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Girl Meets World Cancelled.- Gone Before it Could Really Meet the World

We suspecedt it was coming but it still hurts, it hurts and it´s a sad, sad day when a good show, a show that you like it´s canceled. Especially when that show had so much more potential!



I mean Girl Meets World and I have had our stumbles, and there were some episodes that really made me question why I watched the series, but overall it was a good series and it saddens me that the series won´t be able to stretch its arms and grow into the great show it could have been.

Comments about this show are plenty, there are those that are cursing Disney Channel for canceling the “only good show” it has, and there are does that think that GMW wasn´t that great of a show and that it just simply couldn´t survive feed on nostalgia alone.

But, at the end of the day, truth is that Girl Meets World was a pretty good show, was it revolutionary? No. Perfect? by no means; but it was something different on the Disney Channel, something that felt more meaningful and like it was actually tackling important issues or at least tried -as far as it could-.

So, to say that I´m sad to see the show go is an understatement ´cause this was basically the only -and probably last- Disney Channel show that I watched consistently; and I wish that it had had at least a 4th season in order to go with a bang or that it was picked up by Freeform or that Netflix had saved it, but that´s not the case… so here´s to Girl Meets World another of those small TV gems lost to us way to soon.


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