you can, in fact find my sort of review in another of today´s posts.

So without spoiling it, let´s just say that the book is about Frankie Taylor, who finds herself at the end of the year without her boyfriend, maintaining a job that she doesn´t like, living in a horrible area nd quite worried about her widower father.

But contrary to what it could appear, the book isn´t really depressing at all, Frankie is just looking back on the year, and reflecting on what has happened and how it has changed her and her life -in someways for the better-.

The book it´s also very romantic and cute, describing London in such a way that one can not help but want to visit it someday, and… let´s just say I consider it a perfect way to begin the year.

The Middlemarch


Yeah… this is the book that I really didn´t think that much through before choosing it, I mean technically speaking is not a New Years book -though there´s a New Years party somewhere there-, but apparently it´s a classic -and I say apparently ´cause I hae never heard of it before, or at least I don´t think so-, so… I decided to give it a shot, ´cause I figured that I really need to start reading more classics, so… here we are.

Anyhow, the main reason this book pulled my attention is because a woman wrote it, in a time where women didn´t have that many rights -if any at all-, and for what I have read about her, she seemed to have been a little ahead of her era, so…

Let´s just hope it doesn´t take me all the month to read it.

Feliz Año Nuevo

Another of my reads in Spanish and from a native Spanish speaker author -someday, hopefully soon, I´m going to have to make a review of this book, Navidad en las Montañas and En Dias de Muertos-, the book is suppose to draw a pretty good picture about the New Years in Latin America countries -like mine-, just like En Días de Muertos did with the Día de Muertos celebration -which turned out to be quite good-.

This books also seem to all have a social/political undertone, so… I´m really looking forward to it, and pretty much  begging all my saints it arrives in my city before the month ends.


So… this was the book chosen in my book club The Polished Bookworms as the January 2017 read, and honestly speaking it wasn´t even on my radar ´cause personally I didn´t like Cinder –book 1 of another Marissa Meyer series-, but… since last year I pretty much only read 2 or 3 of he books listed…. I figured I´d give this one the chance.

Which brings me to the good and bad things of beeing a member of a book club -or circle, however you want to call it-, which is that yes yo have people you can talk to about the book but…. at least in my case, more often than not the books you nominate or vote for are never chosen -sometimes not even the genre-.

But, that being said this book seems kind of interesting, particularly because I like Alice in Wonderland, and I can´t help being intrigued by the “story” behind the Queen of hearts and her madness, so… who knows? I might end loving it.

So… that´s it, those are my January reads, the Middlemarch being so long and remembering I had the book club read, kind of put a dent on my plans of reading Dash and Lily´s Book of Dares, but… it´s ok I guess.

Anyway, what are you reading this month? Did you manage to find any books about the New Years? Any recomendations for the next time?


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